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NO ESCAPE from the Raiders

By Andrew Zed - 19 June 2008 49

Is it just me or is there no escape from continually hearing about the Raiders?

I like to watch the local news but I just have to turn off when sport comes on because every day its the same thing- this Raider signed a contract, this Raider didnt, this Raider is injured, this Raider is returning from injury……………… get the picture.

Why is it that Win news  has to include a story about the Raiders in every news broadcast? And ALL the radio stations are no better!

Is the Raiders appeal really that large?

Im a fella and I used to like footy but the preoccupation with Raiders in the local media is just unhealthy.

I understand that this is a one horse town but it really does smack of poor journalism when more or less the same story is wheeled out every day.

Im more interested in some diversity of sports being presented, however I realise that Im most likely in the minority as the average Aussie is a moron- come on, how else do you explain the popularity of Kylie Minogue, John Howard, SummerNats, Eddie Macguire, Hilltop Hoods, Kotchie (? spelling)……………………..

Why are the achievments of so many people in other fileds considered to be less worthy of attention that the focking Raiders!

Righto fire away meatheads- I’ll have ya- Im waiting for you outside in the carpark across from Mooseheads!


What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
NO ESCAPE from the Raiders
lux 9:20 am 20 Jun 08

TV shits me, i haven’t watched it in months. Mostly because of the reasons outlined above by Z. We live in a bogan popular culture, and i find it tiresome beyond belief. I hate sport, i hate inane breakfast show chatter, i hate “reality” programmes. So there’s not much left for me, aside from Spicks and Specks, Gruen and occasionally South Park repeats. I could watch an American crime show, but the sheer number to choose from boggles the mind, so i choose none. I am a hard-to-please consumer.

justbands 9:20 am 20 Jun 08

> Did we all catch the thrilling update on 666 this morning about the state of several rugby players boils!?!?!?

Rugby LEAGUE players, different to real Rugby players.

Overheard 9:15 am 20 Jun 08

miz said :

I hold sim views x 100, as I detest almost all sport and detest the way it is reported even more! Some radio stations, for example, seem to think sport is actually news. Bah.

Miz, I don’t know if they still do it, but when I was in the USA (gulp!) 17 years ago, a really noticeable difference about the local news half hours (the ones I was watching) was that they relegated the sport to the very last item on the bulletin, after the weather but before the inevitable ‘fluffy dog’ story.

I think that’s appropriate placing (and I’m a sports nut), unless it’s something like a grand final or the FA Cup Final/World Cup/Wimbeldon final/etc. in which case those stories get bumped up the order of the bulletin anyway.

niftydog 9:00 am 20 Jun 08

Did we all catch the thrilling update on 666 this morning about the state of several rugby players boils!?!?!? Weeheeheeee!

I don’t mind hearing the scores, but when you start hearing stuff like “Joe Nobody is considering an offer from…” and “Bill Whatshisname’s left testicle is still slightly swollen…” then it’s gone too far.

Absent Diane, I appreciate what you’re saying, but the truth is that there IS interesting things happening in Canberra, but the media have their heads shoved so far up their bum…

Besides, change the channel and you’re 89% likely to be accosted by yet another add for Harvey Norman or Domain!!! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Zed 8:43 am 20 Jun 08

Hey Hamilton- yeah I get your point.

I wont be suckinging it up though- I will just be switching off.


Lozza McLoz 8:40 am 20 Jun 08

Well considering you are in a one league-team town and it IS the middle of the NRL season, with few other national competitions taking place locally (bar the Swans match this weeekend)…

Your options are to change the chanel or suck it up.

Go Raiders!

Hamilton 8:04 am 20 Jun 08

I thought i had finally escaped hearing about the raiders until you put this bloody post up!!

Absent Diane 7:50 am 20 Jun 08

easy stop listening and watching local news – its garbage anyway so you won’t miss a thing. far more interesting things happening in the rest of the world than pissant canberra.

miz 10:40 pm 19 Jun 08

I hold sim views x 100, as I detest almost all sport and detest the way it is reported even more! Some radio stations, for example, seem to think sport is actually news. Bah.

Overheard 10:33 pm 19 Jun 08

I think the key word in your post, Zed, is ‘diversity’. To that end, I too would like to see more recognition given to a wide range of sports, interests, people’s stories. I don’t get to watch a lot of television (and rarely if ever get to see the local evening news bulletins on Channel 2 and WIN), but I understand that there’s an over-abundance of Raiders’ news.

In the heady days of the late 80s and early 90s when the team really was a glamour side and we were going through the euphoria of that first premiership win (which due to circumstances, I watched on a dodgy TV with the cable pinched from a satellite next door in a beach house on the north coast of PNG — AND got better reception than my then Kambah residence!) I reckon that a bit of over-indulgence THEN was probably understandable.

Now I don’t get it.

Just on the sports diversity thing, the second biggest TV sporting event in the world (maybe third, I don’t have current stats to hand) is currently taking place in Austria and Switzerland and yet some news bulletins (e.g. on the apoocraphyl breakfast TV shows) don’t seem to know it exists.

At the other end of the spectrum, Channel Vision (whose logo currently appears below this as I type) do a superb job in covering at least some of the lesser football leagues in this town. Just a shame it’s not more widely accessible.

Agh! Just switched on the TV and flicked on to ‘The Footy Show’ for a nano-second, so now I need to go and vomit. (I loves me football, I mean, rubgy league, but TFS is not about football.)

Bungle 10:27 pm 19 Jun 08

I think it’s because they are the CANBERRA Raiders. And you are watching the CANBERRA local news.
Not too many other national teams that play around here.

Holden Caulfield 9:58 pm 19 Jun 08

Well, this is going to be a fun election campaign if Zed is already here warming up the crowd.

harley 9:40 pm 19 Jun 08

Thats cool. I have no idea how to react to that, so I’ll just chuckle to myself…

Thumper 8:45 pm 19 Jun 08

My son got in a fight with the said Todd Carney. Managed to land quite a few from all reports before the bouncers dragged them apart and Carney didn’t get the chance to kill the little bloke 😉

He’s joining 4RAR soon….

Thank god 😉

harley 7:19 pm 19 Jun 08

When I moved up here from Melbourne in January last year, for about 6 weeks every ABC news break began with “Lohdi taquiri (sp?) is still considering his future” I have no idea if he was raiders or not, I just remember thinking what a waste of oxygen from the reporters. It wasn’t news, it was olds…

Later it was “Todd Carney has been bad, but we shouldn’t sack him”, even though we sacked others for less. That went on for weeks and weeks, too…

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