O’Connor Knights get ahead of themselves at the Kanga Cup

johnboy 28 September 2009 8

The Canberra Times is carrying outrage about the victory song of the O’Connor Knights under 18’s blokes in the Kanga Cup:

    The O’Connor Knights under-18 boys team chanted a song containing profanities, references to ill-treating women and drinking beer in celebration of their victory in a match on Monday morning.

Everyone now promises that the song “will not be heard again”, which is slightly and significantly different to saying it will not be sung again.

If we’re going to let the wowsers dictate the appropriateness of football team songs it could be a very long winter.

If the O’Connor Knights want to be known as foul mouthed drunken wife beaters then at least they’re warning the community.

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8 Responses to O’Connor Knights get ahead of themselves at the Kanga Cup
mrrrbear mrrrbear 2:47 pm 16 Feb 10

This article is a perfect example of sensationalised journalism desperate to make a “story” where there isnt or shouldnt be one. i played a season for occoner knights and can tell u the song referenced to in this article has no lyric referring to the mis treatment of women, good fellas too. where the author of this article got the drunken wife beater idea from is beyond me, no reference in the song to this what so ever. although it may not be the nicest victory song u’ll here how many are? you are better off printing the lyrics to the actual song then just providing false information on its contents to make it a big deal.

more research next time please! before you start throwing around lines like “If the O’Connor Knights want to be known as foul mouthed drunken wife beaters then at least they’re warning the community.”

Hrvatski Dom Hrvatski Dom 1:47 pm 22 Jul 09

Its a good thing they dont show the after game songs on tv From the AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL LEAUGE. Because im 100% sure that they swear to no extent, none of you have a problem with the song, its the ethnicity you people have a problem with.

ant ant 10:34 pm 19 Jul 09

I think a lot of those songs go across many sports. I wonder in which sport The Engineer’s Song originated? It is sung after hockey matches in at least 4 countries.

vg vg 10:07 pm 19 Jul 09

Oh, that’s right, it was the Sunday CT

Imagine if they heard a rugby ditty!

An engineer told me before he died…………………

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 8:47 pm 19 Jul 09

I’ve been involved in Canberra soccer since early 70’s and, with great pride but hopefully some humility, can say my family are a part of Canberra’s strong soccer history. The late great Johnny Warren was a good family friend and if you lived in Belconnen and weren’t invited at our place on FA cup night in the 70’s – you basically knew shite about soccer. I feel confident, therefore, in saying that bawdy songs have always been part of soccer/football in the ACT, but probably not to the extent as they have been in other sports, such as rugby. That said, hang out in any premier league stadium in the UK and you’ll hear worse every week.

More locally perhaps, read any of George Huitker’s (a Radford teacher, soccer coach and friend of my late brother’s) books for a contemporary experience on local junior soccer (great reading, go George!) and you’ll see that, basically, teenage boys will be teenage boys.

These guys showed lack of maturity and judgment – but they are, after all, under 18.
The coach and his wife, if the CT are to be believed, showed great judgment in shutting the song down, however. Kudos to them and I hope they maintain the respect of the players.

Anna Key Anna Key 7:03 pm 19 Jul 09

I remember being at a Cosmos v Syd United (Croatia) match and listening to something similar from their supporters for most of the match

willo willo 4:43 pm 19 Jul 09

c’mon jb print the words of the song…..

Trunking symbols Trunking symbols 4:19 pm 19 Jul 09

Hoo, boy. Political correctness strikes again . . .

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