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No one murdered outside the Cube

By Joe Canberran - 13 March 2008 89

That’s right, Nato Seuala, who died after receiving stab wounds “in the stomach and head in the early hours of July 15, 2006” outside the Cube nightclub, wounds inflicted by club owner Maurizio Rao, was not murdered. He died yes but Justice Malcolm Gray stated “the prosecution failed to prove Rao was not acting in self defence”.

The ABC coverage of the court ruling can be found here.

Rao was also found not guilty of Assault Occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm. Call me old fashioned and by no means do I know the full story but if you take a knife to a fist fight surely you have some idea of the possible outcome. If not GBH or murder then perhaps manslaughter? If not intentional then isn’t there something about being reckless? And how do the patrons of the Cube feel about our legal system giving the thumbs up about it’s staff stabbing drunk patron if they get into a fight?

What’s Your opinion?

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89 Responses to
No one murdered outside the Cube
el ......Turbo V8 Re 3:24 pm 13 Mar 08

by no means do I know the full story but if you take a knife to a fist fight surely you have some idea of the possible outcome

They failed to prove the he wasn’t acting in self-defence. Seems a pretty clear-cut outcome.

Remember – Rao was so severely injured that he woke up in hospital after the event.

Special G 3:24 pm 13 Mar 08

Expect Bouncers to be carrying knives (to cut lemons with of course) – precedence has now been set.

BattleKath 3:17 pm 13 Mar 08

Agreed justbands, seems like a fair outcome to me.

justbands 2:56 pm 13 Mar 08

Whilst I’m normally as shocked as the next Canberran by our often very lenient sentencing, this one I’m not so upset about….granted, I don’t know exactly what happened (& may I point out, neither do any of you)…but this always seemed to be a case of “club owner defending himself/his staff/his patrons from drunken, roaming, violent f***heads”. Always sad when someone dies, but live by the sword, die by the sword.

aa 2:50 pm 13 Mar 08

pled not please….

aa 2:47 pm 13 Mar 08

well next time 4 or 5 big guys start throwing punches at you and you defend yourself and kill one, i hope you please guilty to murder instead of trying to defend yourself.

CanberraResident 2:42 pm 13 Mar 08

ooops, conscience not conscious

Wide Boy Jake 2:37 pm 13 Mar 08

Add it to the “getting away with murder” file along with O.J Simpson and Mr Towle in Mildura.

Crikey 2:28 pm 13 Mar 08

As I’ve said before, if you are going to murder someone make sure you do it in the ACT.

aa 2:28 pm 13 Mar 08

How many people these days are carrying knives or screw drivers or hammers or cricket bats or baseball bats? Obviously the court saw a reason for him to carry it. Maybe he used it behind the bar to cut lemons? Maybe he used it to cut speaker cables. That’s not the point, the point is if he used it to defend himself, and the court says yes!

CanberraResident 2:22 pm 13 Mar 08

There is no surprise here. The “justice” system stinks. Magistrates, Judges, lawyers and those who get away with these crimes, should hang their heads in shame. Living in this city is becoming an embarrassment, and dare I say it, a magnet for all crims everywhere.

And yes, eggman, you ask a very valid question … Why did Rao have a weapon?

Rao will never be happy within himself knowing he took the life of a human being, and for that his conscious will never be clear, no matter what some court says. Rot in hell you b****rd.

Duke 2:16 pm 13 Mar 08

They probably went to Cube as a last resort….. willing to visit a gay bar as long as the drinks were still being served. Being denied entry was the final straw

eggman 2:11 pm 13 Mar 08

i understand the concept of self defence however why did the accused have a knife?

Ingeegoodbee 2:09 pm 13 Mar 08

I’m guessing then that the courts have once again reinforced the idea that if you are in reasonable fear for you life then you’re entitled to take suitable action to defend yourself.

sepi 2:06 pm 13 Mar 08

I actually support this result.

While it is always sad that someone died, reports I’ve read suggest that the victim and his friends had been kicked out of many clubs in Civic, and went to Cube itching for a fight.

The fight was at the entrance, as outnumbered staff tried to refuse them entry.

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