Nothing to see here – CT goes AWOL

johnboy 8 March 2007 8

Well, a busy day of news in Canberra yesterday we thought.

The CT website, however, is completely devoted to a plane crash in Indonesia.

Now there were a number of Canberrans involved and among both the injured and the dead. No doubt it is a story.

But the only story?

Or is this just a desperate effort by the smallest of the metro dailies to join in the collective waily waily that one of their own is dead and another injured?

(Let me stress again my condolences for the loss suffered and my hope for a swift recovery for the injured)

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8 Responses to Nothing to see here – CT goes AWOL
barking toad barking toad 3:46 pm 08 Mar 07

The dead tree version has the announcement of the resignation of David Prince from the Fire Brigade and the promotion of Alan Graham to some new position. Plus some other changes.

Bureacrats replacing firefighters?

The letter from Val Jeffery isn’t too complimentary about the change in structure for Emergency Services/SES/Firefighting. Understandable considering the mayor and his council refusing to adopt the Doogan recommendations and reducing services.

Al Al 12:26 pm 08 Mar 07

The reporting by Fran Kelly on Radio National this morning on the fate of the journos was breathless and detailed…Have to admit that the levels that the mainstream media go to to report when one of their own is hurt or killed is stunningly disproportional to the reporting of the trials of others in the community…
If only they would put something like the same analysis into the role they play and contribution (?) they make to daily politics…

Mick Kelty gave a report that was played on 666 this morning – clearly he personally knew several of the Canberra people who are missing, and was very upset.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 12:05 pm 08 Mar 07

With astounding and nimble dexterity


futto futto 11:51 am 08 Mar 07

Finally something i can agree with Johnboy on something.

I noticed on sky news and sunrise this morning what can be described as breathless excitement the fact that a plane has crashed with….not only Australians but Australian journos involved.

Sure its tragic, but no more than the road toll or bombings in iraq, but the way they give it special attention annoys me.

terubo terubo 10:48 am 08 Mar 07

With astounding and nimble dexterity, I have been able to turn the pages – and scroll down the website – in search of other stories.

apehammer apehammer 10:45 am 08 Mar 07

The Times, unlike Fairfax and News, has no dedicated web editors. The top stories of the day are uploaded in the morning, and if the first few pages of the paper are dedicated to one issue then that’s all that will appear on the website. Rural Press have never placed much value on Internet news, but that may change with Fairfax getting involved.

GreenTrees GreenTrees 10:37 am 08 Mar 07

The CT website only ever covers 10% of the paper’s content. If you need anything more buy the paper. Not so strange logic there.

As a website for an alleged ‘mainstream’ daily the CT one is a poor cousin to Fairfax or News (then again, that’s exactly what it is).

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 10:34 am 08 Mar 07

Airliner crashes in a fireball in an exotic land. Lots of people escape in a dramatic survival attempt. Some people don’t. Links directly to some Canberra people. Sensational pictures, interviews, facts, figures…


Local politician cries because someone teases him.

Who woulda thought?

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