Open day at a local nudist club – A review

hairy nosed wombat 23 November 2009 8

Mrs Wombat and I had been down to various sans clothes beaches and when we heard that the ACT nudist club was having an open day, we figured it would be worth a look at.

So on Saturday we parked our towels and headed off to a secret location near Bungendore for their open day.

We did not know what to expect, but we had a fair idea of what it would not be like. If you have seen “Carry on Camping“, then the club was nothing like that.

“Nudist Clubs are about nudity, not sex”. ACT Nudist Club President Bob Toirkens said “Nudity seems to be everywhere, advertisers use it to try and sell stuff, films use it to make us watch a film, but most of what you see has been air-brushed until people are left with this false impression of a body, and feel their bodies do not measure up”.

Reflecting on Bob’s words I look around the pool area at the club. Sure enough there are no super-models or muscle bound men here, just a bunch of average looking people who are comfortable with their body image.

While there, I was told that November 21 to 29 is National Nude Week. This is when the various nudist clubs around Australia promote themselves.

Otherwise Mrs Wombat and I stayed out at the club for a little while and left. We enjoyed ourselves and it had a much better feel to it than the Kambah Pool has.

And trolls, here is a couple of jokes to get you started:
— There is a hole in the fence at the local nudist club. Police are looking into it.
— Did you hear about the BBQ at the nudist club. It turned into a sausage sizzle.

Boom boom.

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8 Responses to Open day at a local nudist club – A review
New Yeah New Yeah 1:07 pm 25 Nov 09

Thanks, will check it out.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 12:03 pm 25 Nov 09

Pics or it never happened… Actually, cancel that.

I once went to a clothes optional/nudist beach in Cairns, it was full of middle aged to elderly men and women that were tanned to a deep brown colour and likely to die of skin cancer at any time’ strolling, swimming and lying on the beach. It wasn’t the bevvy of attractive young women playing beach games that I imagined it would be (naive 18yo at the time).

I think nudists and naturists get a bad rap, often regarded as weirdo’s, pervs and w%#@ers rather than every day folk who simply enjoy getting back to nature.

hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 9:37 am 25 Nov 09

Hi New Yeah, in answer to your questions.
Tattoos – i saw a couple of people out there with them, so i guess they are ok
Piercings – I am assuming genital, i did not notice any, but you would have to ask the club.
Depilation – i noticed some people had full Brazilians

if you want to contact the club, their website is I do not like the idea of putting phone numbers here, but if you ferret around their web site you should be able to find some contact nos for someone who could give you a more definite answer.

Granny Granny 3:57 pm 24 Nov 09

Good on you, Hairy and Mrs Wombat for giving it a go. I’d pretty much be too chicken, I reckon. Apart from dinking past PB’s house with Danman that time …. *lol*


Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 1:05 pm 24 Nov 09
wishuwell wishuwell 1:01 pm 24 Nov 09

We have been to the ACTNA club but not really for us. And New Yeah nudist associations are about acceptance so you shouldn’t feel unwelcome, although we have noticed at Armonds there seems to be a hairless faction that seems to think they are better than others (more nude apparently). I just laugh at them.

New Yeah New Yeah 12:14 pm 24 Nov 09

My girlfriend and I are in a similar situation to Mr and Mrs Wombat but have never actually gone to a club. Were people with tattoos and piercings welcome? And is there any stance on depilation?

caf caf 10:13 am 24 Nov 09

An Open Day at a Secret Location? Something of a mixed message there.

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