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News flash: John Hargreaves sends out most pointless media release ever

Smackbang 28 September 2006 21

This just in from the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services:

Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, John Hargreaves, today launched the 2008 registration label slogans.

“The registration slogans are an important way we can remind drivers about road safety- every time they get in the car,” said Mr Hargreaves.

“The 2008 registration labels will features the messages ‘BE AWARE OF MOTORCYCLISTS’ and ‘DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE’

“Sadly, in 2005 there were 26 fatalities on ACT roads, 8 of which were motorcyclists. Two out of the seven fatalities on our roads this year have been motorcyclists.

“Motorcyclists face a higher risk of having a fatal or serious injury crash compared to car drivers. As motorcyclists can sometimes be difficult to see and because they have limited protection, it is important that both they and their fellow motorists share the road together safely.

“Displaying this slogan on the back of registration labels is a great way to remind all drivers to “Be aware of motorcyclists’ at all times.

In the second half of 2008, the message ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ will be displayed on registration labels.

“By highlighting this message within people’s cars we can reinforce to all motorists the message ‘Don’t drink and Drive’.”

I’ve seen some petty and pathetic news releases in my time, but surely this one takes the cake. Do we really need a press relese announcing what catchy slogans will be on the back of registration labels?!

Can we expect a separate news release to announce what colour the labels will be?

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
News flash: John Hargreaves sends out most pointless media release ever
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seepi 2:03 pm 05 Oct 06

i’ve heard about Hargreave’s drunken swearing speeches. might have to try to catch one in action next time he is launching something. Pity WIN news hasn’t caught him on camera yet.

publius 1:12 pm 05 Oct 06

Hargreaves is an embarrassment to the ACT political system. Stanhope should have dealt with him after the DUI matter and certainly after the Budget Estimates report citing his inappropriate behaviour during hearings. And what hypocrisy – Hargreaves putting out a don’t drink and drive slogan. He is well known for knocking back the grog in huge quantities and thinks it doesn’t show when speaking “under the influence” at functions. Many of us have squirmed at his performances at multicultural events in recent years when he has been so obviously tired and emotional (and in front of multicultural communities who do not consume alcohol). He should not be a Minister.

Vic Bitterman 9:20 pm 29 Sep 06

Mr Evil : “Noice”.

As stolen from Kath and Kim…..

Mr Evil 1:23 pm 29 Sep 06

“The ACT Government – Fucking The ACT Since 1989”


“John Hargreaves – Give That Man A Tooheys”

Maelinar 12:10 pm 29 Sep 06

Does this count towards his community service ?

snahon 11:25 am 29 Sep 06

“Your dollars paid for this slogan”

Mr Evil 9:52 am 29 Sep 06

What about “Don’t Drink and Drive – Unless You’re John Hargreaves”?

barking toad 9:09 am 29 Sep 06

And instead of “Look Out For Cyclists”

“Look Out – There Are Llamas”

VYBerlinaV8 7:42 am 29 Sep 06

Perhaps a slogan that says “Oooooh you weren’t expecting that shit…”

futto 10:04 pm 28 Sep 06

my question is, does anyone know of the stats for the faitalites if you minus people breaking the law, such as speeding, drinking?

If they are already breaking the law, and they die…how will a slogan help that?

Vic Bitterman 9:56 pm 28 Sep 06

A waste of space pointless media release from a waste of space pointless politician.

The cynic in me is seeing parallels….

threeze 3:28 pm 28 Sep 06

has anyone noticed the new rego labels are of a lower quality than years gone by? the perforations seem to be less perforation and don’t tear cleanly like they used to.

maybe its just me getting old and not being able to remove them without tearing ’em anymore.

barking toad 3:14 pm 28 Sep 06

Didn’t see this thread before the window washing one – classic example of “let’s whack out some press releases so I can appear relevant”

As a personal protest about the “Don’t Drink and Drive” message I made it a point to always have a traveller in the car. Get fucked with your stupid slogans.

Swaggie 2:45 pm 28 Sep 06

“The registration slogans are an important way we can remind drivers about road safety- every time they get in the car,” said Mr Hargreaves.

I say stuff like this to my 4 year old (but usually in relation to why she shouldn’t put her fingers on a hot kettle). Who the hell writes this twaddle and why does JH spout it when it’s blindingly condescending?

el 1:54 pm 28 Sep 06

Has he been heavily into the turps again? Am I the only one that can remember similar slogans being on rego labels for nearly 3 years now?

bighead 1:47 pm 28 Sep 06

So, if I look at my rego label next year while im driving, and by doing so cause an accident with a motercyclist…what happens then?

Al 1:37 pm 28 Sep 06

Like slogans on number plates, they just give me the ribbetts. Couldn’t tell you what is on mine – that’s how effective they are.
And anyway if you’re reading them, you aren’t looking at the road.

roccon 12:07 pm 28 Sep 06

long slogans, no probs. just buy an additional rego label 🙂

VYBerlinaV8 12:01 pm 28 Sep 06

How long can the slogan be? Would “I only believe in gay marriage when both chicks are hot” fit?

terubo 11:37 am 28 Sep 06

Well at least the Minister speaks from experience. Too bad the slogans weren’t thought of earlier…

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