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Noble Palace cops the banhammer

By johnboy 1 June 2012 23

This in from the Noble Palace Chinese Restaurant getting ahead of the curve:

From: Noble Palace Chinese Restaurant
Subject: Noble Palace closed by ACT Health

Message Body:
Dear Riot-Act,

The owners of the Noble Palace Chinese Restaurant in Woden would like to take this opportunity to advise our customers that as of Thursday 31st of May 2012, we have temporarily ceased trading due to a Prohibition Order issued to us by the ACT Government’s overzealous Health Protection Service within the ACT Health Directorate.

For more information please view our website and feel free to link to our website and it’s contents for our view of the matter.

thank you,

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Noble Palace cops the banhammer
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Mr Evil 10:27 am 18 Jun 12

Felix the Cat said :

MsAnnoyed said :

I have read that they are targeting Asian restaurants? Why is that??

Not sure where you read that, there was an Italian restaurant recently penalised so your theorey sound unlikely.

Didn’t you know that ACT Health is now run by One Nation and is deliberately targeting Asian restaurants? It has nothing to do with food safety, and everything to do with the White Australia policy!

If in doubt, play the race card – it works every time……….

Felix the Cat 10:07 am 18 Jun 12

MsAnnoyed said :

I have read that they are targeting Asian restaurants? Why is that??

Not sure where you read that, there was an Italian restaurant recently penalised so your theorey sound unlikely.

MsAnnoyed 11:57 pm 17 Jun 12

I’m disgusted by this latest attack on small business. As if its not hard enough already without bureaucratic ladder climbers, arrogant, industry lacking experienced “health inspectors” and some members of the public who clearly have no idea on the realities of a commercial kitchen.

I have spent the majority of my life in both a successful small family run business, as well as in a government organisation, and while I agree with the need for food safety and food handling regulations, from what I have heard, read and seen, I am totally disgusted by this governments unrealistic approach.

Many home kitchens are worse than your average commercial kitchen. Many home cooks are far more unhygenic, and eat food of a lesser quality than what you would get in your average commercial kitchen.

People who travel overseas and go to dodgy local eateries, or eat off the street and come home bragging about how they are intrepid travellers and ate all the “local” food, but then come home to Australia and pass uneducated judgements and comments make me laugh.

I have friends who are not only in the restaurant business, but also other food providors, who have had the “pleasure” of having been inspected by “health inspectors” who have had alot to be desired. Where is the ACT Government getting these people from????

When closing one place down after being told they were the cleanest of establishments of their type, and trust me they are, to be closed for MINOR offences for 4 days is disgraceful. There was not warning, no time to fix the problem, they were closed then and there. THIS IS NOT FAIR.

When told that if they were to be closed down for minor NON health related “offences” -they were not given the opportunity to rectify the minor issues (ie; cracked floor tile out the back) within a decent time frame, they were closed down on the spot. When advised if the ACT Government were to close them down they stood to lose X dollars and their livelihood would be affected to a point of severe financial hardship, and by being so unrealistic and unbending on their approach they would send them broke- to be told by the “health inspector”, that was not their problem. When countered by the shop owner that they were making things so impossible for them and it would make many people give up their business, the “health inspector” replied, “well if you don’t do it someone else will”. This shop owner is a second generation in his field, and comes from a very old Canberra family. His son who wanted to follow in his grandfather and his fathers profession has been told a firm no, not anymore. Go to school and get a job in computers.

The future probems this is going to cause goes without saying.

I have read that they are targeting Asian restaurants? Why is that??

Restaurant owners, food providers, and small businesses have so many things on their plates to mearl exist nowadays, let alone having to figure out how to write up documents on cleaning, pesticide (etc) plans, (which they are not trained to do) to appease a bureaucratic paper driven, document driven ACT Government.

For the uneducated public, open your mind, spend time in a busy small business (“walk a mile in my shoes….”), look at your own kitchens and homes, and if you can’t do that, if you still think that its fair what the ACT Government is doing to many small businesses (unfairly), then think of the businesses that will inevitably close, the families and employees who will be affected and the ultimate demise of small businesses and choice. See how you would feel if it was your livelihood that was in the hands of an unsympathetic and vote driven ACT Government.

Yes, have rules and regulations, but be fair, be understanding, be inclusive and coehesive, provide training, give people time to fix offences. Employ the right people to do this job. People who have commercial and industry knowledge.

Thats all we ask.

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