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One in five of you are nuts

By johnboy - 7 October 2008 59

Katy Gallagher has launched mental health week by pointing out that mental health issues are more common than asthma and diabetes.

Something RiotACT readers will vouch for no doubt.

What’s Your opinion?

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59 Responses to
One in five of you are nuts
Davo111 2:34 pm 07 Oct 08

I’m crazy, yet i got post #14, maybe that shows how dedicated i am to the cause?

Gungahlin Al 2:33 pm 07 Oct 08

OT I think that depression is likely a serious component of the stat (which I was told some weeks ago by the director of ACT Health Planning and includes people with both permanent and transient MH issues incidentally).

I had never come across depression before anywhere in my 40-odd years, working in multiple towns/states, but here in Canberra, it is everywhere I turn.

The Brad 2:16 pm 07 Oct 08

Lucky for me I’m in at #4.

Cameron 2:07 pm 07 Oct 08

astrojax, you’re lucky that came in at #11, it means I can take your post seriously…

I for one am not at all surprised that mental illness is more common than asthma. All too often it goes undiagnosed and untreated, with tragic results.

astrojax 2:01 pm 07 Oct 08

i know it is fun to jest but this is a pretty serious issue and you’re all crazy if you think otherwise [had to get one in]

the thing is, while mental illness is a matter of long misunderstanding, science has made leaps and bounds in working out the bizarre ways the mind and brain operate. but that doesn’t make coping with an illness, or coping with close family members with an illness, much easier.

depression is one of the most common forms and can be temporary, as a reaction to life’s stresses, or more long term and the result of an imbalance in the brain’s chemistry. Alzheimers, while making it possible to hide one’s own easter eggs, is another common malady that has serious lifestyle affects for the suffer and those around them.

we should take the offer to investigate these illnesses and their effects seriously and respect the dire suffering that often doesn’t look anything very untoward from the outside perspective. this is oftent he factor that makes it easy to poke fun at – that sufferers look ‘normal’.

and for me, the real question arises from just what is ‘sane’ anyway?

darklady, if your friends are all filled with issues, then likely you are too if they’re your friends! ; )

Granny 1:34 pm 07 Oct 08

C’mon, Thumper! You’re the normalest person I don’t really know very well.


DarkLadyWolfMother 1:31 pm 07 Oct 08

They say that you should check four friends – if they’re fine, you’re the one with the problems. What I want to know is, what if all four of my friends have issues?!

Thumper 1:23 pm 07 Oct 08

That means that New yeah, DMD, primal and Granny are all loonies because i’m the fifth after them.

But the eighth poster….


Granny 1:05 pm 07 Oct 08

What’s that, Kitty Kat? You think? Me too.

*maniacal smiley*

Primal 1:00 pm 07 Oct 08

I’m fine. Harold Holt told me so.

Deadmandrinking 12:46 pm 07 Oct 08


New Yeah 12:42 pm 07 Oct 08

Cameron said :

By way of example, every 5th post in this thread will be by someone completely bonkers.

Phew, I got in on number 4, so I’m not insane.

Skidbladnir 12:39 pm 07 Oct 08

Look around at four workmates, or four family members.
If they seem fine, it might be you who is the unstable one.

niftydog 12:38 pm 07 Oct 08

Something tells me 1:5 in the wider community translates to more like 1:3 on RiotACT.

Cameron 12:33 pm 07 Oct 08

By way of example, every 5th post in this thread will be by someone completely bonkers.

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