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New Taxi Service in Canberra

By S4anta 28 September 2005 24

Can anyone tell me more about this? I have seen a couple of “Elite Taxis” floating around the place with a different number to the usual suspects who seem to do a good job of either never picking you up, or sleeping in graveyards.

So, dear readers and lurkers abound, what have y’all got that can shed some light on this?

I have only found a mere passing mention of them in the yellow pages, and the number I have seen is: 62393666.

What’s Your opinion?

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New Taxi Service in Canberra
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darren2 7:23 pm 04 Jan 07

Its just occured to me that perhaps the booked taxi was indeed for the lady who arrived at 10.30 at the train station… and they just didnt find eachother… so maybe I jumped the gun somewhat with my comments. Its possible that the cab was ordered and the driver & guest stuffed it up between themselves. So I guess the fair thing to do is take back my earlier comments. We all go through bad patches. I mean technology changes and we must change with the times… I’m sure Canberra Cabs will get through these teething problems & we will al be better off in the end.
Its just very frustrating when you work hard to provide a service and do everything to make everyone happy and then someone loses it at you for something that is beyond your control. Things should be taken in context before accusations are made… I realise that. Maybe we should be more supportive of them as they are an important player in our cities infrastructure… our feedback should perhaps be more constructive…. anyway I’m rambling again… just wanted to be fair.

darren2 11:10 pm 03 Jan 07

Just a few comments about the biggest problem in Canberra and thats the fiasco of Canberra Cabs. I work in a hotel which has a taxi phone and the voice recognition system does not recognise accents, visitors to Canberra do not know the suburb of every attraction in Canberra, and the elderly just can’t work the system at all. We also house the nations top Judges, Politicians, professors & intellectuals of all shapes and sizes who frequently curse and swear and slam down the phone (in our lobby) in sheer frustration. If having to put up with aggresive behaviour from frustrated guests who can’t negotiate this rediculous system isn’t enough…. the operators are just as useless. I saw one guest who was hung up on simply because he could not understand and the poor chap eventually missed his flight as a result. The newest and most laughable incident was when I tried to book a cab to pick up and elderly lady from the train station (at 1035 pm) to bring her to the hotel before it closed at 11. Well I was told that they cannot book a cab for the train station because there was a cab rank there, so effectively we did not know if she would be picked up or not. Of course when she arrived the rank was empty. So after finding a man with a mobile who knew the number they phoned (and booked) a cab. The first cab that showed up would not take them because it was a booking. It is so bad its worse than laughable… its a disgrace and an embarrassment to Canberra. How can we operate a city without a reliable means of getting from A to B…. it enfuriates me every day!!!!!

ant 3:44 pm 25 Dec 06

Good comments Jon. I read them! The whole situation just doesn’t seem to be working for the customers or the cabbies.

Peronalised Taxis 2:22 pm 25 Dec 06

This comment is more than likely late considering the dates at the bottom of the posts, but, I have just found it so here it is.
I drive taxi’s in Canberra and to answer some of the q’s above. Elite Taxi’s is run by the same mob there is no differnce to Canberra cabs (ecxept name on car) the pricing is the same the call centre same. The cost Of Chisholm to airport is about $40 bucks but this depends on time and day. From 9pm till 6am mon – thu and 9pm Fri till 6am Mon is rate 2 (Dearest) so if you go some where at 7pm and it cost $40 then return after 9pm it will cost $45 or there abouts. There is a new service coming to town just after the new year will be 100% apart from Canberra cabs which is a great thing including competition, better service and so and the fact that Canberra Cabs treat the drivers and the public for that matter like crap and don’t care 2 bob for either. Although I drive taxi’s under the canberra Cabs banner I also do private work which I arrange my self by giving my number to travelling customers and I get a lot of repeat work like this, the price is no dearer than if you booked through canberra Cabs themselves except you talk to a human when you call me and you have a more conferdent feeling that a cab is turning up. Anyways, Cabbies are trying to do the right thing but like any profession you do get mungrels. We also cop a lot of abuse from the public, I my self have picked people up 1 hour after they called but I have had the job for only a couple of minutes but try and tell the passenger that before they rip your head off. All this is part of the job BUT it should’nt be!!!
Most of us work hard and are honest and helpful, even at night with all the party goers we get your kids home safe under very trying situations at times. I have had runners I have also taken people home for free, I also let my regulars catch a ride home with no money and let them pay me later just to get them home safe. We don’t set the taxi rate nor can we charge what we want and if any one does DON’T PAY IT, take down their taxi plate number (it is also on the sticker on windscreen passenger side) and report it to Canberra cabs admin. Well I won’t write to much because as I said this is pretty late and I don’t want to get a blister on my 1 finger I type with if no ones going to read it. Please contact me if you require any help or q’s answered or a lift.

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