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One isolated incident and the camera rent seekers come out.

By johnboy - 31 October 2008 58

Little surprises me when it comes to the ability of certain RiotACT commenters to take a discussion self-indulgently off the rails.

But I was intrigued yesterday when the burned out buses on Akuna Street degenerated into the great global debate on public surveilance camera networks.

(Oddly London is cited as the great example of a brilliant network of public cameras and yet the city is far less safe than it was before the network was built).

So imagine my surprise to see the cry taken up by police on the ABC that if only we had more cameras (never mind getting the ones they have to work reliably) they could have caught the crims (but only after the buses went up at which point they’d be bailed before receiving a suspended sentence no doubt).

    “Detective Superintendent Michael Chew says extra cameras could have helped.

    “If there had have been cameras here hopefully it would have picked up the alleged offenders,” he said.”

In the Canberra Times Simon Corbell is managing to simultaneously claim that Civic is safe and yet he’s going to roll out a wider network of ineffectual cameras.

Presumably to, like London, make the city less than the safety nirvana we currently enjoy?

What’s Your opinion?

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58 Responses to
One isolated incident and the camera rent seekers come out.
Jim Jones 10:23 am 31 Oct 08

Actually, now that I’ve had a chance to think about it, cameras and guns are probably still not enough, and while genocide is a great idea, Dexi (as Karadzic says: “Nothing says clean like ethnically-clean!”) what we REALLY need is Batman.

amarooresident 10:23 am 31 Oct 08

To be fair to Superintendent Chew, he was responding ato a question from a journo rather than advocating for cameras unprompted. But why would you put cameras where the incident occurred anyway? Other than the holy grail there is nothing there.

Jim Jones 10:20 am 31 Oct 08

p1 said :

Pppfffttt! My fully automatic will make me much safer then your semi…

Safer in a mofo pool of blood beeyatch.

dexi 10:20 am 31 Oct 08

Guns are not enough Jim. To be effective we have to embrace the tried and tested policy of genocide. Its in the use of guns, in a focused way, to remove target groups, that solves political problems. Cameras help to identify, but until the political will is there to, track them down and remove them their family and any accomplices permanently, then the crime will continue unabated.

Gps chip’s would speed the whole track and eliminate process. If we have to invest so heavily in the technology, we will need a permanent solution, to not deter but stop crime and give us a return on our investment.

p1 10:05 am 31 Oct 08

Semi-automatics would make everyone especially safe.

Pppfffttt! My fully automatic will make me much safer then your semi…

Call me a criminal genius, but I would torch the bus while wearing something to obscure my face, you know, like good old fashioned bank robbers did…

Skidbladnir 9:56 am 31 Oct 08

Passive cameras are an after-the-fact deterrant, for people who dislike watching their own actions used against them as evidence.

Active cameras, as in where the cameras are monitored by a human who can only interfere in the situation with a voice announcement, are really labour intensive.
(One person can only watch and interpret so many screens at once, and can only react to one incident at a time).

Both of these setups need cameras of sufficient definition to be able to identify or distinguish offenders and offenses as they take place, and either a) have sufficient points of view to develop a good depth of field and depth of vision for your targetted area, or b) have high-quality zoom capabilities (and perceptive monitoring staff) to approach the quality of information you get from (a).

Neither of these are cheap options to install or maintain, active camera security is more labour intensive and easier to abuse, passive security systems cost far more to install & maintain to get similar coverage.

But none of it does much good if either the cameras don’t work, or the footage goes missing.

Jim Jones 9:46 am 31 Oct 08

“Having us all microchipped with GPS would probably help our enforcement services too.”

After all, if you’re not doing anything wrong, you couldn’t possibly have anything to fear.

LG 9:43 am 31 Oct 08

all cctv camera footage I’ve seen are dark and grainy, making identification more of a guestimate!

More visible policing = less crime

justbands 9:42 am 31 Oct 08

I don’t mind the cameras, I think they have their uses. Nothing discourages anti-social behaviour like a few real, live, breathing cops walking about though.

You have evidence to backup the “London isn’t as safe now” claim?

poptop 9:33 am 31 Oct 08

Having us all microchipped with GPS would probably help our enforcement services too.

What could go wrong?

Seriously, being caught on camera does not equate to automatic capture of the perpetrators.

Jim Jones 9:32 am 31 Oct 08

Cameras are useless, everyone needs to be given guns, it’s clearly the only way to make us safe. Semi-automatics would make everyone especially safe.

AG Canberra 9:29 am 31 Oct 08

This is another example of our out of touch police commanders and politicians. If we wanted extra cameras we’d have asked for them. What we do want is extra cops patrolling.

I know this is contrary to what the bean counters would suggest – but common sense dictates that the more visible the police presence the less crime is committed. And when it is committed the chance of being caught is much higher if police are available to deal with the isssue then and there – not in a few hours when they have worked through their job list.

pptvb 9:26 am 31 Oct 08

Back to the beginning, if the relevant authorities had moved the cars that were illegally parked in the bus zone (in front of the YHA), forcing the buses to park next to Glebe Park, none of this would have happened.
Was that enough apostrophies ?

Skidbladnir 9:24 am 31 Oct 08

Don’t you mean burned out buses?
Your href target doesn’t even use the word camera anywhere in that thread.

Handy hint for the punters:
Police rarely say no to new gadgets or authority.

RandomGit 9:22 am 31 Oct 08

Didn’t cameras used to be called beat cops?

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