Canberra makes the internet significantly creepier…

johnboy 19 September 2009 6

The ABC has the unfortunate news that a Canberra man, Peter Ingham, is behind the self styled “Facebook for the dead”

    Peter Ingham and fellow entrepreneur Andrew Slattery have created a website being dubbed ‘Facebook for the dead’, which allows the living to upload videos, photographs and important messages, which will then be sent out after they die.

    The site,, allows the living to upload videos, photographs and important messages, as part of a virtual “time capsule”.

It’s a pretty limited niche of people who know they’re going to die soon, can’t manage to say what they’ve got to say to whom they want to say it to, and want to go posting pictures and videos online.

One has to wonder how many uplifting messages they’ll get compared to, well, the other sort.

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6 Responses to Canberra makes the internet significantly creepier…
GnT GnT 2:51 pm 21 Sep 09

I must admit, if something is important enough to be said to loved ones, I’d say it today.

pptvb pptvb 9:07 am 21 Sep 09

This will fade away, as have all of Peter Ingram’s other money making schemes.
Do you think that if you leave a message tomorrow, but survive for another 15 years, that the site will still be up? Or 15 minute by the look of it.

caf caf 6:39 pm 20 Sep 09

Drew: Step back a moment and read it again. The author isn’t saying that “OnlineSuicideNotes” is what you intended – he’s saying that in his opinion, that’s what’s going to end up happening, despite your intentions for the site. And that would be creepy! The worst you’ve been accused of is poorly thinking the idea out, which is certainly subjective.

el el 4:38 pm 20 Sep 09

Well, I tried to give it a cursory glance, but it’s….d-d-dead – “Peer’s certificate has been revoked.”

kean van choc kean van choc 4:18 pm 20 Sep 09

Hey Drew – no need to shoot the messenger (everyone is entitled to an opinion – particularly on this site), but the context you provide is interesting. I certainly dismissed the site as ghoulish based on the ABC article, but think I’ll at least give it a cursory glance now.

Drew Drew 4:47 pm 19 Sep 09

You journos really need to do some home home work before you write your half attempt at been a journo… The site has nothing to do with suicide and was created after close family members died due to cancer & heart disease. Some of which died suddenly witout the chance to say a proper goodbye to loved ones.

You also do not post your photos online for everyone to see like other social networks. It is private and secure & you decide who sees your information…Think of all the history that was lost in the Victorian fires last year that would have never been lost and could of been handed down to other generations.

There is nothing creepy about caring for you loved ones and puting things in place for after you pass on…. I suppose you think having a ‘Will’or history kept in museums is creepy as well?

The fact is Frombeyond2u offers a fantastic service.

Enjoy your career as a journo!



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