NSW Parking Fines for Canberra residents?

hopeful 24 May 2011 26

Does anyone know how enforcable NSW parking fines are?

My husband picked up a parking fine in Sydney in January 2011 in a car registered in my name. The fine came in the mail and he said to ignore it but now an enforcement notice has come and I’m worried that if it doesn’t get paid, my licence will be suspended or something equally as drastic will happen.

Any advice/information would be appreciated.


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26 Responses to NSW Parking Fines for Canberra residents?
deejay deejay 5:46 pm 25 May 11

Here’s a tip: Don’t take the fall for anyone – especially not a partner.

My long-ago boyfriend got a speeding ticket in my car once. When it came, I did the stat dec, then told him I’d done so in such a matter-of-fact way that he didn’t dare challenge me on it.

My husband recently did $3K in damage to my car. Fortunately I have a protected no claim bonus so that wasn’t an issue, but he’s paying the excess.

A good husband tells you immediately that he got you a ticket, tells you that the correct procedure for getting yourself off the hook is to name him in a stat dec, and ponies up the cash. And he does this before the ticket even arrives.

A lousy husband tells you not to worry about it so the penalties, demerits, and credit default all hit you by stealth.

Get rid of him, now.

cleo cleo 1:56 am 25 May 11

Pay the fine, you are accountable for it, of course your husband wouldn’t worry, as the car is not registered in his name. It all falls back on you, you can always ring in and say this is the first notice you have received, maybe they will drop the extra charge.

creative_canberran creative_canberran 10:55 pm 24 May 11

1. Stat declaration stating you were not the driver of the vehicle at the time the offence was committed. You will need to name the driver who was operating you vehicle.

2. If after this your husband doesn’t pay, he should keep this from the NSW RTA in mind:

“Under a national agreement between Australian licensing authorities, if you commit a speeding offence or certain other offences when driving in NSW, details of the offence will be sent to your home State or Territory. Your home State or Territory may apply demerit points and these will contribute to the suspension of your licence if you exceed your demerit point threshold.

If you are convicted of an offence in a NSW Court, details of the offence will also be sent including information of any disqualification periods that were imposed. If you are disqualified by a NSW Court, you cannot drive in NSW. You should contact your home State or Territory to see if you can drive there as well.”

So regardless of who issued the infringement, your rego details will end up with local police and they will take necessary action. Failure to pay can result in a requirement to appear in court, warrant being issued and then significant penalties and court fees.

earthrepair earthrepair 9:34 pm 24 May 11

You will have to have the fine immediately reissued in his name after submitting stat dec. or next time he might be asking you to do something more serious (more unethical), like taking points for him for his speeding offence, in any car. Perhaps you should also make it clear to him if he has an accident whilst driving your car he will be liable for any damage/ excess etc. and for him to deal with any future fines and infringements that he is responsible for.

Rebow Rebow 8:21 pm 24 May 11

One way or another they’ll catch up with you hopeful. Fortunately, the answer’s not rocket science.
1.) He was fined unfairly. Solution: Write a letter and challenge it.
2.) He deserves the fine. Solution: Either pay it or write a stat dec and say you’re not responsible.

But when they come looking, they’ll come looking for you. So don’t just leave it or it will bite you later.

Spideydog Spideydog 7:44 pm 24 May 11

hopeful said :

krats said :

If I can guess the color of your hair, what do I win…?

A nice parking fine for $143

LOL – ya husband might want that one 😉

hopeful hopeful 5:29 pm 24 May 11

krats said :

If I can guess the color of your hair, what do I win…?

A nice parking fine for $143

Tooks Tooks 4:05 pm 24 May 11

vg said :

Sorry, missed part of the opening. Stat Dec your husband, then tell him ‘not to worry about it’

I also missed that part. Don’t I feel like a knob *removes foot from mouth*

krats krats 3:58 pm 24 May 11

If I can guess the color of your hair, what do I win…?

ConanOfCooma ConanOfCooma 2:58 pm 24 May 11

I think you are all missing the point!

The OP doesn’t care about the fine, her idiot husband, or her own issues with administrative action.

She just wants to know if she tells the NSW authorities to get f***ed, will she get in trouble?

SgtSlaughter SgtSlaughter 1:14 pm 24 May 11

Send a Stat Dec straight away to NSW Gumbyment office saying your dickhead husband parked the car. that will give you another 28 days to pay from reciept of the Notice in his name, even someone on the dole could probably save up the $76 fine in 2 months

p1 p1 12:49 pm 24 May 11

vg said :

Sorry, missed part of the opening. Stat Dec your husband, then tell him ‘not to worry about it’

+1 for this approach. Although you might end up driving your husband ’round after they take his licence.

vg vg 12:24 pm 24 May 11

Sorry, missed part of the opening. Stat Dec your husband, then tell him ‘not to worry about it’

Spideydog Spideydog 11:39 am 24 May 11

hopeful said :

Ouch – you guys are harsh.

Yup, can be a bit of a bloodbath here sometimes …..

My advice, pay it, contest it or Stat Dec it to his name so then if he chooses not to pay, the consequences are his 🙂

hopeful hopeful 11:30 am 24 May 11

Ouch – you guys are harsh.

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 11:26 am 24 May 11

Make him pay it, it’s called *sshole tax.

Save your money for the divorce lawyer. Have your mother open a separate account you can transfer money into as a “gift” until you need it after aforementioned divorce. Put 30% of your salary into that account until you can pack up and leave without being in financial trouble and can rent an apartment (bond, furniture, 2 month rent up front).

Pack up & leave.

Attach yourself to the next stupid loser you inadvertently come across and are attracted to even though they are a stupid bogan loser.


Tooks Tooks 11:16 am 24 May 11

vg said :

Grow up, take responsibility for your actions and pay your fines. Yes, they are enforceable

This. If you’re at fault, pay the fine ffs.

Spideydog Spideydog 11:15 am 24 May 11

molongloid said :

I write to advise that your husband is a d***head.

😉 Gold

carnardly carnardly 11:12 am 24 May 11

why did he suggest ignoring it? What makes you two above the laws that we all have to follow?

eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 11:10 am 24 May 11

“The fine came in the mail and he said to ignore it”

Its a brave man that leaves a party ticket unpaid or unchallenged.

Does you husband like having warrants lodged for his arrest in NSW ?

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