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Northbourne Avenue road works to continue to mid-2020

Lachlan Roberts 10 August 2019 34

Northbourne Avenue will be the scene of more road works until the middle of next year. Photo: Region Media.

Motorists will have to wait until the middle of next year for all three lanes of Northbourne Avenue to be open, with asphalting, re-sealing and pavement rehabilitation works expected to take place over the next 10 months.

The ACT Government is expecting roadworks to continue on the busy thoroughfare till the middle of next year, with the northbound lanes between MacArthur Avenue, O’Connor and Antill Street, Dickson to be repaired.

A Transport Canberra and City Services spokesperson said the road works will commence following the completion of light rail activities along Northbourne Avenue but expected the works to be completed by the middle of 2020.

The spokesperson said Canberra Metro is currently finalising construction works which were not essential to be completed prior to the launch of the Gungahlin to City light rail in April, as per its contract with the ACT Government.

“It is expected that all remaining works within the light rail corridor associated with asphalting and re-sealing of roads will be finalised by the end of September [2019],” the spokesperson said. “Some of the current works include finalising intersection and road works and the installation of wayfinding signs at the MacArthur Avenue stop.”

After the asphalting and re-sealing is completed next month, “pavement rehabilitation works” will be undertaken to reduce the need for regular maintenance.

“The completion date for the pavement rehabilitation works is dependent on the start date – but we expect to be completed in mid-2020,” the spokesperson said.

“Northbourne Avenue is a heavily trafficked road, this constant flow of traffic has a wear and tear effect on the road and these works were always expected to be undertaken following light rail construction.

“Rehabilitation of the pavement on this section of the road will improve skid resistance, remove defects and reduce the need for regular maintenance.

“As well as benefiting motorists, the many cyclists who use this section of road will enjoy a smoother journey.”

The pavement rehabilitation works will be undertaken lane by lane with two lanes remaining open at all times, with speed limit reductions in place whilst the road works are undertaken.

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Northbourne Avenue road works to continue to mid-2020
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7:56 pm 11 Aug 19

So the project wasn’t finished on time and the government lied to us, what a surprise!

12:06 pm 11 Aug 19

If this is a result of the light rail construction then no one can honestly claim that the light rail is completed on time and within budget just yet.

letterboxfrog 8:57 am 11 Aug 19

Fixed rail is absolutely essential along that corridor – its great to see. I do wonder though if it was the right type noting all the challenges it created in terms of other works, hold ups, etc. Could monorail, with a factory in Mitchell or Hume building the track and stations, been a better option? Plonk it in place at night with minimal disruption.

With stage 2 for Light Rail being more challenging, and the route beyond Parliament being further from places of employment / traffic, could monorail be a better option. At bridge level across the lake, following a similar proposed route to Adelaide Avenue, but from there, going through the Health and Commercial precincts in Deakin then Canberra Hospital, before Woden? You cannot do that economically with Light Rail.

7:06 am 11 Aug 19

13 years of continuous road works between the city and the airport between 2001-2014 sets the benchmark for 7km of road. So by ACT standards 10 months is nothing.

    3:37 pm 11 Aug 19

    Colin Trinder oh wasn't that an awful time to be alive.... so slow, like the William Slim / Barton highway roundabout thing that took forever....

rationalobserver 12:21 am 11 Aug 19

Made worse due to schedule slippages with the toy train construction, this work will now cost more and take longer than it should have.
It should be noted that they built the road from Sydney to here in a shorter time frame using only men and horses. So much for progress.

9:18 pm 10 Aug 19

Right now, I'm sick and tired of having a lane closed off so they can do some weeding.

First world problem I know but this City is becoming an increasingly restrictive joke.

2:06 pm 10 Aug 19

Haha classic.... if it takes them that long to do northbourne, how long to fix stage 2 lol

12:37 pm 10 Aug 19

Light rail sections through intersections will need repairing several times before then. The amount of cracks in the concrete is atrocious

12:32 pm 10 Aug 19

I won’t respond to ever whinger. But the article discussed two seperate issues.

Issue one is intersection works related to light rail which will be complete by September 2019.

The other is resurfacing Northborne between McArthur Ave and Moat/Antil Street. This is not light tail related and the road was starting to break up well before light rail construction started.

As I mentioned in another post it was resurfaced about 8 years ago and was done by putting a new layer over the top of the old but without scraping back the old surface. You can spot this as the asphalt covers the button of the concrete gutter. You can see where the surface is cracking and braking up.

11:22 am 10 Aug 19

Surely everyone remembers the 3 years it took to slightly adjust Parkes Way? Big infrastructure takes a long time.

11:21 am 10 Aug 19

No one could ever see that coming, right? ... But some can now supposedly save 5 min per ride... Is there anyone calculating how much time was spent already? 😅

11:15 am 10 Aug 19

It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

11:05 am 10 Aug 19

Should have voted liberal.

    12:10 pm 10 Aug 19

    Seon Ferguson yeah so the can ignore the traffic issues, sell off any government owned assets, deregulate industry’s and privatise health just like NSW! Then wonder why buildings are falling apart, power prices are through the roof and the health care system is struggling. What a great idea! Vote liberal!

    12:18 pm 10 Aug 19

    Daniel R Burns beats this horrible out of touch government who destroyed a once decent service with their horrible timetable that very few ppl like.

    12:22 pm 10 Aug 19

    Seon Ferguson news flash mate, EVERY new timetable they have come out with people complain. Now they just blame it on light rail.

    1:07 pm 10 Aug 19

    Daniel R Burns except this time they really did make it worse. No more 200 or 252’s, school bus services got slashed. The last one was actually better then previous ones.

10:50 am 10 Aug 19

Seems a bit silly really. Are the rate payers expected to pay for another resurfacing after the all the building works (damage by the cranes, trucks and other heavy machinery) along the Northbourne corridor have been completed, or will the developers pay? Wouldn't it be better to wait for all contraction to be completed before resurfacing? This way you only have to pay once.

10:46 am 10 Aug 19

I know people will bash the tram for this but it kind of makes sense. The light rail contracts required improvements to the road surface after the completion of light rail stage 1 because the construction traffic + normal traffic would lead to it being damaged. This can't be done before stage 1 is finnished as the heavy construction vehicles cause the most damage.

    11:42 am 10 Aug 19

    Alex Troy Elsworth Adkins actually the section of road that is being discussed has nothing to do with light rail contracts. But you are right people will blame the tram.

    The section in question was rather poorly resurfaced about 8-10 years ago by putting a new layer over the top of the old. Easy to spot as the road surface is over the concrete gutters. End result is it is breaking up.

    12:08 pm 10 Aug 19

    Alex Troy Elsworth Adkins or is it perfectly timed to force more tram patronage?

10:36 am 10 Aug 19

Mid next year? Just in time for stage 2 of light rail to the lake to start! 😐

10:30 am 10 Aug 19

Wow. What planning

    12:04 pm 10 Aug 19

    Actually good planning. That section of road would have needed resurfacing even if the tram wasn’t built. Bad planning would have been doing it _before_ they built the tram infrastructure.

10:17 am 10 Aug 19

Wtf for ??

10:16 am 10 Aug 19

So Stage 1 it's not actually finished yet. Grrr

actcyclist 10:10 am 10 Aug 19

Whilst I appreciate roads being made better for cyclists, because they’ve been diverting and building there for so long (much longer than promised) I just avoid Northbourne.

Plus, the pedestrian/cycle crossings are slow because you need to wait for two switches of lights, and hard to manoeuvre. All the more reason to use another road.

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