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Odds and evens.. on the road

By paperboy - 24 September 2007 30

Here’s an idea we can only hope will never be introduced.

According to today’s Canberra Times, ACT Government Minister John Hargreaves has returned from a trip to China with a proposal to restrict Canberrans to driving their cars every second day.

The idea has been tested in Beijing, where, under an odds and evens number plate system, around 1.3 million cars have been taken off the streets each day in a bid to cut pollution in the lead up to next year’s Olympics.

The Canberra Times story opens with the line that Canberra residents “could be restricted to driving their cars every second day”, but there’s no direct quote from the Minister to back it up. Only a statement that Mr Hargreaves said he would be keen to see the results of the trials.

They wouldn’t… would they?

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
Odds and evens.. on the road
Mr Evil 11:34 am 24 Sep 07

Hargreaves doesn’t take any notice of the “only drive if you’re not pissed” rule, so obviously the “odds and evens” rule won’t apply to him either.

andy 11:34 am 24 Sep 07

tee hee hee.

Maelinar 11:13 am 24 Sep 07

Only for Lesbians bourke…

bourke 10:50 am 24 Sep 07

Geeeeeeeezzzzz!!!!! You’d think with this sort of outcry that he’d suggested the one-child policy!

Cameron 10:19 am 24 Sep 07

I can only say this: HAH!

Thumper 9:48 am 24 Sep 07

It’s a beat up.

CT has taken the wrong end of the stick and is beasting around the wrong bush.

Won’t happen.

Ralph 9:43 am 24 Sep 07

What was this clown doing in China anyway. A trip funded by ACT ratepayers.

The ACT Government has no legitimate reasons for travelling on junkets to China.

The London Circuit Soviets would love to ban cars entirely, that’s one way of getting people on the utopian buses, and warding off the evil climate change spirits.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 9:32 am 24 Sep 07

Hang on a tick, I’ll be fine: one of my number plates has an odd number, the other an even! Thanks to the government who implements such a scheme, though, for making me drive the V8 every second day, instead of only once or twice a week.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 9:25 am 24 Sep 07

This is laughable. I drive each day so I can drop my kid at childcare and then drop my wife and work, and pick them both up in reverse at the end of the day. This means the wife and I don’t both need to drive each day. Also, I live in NSW, so there’s no viable bus service anyway.

skaboy12 9:19 am 24 Sep 07

Will this mean I can only drive my car to the border?? In that case I suggest Mr Hargreaves needs to build a bus interchange on Canberra Ave at the Border and provide me with free bus trips.

Otherwise he can contact my boss in Sydney and tell him why I can only work every second day.

paperboy 9:16 am 24 Sep 07

For those trying to find the story, it was in yesterday’s Canberra Times (page 10). Took until this morning to be posted.

arb 9:07 am 24 Sep 07

Totally agree with danman and hingo. Also I’m in the SES so need to be able to get to HQ when needed. Or maybe Mr Hargreaves only wants his storm damaged house fixed on even days of the month 😉

We’re not an over polluted city, we don’t have a pending olympics, we don’t have a good public transport ssytem and we don’t have overcrowding on our roads. This proposal is utterly stupid.

Danman 9:02 am 24 Sep 07

How would one get to work as I now do at 0645 ?

Action busses are laughable – spesh from Ngunnawal.

barking toad 8:56 am 24 Sep 07

John’s been sipping again.

F**k off and fix potholes instead of trying to be a social engineer

hingo_VRCalaisV6 8:52 am 24 Sep 07

I’ll restrict my driving to every second day if I only need to go to work every second day. Otherwise, I have no alternative.

Canberra is a bit different from Beijing. Canberra hasn’t got 9234523923423234923 billion residents producing 123123121233 million babies an hour.

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