Only 314 missed bus services in February

johnboy 3 April 2012 7


Chief Minister Gallagher is breaking out the bubbly and letting us know ACTION made 68,504 out of 68,818 scheduled services in February.

“ACTION’s service delivery has consistently been at or above 99.5% since July 2011, which is a great result,” the Chief Minister said.

“I am pleased that we have seen improvements in ACTION’s service reliability over the past year with the number of cancelled services dropping from 1079 in February 2011 to 314 in February 2012.

“Service reliability is of course one of the major factors in attracting people to use public transport so I am delighted we have been able to provide greater certainty to passengers,” the Chief Minister said.

In February last year ACTION’s service delivery fell to 98.4%, largely due to a higher than average number of driver retirements and resignations. This left a staff shortfall which has been overcome with increased recruitment efforts. As a result ACTION took on 84 new drivers last year which has helped see ACTION’s service delivery improve progressively.


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7 Responses to Only 314 missed bus services in February
housebound housebound 9:34 am 04 Apr 12

There are some weeks it feels like all those missed services were the early-morning commute buses that failed to show.

Mr Waffle Mr Waffle 12:07 am 04 Apr 12

The last time I willingly caught the bus as a lad, the once-an-hour bus didn’t come, leaving me standing in the cold dark rain. The next day I went and applied for my driver’s licence. Best decision ever.

pepmeup pepmeup 3:28 pm 03 Apr 12

But think if we cut back a bit more from Action imagine all the great public art people can look at while they are waiting for non running buses

geetee geetee 2:35 pm 03 Apr 12

basketcase said :

Non running busses are a real pain. At what point do you decide that it is a missed or non running service? When it is more than 10 minutes late?

Once – when the bus was over ten minutes late from it’s starting point – at night – I rang the ACTION hotline and was told ‘ring back in half an hour – then we will try and follow up’…

When I responded with something like ‘you have to be kidding me’, she said ‘well what do you expect me to do about it?’…

She’s probably right though. On the few occasions where an operator did try to contact the missing driver over the radio/phone thing to see what was happening, I’ve always been told ‘he’s not answering’..

damien haas damien haas 1:50 pm 03 Apr 12

i wonder how many of these services that just never ran, occurred on the weekends.

schmeah schmeah 1:19 pm 03 Apr 12

Good thing we’re in Canberra, people would be flayed over this in Japan.

basketcase basketcase 1:12 pm 03 Apr 12

Non running busses are a real pain. At what point do you decide that it is a missed or non running service? When it is more than 10 minutes late?

If I knew there was no service, I could take a stroll to another bus stop (yeah, I’m lucky to have 2 bus stops within cooee with different routes).

In Brisbane I notice that there is a real time bus advisory system, don’t know how well it works but kept me informed as to when the next bus was due.

Doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it really cheeses you off.

I once missed a 28, then a 25, and in my waiting, watched busses go in the other direction which I could have caught. So annoyed rang the 13 number to have a winge, only to be told that “we don’t know anything about that”.

So if bus HQ hasn’t a clue, what hope have mere mortals.

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