Odds and evens.. on the road

paperboy 24 September 2007 30

Here’s an idea we can only hope will never be introduced.

According to today’s Canberra Times, ACT Government Minister John Hargreaves has returned from a trip to China with a proposal to restrict Canberrans to driving their cars every second day.

The idea has been tested in Beijing, where, under an odds and evens number plate system, around 1.3 million cars have been taken off the streets each day in a bid to cut pollution in the lead up to next year’s Olympics.

The Canberra Times story opens with the line that Canberra residents “could be restricted to driving their cars every second day”, but there’s no direct quote from the Minister to back it up. Only a statement that Mr Hargreaves said he would be keen to see the results of the trials.

They wouldn’t… would they?

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30 Responses to Odds and evens.. on the road
Maelinar Maelinar 1:04 pm 25 Sep 07

I have never been to Beijing, and I do not care how they drive over there, apart from the fumes from their vehicles are tearing a hole in the atmosphere big enough for nasty solar radiation to get through in oodles.

That, and I hope they have those stupid red circle things hanging off their rear-vision mirrors like they do in Aus.

Special G Special G 12:29 pm 25 Sep 07

It’s not a new system in Beijing. It was there in 1998 when I visited and is simply so you are able to drive in the city area. If all the cars were on the road in any given day there would be complete gridlock. It has nothing to do with polution.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:45 am 25 Sep 07

it might work somewhere with a massive population but not here.

Maelinar Maelinar 9:34 am 25 Sep 07

As far as stupid ideas go, I think that this one may be his stupidest.

ant ant 11:23 pm 24 Sep 07

there’s no bus where I live (in NSW). BUT! When I move back into the ACT, there’s no bus there, either. hasn’t been in 1978. Nice pie in the sky idea, but until they have sensible park’n’rides, and a service for ALL ACT ratepayers, it’s just a really, really stupid idea.

boomacat boomacat 7:29 pm 24 Sep 07

Nice idea, but insufficient public transport, and as atoz said, in places where this policy is in place rich people just buy two cars and its the poor that get jipped.

Maelinar Maelinar 4:16 pm 24 Sep 07

Is there anything worth going on a Junket that can’t be Googled ?

Thought so, perhaps he should have kept quiet about the whole darn thing…

Pandy Pandy 3:41 pm 24 Sep 07

I blame Tuggeranong for electing Hargraeves.

shauno shauno 2:56 pm 24 Sep 07

His next idea will be an electronic toll for all vehicles entering the Inner North and South because the level of congestion is just mayhem. lol

shauno shauno 2:53 pm 24 Sep 07

Lets implement this proposal once Canberra reaches a population and congestion level approaching that of Bombay ie about 13 million.

What an idiot so all he got from his tax payer junket to China was an idea to implement a traffic solution deemed necessary in a city probably 1000 times more congested then Canberra’s meandering some what relaxing empty roads lol.

atoz atoz 2:18 pm 24 Sep 07

This was tried in Greece. Everybody there just went and bought 2 cars, so ended up just making it worse.

Monorail. Monorail. Monorail. Monorail. Monorail.

w3st0nFTW w3st0nFTW 1:53 pm 24 Sep 07

I think Minister John Hargreaves is a epic FAIL! Fix potholes, speed up road work, traffic lights ect..

He must of thought of this great idea on the plane trip back because he 4got to write his report on y tax payers paid for him to go there and have a glance at the building process.

Jazz Jazz 12:05 pm 24 Sep 07

I agree VY. that will just encourage me to buy a second car as well.

Ralph Ralph 11:59 am 24 Sep 07

agree. Explain your taxpayer funded jaunt, then resign Hargreaves.

bonfire bonfire 11:44 am 24 Sep 07

out of touch.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:34 am 24 Sep 07

Hargreaves doesn’t take any notice of the “only drive if you’re not pissed” rule, so obviously the “odds and evens” rule won’t apply to him either.

andy andy 11:34 am 24 Sep 07

tee hee hee.

Maelinar Maelinar 11:13 am 24 Sep 07

Only for Lesbians bourke…

bourke bourke 10:50 am 24 Sep 07

Geeeeeeeezzzzz!!!!! You’d think with this sort of outcry that he’d suggested the one-child policy!

Cameron Cameron 10:19 am 24 Sep 07

I can only say this: HAH!

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