Old Canberran’s Old Photos – Part 8 – Civic of long ago

johnboy 11 March 2009 29

[First filed: March 10, 2009 @ 08:58]

This is the eighth part of a series of photographs taken by RiotACT reader Old Canberran on his Kodak Box Brownie in 1948.

This one came in with the following note:

    The interesting thing about the attached pic is that you can see the War Memorial. There were also lovely pine trees in the median strip between the 2 buildings. They are no longer.

Here’s a more contemporary view from Google Maps:

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29 Responses to Old Canberran’s Old Photos – Part 8 – Civic of long ago
Granny Granny 11:24 pm 10 Mar 09

It sucks that they got rid of the balconies – that’s so three-ducks-flying-across-the-lounge-room-wall!

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 8:27 pm 10 Mar 09

Thanks for that second link Old Canberran. I could sort of make out the Memorial clicking on the pic at the top to enlarge it but the other one is much better. Fascinating about the cellars too.
Why oh why have they allowed the Sydney and Melbourne Buildings to turn into such a mess? There are rules about extensions to homes in heritage areas, and front fences, and chopping down trees, and who knows what else . . . but those poor old buildings with so much character and potential have been allowed to be turned into some sort of 70’s cheapo reno, with closed in balconies and umpteen shades of white/off-white/cream paintwork. It’s embarrassing to think that tourists driving in along Northbourne Avenue are met with that as their introduction to the CBD of the nation’s capital. Dinner’s ready, I’m going to stew over what I would do with that area if I ruled the world and come back to this thread . . .

Granny Granny 5:57 pm 10 Mar 09

I wonder how Fletcher Jones survives considering nobody seems to buy clothes there. My mum used to love Fletcher Jones. One of my worst moments as a tween though, was when she bought me Fletcher Jones jeans. I think they may even have had an elasticated waist. And they gave me quite painful wedgies.

nanzan nanzan 5:50 pm 10 Mar 09

Is that a flagpole sticking out from the balcony above?

And the mileage signs give the distances for Sydney, Goulburn, Melbourne and Yass, in that order – with the state capitals in bigger fonts!

nanzan nanzan 5:48 pm 10 Mar 09

It is still Fletcher Jones’ Civic store!

old canberran old canberran 5:37 pm 10 Mar 09

I guess you could say it was an upper middle of the road clothes shop for men and women. They sold good quality stuff and it was a fairly large shop which took up about 4 archways in both directions. Terry and George, the 2 sons went to the same school as I did but I’mm a bit older than them. The boys made their money from developments around the place but I think the Snows were a fairly wealthy family to begin with.
Fletcher Jones took over the shop at one stage when the Snows retired but I don’t know what’s there now.
In the rescanned photo you can see a set of upright scales in the doorway.

Granny Granny 5:22 pm 10 Mar 09

So what was Snow’s like, Old Canberran?

old canberran old canberran 5:18 pm 10 Mar 09

Jivrashia said :

old canberran said :

you should be able to make out the dome of the AWM. If not, I’ll rescan it but it’s definitely there.

Yes please.

Try this size…..click here

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 4:43 pm 10 Mar 09

You left the ?feat=embedwebsite on your a href = url, Jb.

Proper navigable address is http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/bdYVggmNJeVa49gynzVhaA

johnboy johnboy 4:25 pm 10 Mar 09

It’s as big as our format permits, just click on the image for a larger version.

Granny Granny 4:23 pm 10 Mar 09

I can see it clearly on the linked larger version, but not at all on the small embedded pic.

Jivrashia Jivrashia 4:12 pm 10 Mar 09

old canberran said :

you should be able to make out the dome of the AWM. If not, I’ll rescan it but it’s definitely there.

Yes please.

mad_kiwi mad_kiwi 2:48 pm 10 Mar 09

I assume that is that the same (Terry) Snow family, who owns the airport now ? An empire built from the clothing shop ?

old canberran old canberran 2:44 pm 10 Mar 09

Avy said :

There’s no way that’s the War Memorial. Is there?

Click on the photo above to get a larger version and you should be able to make out the dome of the AWM. If not, I’ll rescan it but it’s definitely there.

Avy Avy 2:23 pm 10 Mar 09

Wow, just checking Google maps, I never noticed that relationship before! That’s town planning for you.

Disposable Disposable 2:13 pm 10 Mar 09

The shape looks like it is the War Memorial.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:11 pm 10 Mar 09

I worked in the Sydney Building a couple of times. One of the jobs was near the TAB when it was still there and there were often quite a collection of “colourful sorts” out the front in the mornings. Was very convenient for my annual Melbourne Cup betting, though.

Come to think of it, the other job I had there, a part-time job while studying, also introduced me to some pretty colourful chaps at 6 on weekend mornings, haha.

caf caf 2:09 pm 10 Mar 09

The angle is right – that part of London Cct lines up perfectly with the AWM.

Avy Avy 1:58 pm 10 Mar 09

There’s no way that’s the War Memorial. Is there?

Jivrashia Jivrashia 12:57 pm 10 Mar 09

OMG! There’s a telegraph pole in the picture, a TELEGRAPH POLE!!

I haven’t seeen one of those in years… (does that say something about my age?)

And whoever say they can see the War Memorial in the picture… you’ve go better eyes than me (I can’t see it – unless its the ghostly white dome against the bushes).

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