Noise policy to kill the dragway

johnboy 24 January 2007 12

Bill Stefaniak is most upset with the noise policy being proposed for the oft-promised dragway.

the noise policy is so harsh that the current Fairbairn Park motor sport facility does not comply with it and that the former Canberra Dragway would not have complied with it.

“Moreover, motor sports facilities in other States – such as the Western Sydney International Dragway (which is located within a major populated region) and the Kwinnana Motorplex – also would not be able to comply with the noise policy proposed for the ACT dragway

How to have a dragway without having a dragway?

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12 Responses to Noise policy to kill the dragway
snahon snahon 10:31 am 05 Feb 07

Whilst supporting a dragway, gt, assuming that every member of the CMSG would support a dragway, I would suggest that 22% or there abouts of 1/5 does equal “many”.

gt gt 8:53 am 05 Feb 07

Seepi’s comment that many dragway supporters don’t live in the ACT is another mistruth touted by the nimbys.
Fact is that 78% of the almost 8,000 Canberra Motorsport Supporters Group (CMSG) members live in the ACT. The remaining 22% live in NSW, Vic, WA, and QLD.
If your going to make a comment at least get your story right, unlike the Dragwayaway mob.

G Thomas
Director CMSG

cranky cranky 5:41 pm 25 Jan 07

Yes, the Libs were pro Dragway – Stanhope had to stop supporters switching to Liberal for this reason – hence his empty promise to build the Dragway within 18 months, which unfortunately too many of us believed. Enough to get Labour over the line.

This subject will not be decided before the next ACT election. Motorsport supporters can only hope this vindictive creature does not close down any other facility in the meantime as a result of some fit of pique.

seepi seepi 2:04 pm 25 Jan 07

the libs were pro-dragway too at the election, so I doubt if the draqgway bote got labor over the line.
and many dragway supporters don’t live in the act, so they don’t get to vote.

cranky cranky 6:55 pm 24 Jan 07

Given the convoluted methods by which the dragway has been blocked, after promises to the contrary prior to the last election, (which I believe assisted a Labour victory), I am coming to the conclusion that the whole decision making process has been driven, not by policy, but personal antagonism to anything motorsport by influential individuals.

I’m sure an equation has been developed by Stanhope et al relating to the positives of attracting the green and northern NIMBY vote versus the negative motorsport reaction to the decision to help justify this course of action.

In all this, there is no overwhelming evidence that the Dragway is such bad news as to justify a decision to stop development (apart from the whining of the previously mentioned NIMBY’s). Instead, we have this creation of unrealistic noise regulations to renege on the promise. I suspect that measurements of ordinary traffic noise on Majura Lane would exceed the limits imposed, and of course the aircraft noise is disregarded.

Stanhope has equipped himself with legislation that will allow him to close down all motorsport in the ACT. He may say that of course it would never be applied to Fairbairn Park, but given his history of animosity to various interest groups (Tharwa school parents, bushfire victims, etc) who knows what may ignite his displeasure, resulting in closure of the various venues.

Stanhope is running the ACT as his personal fiefdom, largely unaccountable to anyone. Roll on the election.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 4:29 pm 24 Jan 07

Stupid policy!!

Chris S Chris S 4:22 pm 24 Jan 07

It may surprise you, bonfire, that in fact I’m in favour of a dragway, and no, not because it would be in someone else’s backyard.

There are few sensations more amazing than to be be there when Victor Bray is in full flight. I think that the ACT and C’wealth governments have a debt to the dragway fraternity after pulling the pin on the CID.

I also believe that a high quality motorsport facility, including a dragway, whether 1/8 or 1/4 mile, is deserving of government support.

seepi seepi 2:01 pm 24 Jan 07

Why is the noise policy “unneccessary” and yet building the dragway would be an “unpopular decision”? Bill is jut trying to score the last possible points from the pro dragway crowd.

RandomGit RandomGit 1:54 pm 24 Jan 07

Anyone genuinely shocked by this is probably a target demographic for City Centre Church of Canberra.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:52 pm 24 Jan 07

The dragway was never going to happen anyway.

bonfire bonfire 1:43 pm 24 Jan 07

he is right.

nothing but labor politics.

they probably never intended to build it anyway and the whole process was simply a charade.

poptop poptop 1:36 pm 24 Jan 07

Can’t we put the dragway around the Woden Valley Hospital and drown out the noise of the helicopers?

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