NSW can go and get F*cked

johnboy 25 January 2007 89

The SMH has a story on plans by NSW Liberals to steal Googong dam from the ACT to water their own cities.

The ABC reports that Our Brave Leader is promising to die in a ditch to stop this massive act of larceny.

But as Googong is on Commonwealth land the ACT may well come to regret Mr. Stanhope’s continued efforts to antagonise the Commonwealth Government.

Pru Goward, running for election in Goulburn, says we can all just manage without the water. We can only hope she has the grace to never show her face in Canberra again.

The footage of the ABC’s excellent TV report on the issue is below, featuring Pru Goward looking particularly fat as she tells us she’s going to steal our water and there’s nothing we can do to stop her.

We can only hope Morris Iemma stops being such a useless waste of space and sees off Debnam’s jihadis.

UPDATED: Comrade Stanhope’s angry media release is now online.

Another Update: On reflection I have to admire the clever way Debnam and Goward have positioned this dispute to make Canberra bashing a NSW election issue while posing themselves against the widely despised Stanhope. It’s a bit like the way the ruling classes in India and Pakistan thrive and prosper off fomenting conflict between themselves. Stanhope wedges the hapless Liberals here, Debnam gets a boost there, Canberra gets screwed but who cares about us? Who cares about the actual outcomes?

Further Update: If Pru wants our water so bad why not give it to her on an installment plan? One spit at a time?

One more update for the road: The Canberra Times has extensive coverage of the thieves in the night, which fingers John Howard as being personally involved in this atrocity. No doubt a great help to his close friend Pru Goward.

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89 Responses to NSW can go and get F*cked
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seepi seepi 9:11 pm 25 Jan 07

Do you think nsw would give us the water if things were reversed? Clever of them to find water close to Goulburn that doesn’t come from elsewhere in nsw.

Tempestas Tempestas 8:51 pm 25 Jan 07

Ahh Politics – it must be an election year.

I agree with all that suggest sharing is fine, but to just take seems absurd. Surely there are more sensible ways to solve this one.

Wonder how those Canberra bashers would feel if we were able to keep all the federal tax we paid here instead of supporting their state.

If Howard gives Googong away we should get ACTEW to cut Parly house off, that would be a stunt that we could all remember.

JB well done for keeping to the issue!

jellen jellen 8:33 pm 25 Jan 07

It’s rather unlikely that John Dawkins was acting treasurer in 1998 unless JH was feeling particularly generous to superannuated Keating ministers. Must be a typo – probably 93. Hands off our water beahatches.

Pandy Pandy 6:02 pm 25 Jan 07

Oh there is no drought in Canberra becasue Pru Goward said on 2UE that Googong was 80% full. so I read it on the chiefminister website.

Pandy Pandy 5:56 pm 25 Jan 07

Sonic will never learn. Did you hear him practically turning blue yesterday with anger? That is his normal state of affairs and frankly it is pissing people off.

assailant assailant 4:44 pm 25 Jan 07

I think everyone’s views on expansion of the dam makes sense and I understand where you all are coming from and agree Debnam can’t really just take what he wants anyway, but Stanhope’s mentality of ‘it’s mine… it’s all mine’ is just hot wind.

Stanhope needs to stop pissing every other State and the Commonwealth off for publicity and needs to focus on doing what is best for EVERYONE involved in the situation.

Snarky Snarky 3:43 pm 25 Jan 07

Tell them to move to Gungahlin then.

And pay for a suburb’s new infrastructure to cope with ’em all? No thanks. if NSW wants to pay to put a pump and pipe out to Goulburn I reckon that’s fair. I don’t want to see them die of thirst, but neither do I want to build a city for them.

mutley mutley 3:25 pm 25 Jan 07

Gungahlin’s moving to them

Maelinar Maelinar 3:21 pm 25 Jan 07

Tell them to move to Gungahlin then.

Snarky Snarky 3:03 pm 25 Jan 07

I also have no problem with sharing water with Goulburn – god knows they need it! Goulburn’s population of 27,000 versus Canberra’s 325,000 means they’re not likely to run us dry in a hurry.

lateralis lateralis 2:44 pm 25 Jan 07

Perhaps the Press Club are giving John a fond farewell gift…I can dream can’t I?

areaman areaman 2:43 pm 25 Jan 07

I don’t have a problem with supplying Goulburn with water if they increase the capacity to cope with it, and the ACT (as by far the largest user in the catchment) retains control. What shits me is that the NSW government wants to spend $60 million on a pipe to googong but not spend anything to increase its capacity. The ACT government has spent millions upgrading the the damn under the belief that they were going to get control of it, as had been promised since self government. Then Jonny comes in and reneges on the agreement just so he can get his bit on the side up in NSW election.

Thumper Thumper 2:24 pm 25 Jan 07

I was having a few beers with the PM a couple of nights ago down at Charny and he said, ‘wait until you hear the next thing that me and my lib colleagues have cooked up, it’s going to have that nobody Chief minister of yours spitting chips like never before.I can’t wait for his reaction!’

He then laughed, sculled the schooner and left in a Commonwealth car.

Disclaimer: This story may be fictious. Make up your own mind.

Ari Ari 2:19 pm 25 Jan 07

I vaguely remember him saying that Janette had the massive rack.

simto simto 2:15 pm 25 Jan 07

I’m assuming he’s been there before a fair few times, though – so does the PM have a massive rack of National Press Club ties lying around?

seepi seepi 2:05 pm 25 Jan 07

lesser mortals get bottles of wine.

johnboy johnboy 2:04 pm 25 Jan 07

membership of the club and a tie usually.

simto simto 2:01 pm 25 Jan 07

Talking of the PM – he was just on the National Press Club luncheon. At the end of it, he was given a little present from them. Is that usual? And if so, anybody know what they get given?

(Yes, I know it’s off topic, but I figured that Riotacters would at least have a sarcastic answer, if not an accurate one…)

Sammy Sammy 1:44 pm 25 Jan 07

Mulcahy weighs into the issue

This could be the issue that unites ACT politics, for once. Any word from Gazza yet?

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 1:29 pm 25 Jan 07

Assailant, it’s not so much the sharing that pisses me off, it’s the “we’ll take whatever we want, screw Canberra” mentality that Pruuuu, Debnam and the Prime Miniature all have. As I said earlier, the ACT mooted a joint plan with NSW to increase the Cotter capacity and pipe water to Yass & Goulburn. This is nothing more than Canberra bashing via proxy.

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