One off screening of Kenja Cult documentary at Dendy

Amalek 31 July 2008 17

Who could forget that very entertaining thread some weeks ago courtesy of our local Kenja cultists, well Dendy are going to screen the award winning Doco made by Melissa Maclean who will be there in person afterwards for a Q&A session. But be prepared to be harassed by the local followers on the day no doubt handing out pamphlets and the like “telling the truth”.


Hopscotch Entertainment in conjunction with Dendy Cinemas presents a special screening of


A documentary giving a rare glimpse into controversial Australian training organisation KENJA Communications. Filmmaker Melissa Maclean will introduce the film, which was cited at the 2008 Hot Docs Festival as ”a stunning portrait of life in a modern cult”.
There will be a Q&A with Melissa after the screenings.


Dendy Cinemas Canberra
2pm, Saturday 30th August
(02) 6221 8900

Ticket prices $15/$12

Throughout its 25 year history KENJA has frequently defended itself against claims, leveled by the families of attendees and the Australian media, that it is a secretive cult.
There have been allegations of sexual abuse from former attendees and the much publicized story of Cornelia Rau has also been linked to KENJA.

In 2006 filmmakers Luke Walker & Melissa Maclean were granted unrestricted access to KENJA’s spiritual involvement centre to record the daily activities and driving
philosophy behind KENJA. Interviews with past and present attendees detail their experiences of the organisation and founders Ken and Jan candidly discuss their
lives and motivations for establishing KENJA.

Beyond Our Ken is a compelling documentary exploring the anatomy and ambiguity of the ‘cult’ enigma which premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival in
2007 (taking the No. 3 spot in the Audience Awards) two weeks after controversial founder Ken Dyers took his own life amid allegations of sexual abuse at the organisation.
It was also selected for Hot Docs in Toronto in 2008.

BEYOND OUR KEN will be released on DVD by Hopscotch Entertainment on 18th September 2008

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17 Responses to One off screening of Kenja Cult documentary at Dendy
ant ant 1:09 pm 08 Dec 08

I noticed this on TV last night.

zentub zentub 12:42 pm 08 Dec 08

I may a bit late in posting a comment.
I watched the documentary last night on Compass (ABC TV.
It was a truly disturbing program which at first appeared a bit lame.
Watching the total control Ken had over his wife as the show progressed was disturbing, he even used god training signals to put her back in her seat as he was talking about Alsatians.
Ken even used the term, I may as well farm these people, if I don’t some else will.
The presenter dropped the bombshell of having attended the seminar at Melbourne when Ken turned livid and angry, the full blown expected result of a controlling psychopath (if yo have ever had the unfortunate experience of living or being involved in one)
Some obvious lies were exposed such as how he came by his fortune when he claimed he had purchased property at a cheap price and sold when it was higher but background showed Ken was renting a small flat at age 60 when he began Kenja
It was sad to see ordinary, mainstream successful people become empty shells which is what they did become and were discarded as waste once their money was gone or the obvious mind control had further reaching effects of bringing out latent or creating obvious mental problems and illnesses.
Some of these members are still missing.

Overheard Overheard 8:26 am 01 Aug 08

DancingQueen said :

That film is a piece of propaganda filth that would make Goebbels blush. Anyone who sees it should get counseling.

Good luck with the counselling, Dancing Queen. Admitting your problem is the first step.

Bundybear Bundybear 12:09 am 01 Aug 08

So Dancing Queen, I take it you’ve seen the film in order to criticise it so strongly. Who undertook your counselling, may we ask? Care to back up your statistics? How do you know who goes to church? And finally where’s the criticism someone dared to level?

Granny Granny 12:03 am 01 Aug 08

Yup! I dare, and I’m about to need a good session of counseling too. *hehe*

johnboy johnboy 11:50 pm 31 Jul 08

Well there’s your questions answered.

Not Kenja approved at all.

DancingQueen DancingQueen 11:23 pm 31 Jul 08

That film is a piece of propaganda filth that would make Goebbels blush. Anyone who sees it should get counseling. One third of catholic priests have admitted to molesting a child, yet you still go to church, and yet you dare criticize this group!

Granny Granny 3:12 pm 31 Jul 08

I love a good ruckus.

: )

jakez jakez 10:14 am 31 Jul 08

If there’s going to be a ruckus I hope I’m working that day.

New Yeah New Yeah 9:30 am 31 Jul 08

The director was on Radio Nash last night and had a good chat about her film.
She was able to get her foot in the door by promising an even-handed approach to making the documentary.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 8:47 am 31 Jul 08

yep they did acsend but they realised it was really boring so they came back to annoy the sh*t out of everyone a little more.

Thumper Thumper 8:21 am 31 Jul 08

Haven’t this mob all died yet or at least ascended into heaven…

lionelvioletguyandslingsby lionelvioletguyandslingsby 2:08 am 31 Jul 08

So this is what the Dendy does on slow, cold nights? Invites the cults in?

We can’t wait till it’s Manson Family evening.

johnboy johnboy 12:14 am 31 Jul 08

Now THAT’S a movie night!

Granny Granny 12:11 am 31 Jul 08

Thanks, Jonathon. Now you’ve got me all curious about Gung ju fuk sau gei, which sounds like a cross between triple x, martial arts and sausages.

; )

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 11:35 pm 30 Jul 08

The official website for the film is here: (not to be confused with the film “Gung ju fuk sau gei” (2004) that comes up when you search for “Beyond Our Ken” on the Internet Movie Database – IMDb)

There appears to be an reasonably impartial review with further links from a page on the “Cult Information and Family Support Inc.” website:

From what I can gather reading articles online – it appears that Kenja supporters are not too happy with this documentary.

Granny Granny 10:48 pm 30 Jul 08

So if Kenja granted the filmmakers unrestricted access is it likely to be a ‘pro-Kenja’ film?

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