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One in five of you are nuts

By johnboy 7 October 2008 59

Katy Gallagher has launched mental health week by pointing out that mental health issues are more common than asthma and diabetes.

Something RiotACT readers will vouch for no doubt.

What’s Your opinion?

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One in five of you are nuts
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Granny 10:52 am 09 Oct 08

I love electronic voting! Bring it on, I say. Have a nice time away, peterh. Try not to get RA withdrawal symptoms – I know I would!


peterh 10:23 am 09 Oct 08

thanks guys – feel a bit stiff and sore today, but looking forward to the retreat tomorrow.

so I will probably make some comments today, but won’t again until I am back in 10 days.

can’t wait to read what will happen with the election, tried the electronic voting – much easier…

Whatsup 11:02 pm 08 Oct 08

peterh: Hope you are back to your best really soon.

BigDave 9:25 pm 08 Oct 08

I think it’s more than one in five judging by the people in Civic.

Sleaz274 9:15 pm 08 Oct 08

Oh wait one day 60,000 of us have mental health issues the next Katy throws some more money at the problem…. excellent excellent just like clockwork. Can wash her hands of that messy topic for another 4 years can’t she?

Peterh good luck over the next few weeks. No doubt I’ll hear more stories soon. Look after yourself mate.

peterh 4:03 pm 08 Oct 08

well the surgery bit is over – lot of pain, but adrenaline will take care of that. now comes the harder part – at least a month before the pain subsides. typing is pretty hard, but I have to make it to 5.30, then some sleep would help as well. brain a bit fuzzy – but the surgery is on my belly not my head, thank heavens…

probably better suited in the offal thread – they cut a hole in my abdomen and, using a long cylindrical tool, after local anaesthetic (cannot spell too well either), they placed 4 implants in the fat layer under my skin. about the same size of a small paper clip.

now I have tremors as adrenaline works, and my hands won’t work as I would like. Anyone else who has this done to them, I feel your pain….

really. right this second…

Thumper 3:58 pm 08 Oct 08

I guess it all depends upon the definition.

crabb 3:46 pm 08 Oct 08

Not far fetched in my experience. 1 in 5 has been a consistently accurate ratio among the group of employees at the small business where I work, over the last 10 years.

tylersmayhem 2:00 pm 08 Oct 08

Hope the surgery goes sweet peterh! Also thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Like astrojax said – there is such a broad range of illnesses, and their effects differing levels of severity.

Maybe that 1 in 5 ain’t so far fetched?!

astrojax 1:27 pm 08 Oct 08

see you on the other side of the treatment, peterh. ta for the bio – and to those who doubt the 1 in 5, think again. there is a broad range of mental illnesses, some are life-long, like peterh’s, some are spasmodic and some are temporary, but real nonetheless (like, a cold is temporary, asthma can be spasmodic, ms is lifelong). think.

Sands 12:48 pm 08 Oct 08

Great post, thanks peterh. I hope the surgery goes well.

peterh 12:48 pm 08 Oct 08

Granny said :

How long do you have to stay in hospital?

simple procedure – out this arvo. The other treatment is at a private facility – a retreat, if you will. I will be in sunny qld, though, and the family gets to come with me this time. (we are calling it our yearly holiday)

Granny 12:38 pm 08 Oct 08

How long do you have to stay in hospital?

peterh 12:33 pm 08 Oct 08

Granny said :

Good luck with the surgery, peterh.

thanks granny, it is an implantation that i have had multiple times – biggest problem is finding a site that has no scarring. I don’t go out without a shirt on anymore, even in the backyard, the scar sites are too vivid.

but I will be on leave for about 10 days, so will speak to you all in a couple of weeks.

(will be in the office tomorrow, but after that, on leave with no internet, computer or phone)

Granny 12:30 pm 08 Oct 08

Good luck with the surgery, peterh.

peterh 12:26 pm 08 Oct 08

I will probably forget doing so. I have my surgery this afternoon.

Cameron 10:59 am 08 Oct 08

peterh – thanks for sharing your experience. That can’t have been easy.

peterh 10:12 am 08 Oct 08

I was considered to be “dumb” at school – I just couldn’t grasp basic mathematical concepts quickly, it needed to be reiterated many times, till i got the hang of a new equation. I would come up with the correct answer, but not the way the teacher was instructing us to.

Only when i was 16, did they find the chemical imbalance in a routine test – I was prone to massive swings of emotion, usually rage, for no reason, and had no knowledge of the events preceding the rage episode.

I was in a very depressed state, my parents were divorcing, and I found that the events of my early childhood – the abuse suffered at the hands of a father of a mate, I thought that I was a burden on my family.

The multiple attempts at suicide, strangely enough with multiple comic results – that god person didn’t want me yet, obviously.

I am not making light of the topic….
the first time, I decided to hang myself from an old apple tree. The branch was particularly old, it snapped, and hit me on the head, knocking me out. I woke up in Calvary with a policeman wanting to ask me some questions.

2nd time, a couple of months later, the rope broke. back to calvary…

my last time (I gave up after that) I consumed half the booze in the normally locked cabinet. passed out and woke to find a) I wasn’t dead & b) I had the hangover from hell.

strangely, this opened the slippery slope to alcoholism. and smoking. I have managed to quit drinking – I have maybe one or two rarely, but I know when to stop.

still can’t quit smoking, there seems to be something holding me back.

I now have fairly serious therapy, intermixed with the 6mthly surgery, to reduce my chemical production in my brain. I do, from time to time, find myself in a confused state, not knowing how I got home, why I am at certain places, but the therapist assures me that this will pass over time.

I am not on anti-depressants, The surgery I undergo prevents this need.

It also ensures that I have moderate aggression levels, which is why I have joined a gym – I can work out the additional aggression, when and if it occurs.

This is, unfortunately, a genetic condition. I will have it for life. Some of the symptoms include:

lack of facial hair
lack of ageing – I apparently look pretty close to what I did when I was in high school, apart from the thinning hair.
radical mood swings – sometimes in the space of an hour.
an additional chromosome – discovered by a blood test.

but I work through my problems logically and try to ensure that I only have my outbursts when i am alone.

The stats for my condition were 1 in 100 in the 70’s, it is now 1 in 10.

Overheard 9:40 am 08 Oct 08

Oh, and the other therapy I take is after pulling a 19-hour day of travel and work for the company, I’ll have a late start. So if anyone from there is wondering, I’m not there or clocked on yet!

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