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New Taxi Service in Canberra

By S4anta - 28 September 2005 24

Can anyone tell me more about this? I have seen a couple of “Elite Taxis” floating around the place with a different number to the usual suspects who seem to do a good job of either never picking you up, or sleeping in graveyards.

So, dear readers and lurkers abound, what have y’all got that can shed some light on this?

I have only found a mere passing mention of them in the yellow pages, and the number I have seen is: 62393666.

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
New Taxi Service in Canberra
colsim 4:38 pm 28 Sep 05

Lightrail? 🙂

bulldog 4:21 pm 28 Sep 05

Can see you point about being two different industries, but there has to be scope to improve what we have.

No dramas with over-chatty personally, but as for their presentation and hygiene, quite often that is questionable. As for waiting forty five minutes for a taxi on a Wednesday morning (it happened to my partner a couple of weeks ago) then I think the race to the bottom has been won already. We only have one way to move.

colsim 4:17 pm 28 Sep 05

Consumer goods aren’t generally sold by a monopoly (duopoly at best) though bulldog, that’s all.

Competition isn’t the global panacaea (sp?) that a lot of people think it is in services – it often just results in a race to the bottom in quality. (Not entirely sure how this would apply to taxis – are fat sweaty smelly over-chatty smokers any cheaper to hire?? 🙂

bonfire 4:09 pm 28 Sep 05

the cost of a taxi plate is one of the reasons cabs arent profitable.

get rid of plates, let the market find its natural balance.

artificial barriers to competition should be removed.

bulldog 3:55 pm 28 Sep 05

Colsim – It’s worked for a lot of other industries, most prominently the consumer market; you only have to look at what JB and the good guys has done for the prices of car audio, CD’s, hifi, appliances etc for a shining example of competition at work. I don’t necessarily agree it’s good for the industry, but consumers are the winners.

colsim 3:16 pm 28 Sep 05

I like the optimism Bulldog – competition bringing down fares (cough dreaming cough)

OpenYourMind 3:08 pm 28 Sep 05

As someone who takes a lot of cabs for work now, I can vouch that prices are reasonably consistent for each route. Variations are usually because of 1) a different route is taken by the driver 2) a different rate is used. Check the meter and you will see the rate. Day rate is rate 1, night rate 2, group 3/4. It’s all explained on the yellow sticker on the windscreen.

There are differences between cities in cab costs, but not nearly as much as you would think. Canberra sometimes seems more expensive because of the much larger distances involved.

As a cab driver you can’t imagine what it is like sitting on a rank for over an hour or more and not making a single cent. Or even worse, there are cases of sydney cabbies (who often have to rent the car) doing a whole days work and ending up owing the owner. Even those late night runs from Civic to drunk persons house in lower tuggeranong often result in the cabbie having to drive back into civic again because that’s where all the work is.

Bulldog, yes, regulation is part of it. A big part is also all the associated expenses of running the car, insurance, base fees etc. I know plenty of owners of 1 cab that find it a very marginal business. The cab plate is the only real asset of a lot of these owners – a bit like owning a single investment property.

Bodhichitta 2:33 pm 28 Sep 05

pffft, yeah right OYM.
Ive been ripped off many times by the local cabs, Ive complained twice, to no avail.

A recent episode was when my parents had to head to the airport. I wanted to pay the cab fare and asked the driver how much from Chisholm to the airport. He told me $40…LOL. They took the cab and apparently he charged them $40. Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but then not long afterwards I took a cab from the other side of Braddon to home (almost twice the distance) and that cost me $45….hmm, something fishy there.

It appears that drivers will charge you pretty much what they feel…and this had been confirmed for me when I complained about a charge from the Eagle Hawk Hotel to Civic once. I was charged a different fare to get in than what I was charged to head back. When I complained I was told that cabbys can charge pretty much what they want.

bulldog 2:33 pm 28 Sep 05

I don’t doubt it OYM, and everyone is entitled to make a living. Perhaps the fault is with the operators? Are the plates expensive to hold? Once again are we paying the cost for overlegislation and overgovernance? I’m hardly an expert on the subject, but there has to be a reason Canberra Cabs are the dearest I’ve come accross.

And nobody blame petrol; The prices of LPG are pretty standard nationwide; having used to run an LPG car for over two years the price difference was about two cents a litre between Canberra and Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc.

Smackbang 2:28 pm 28 Sep 05

I’ve actually seen two new sorts of cabs with two differnet numbers – the elite cabs and also a silver service cab. What’s going on?

OpenYourMind 2:22 pm 28 Sep 05

And the worse thing about it all Bulldog is that the only people likely to make money out of cabs are those who own multiple plates and run things tightly. It’s similar to investment real estate.
As a former cabbie, I can assure that despite getting half of each fare, the cab driver will not be making much. Cab drivers usually drive a 12hr shift just to earn an average salary.

bulldog 2:13 pm 28 Sep 05

So is this new group operating as part of Canberra Cabs?

I hope not as we need some healthy competition in Canberra to regulate cab fares. It now costs me nearly fifty dollars to take a cab from the city to my place in Kambah. Rude.

Mr Evil 1:04 pm 28 Sep 05

I was fortunate enough to be sent one by Canberra Cabs on Monday morning to get to work. The driver told me that they have only just recently started up, so they are doing regular pickups until their name is known around town. I guess after that they will be aimed at the premium end of the market, and not at drunken tools like me! The particular taxi I was sent was a very nice Statesman with all the mod-cons.

el 12:57 pm 28 Sep 05

Possibly a Queanbeyan based operation? If I remember correctly (it happens occasionally I swear) 6239 is one of the QBN phone prefixes.

areaman 12:28 pm 28 Sep 05

I think it’s just the more exensive brand of Canberra Cabs.

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