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Operation Globin II takes 20 cars since February

By johnboy 23 May 2007 30

Simon Corbell is trumpetting the success of the catchily titled “Operation Globin II” under which 20 odd cars since February have been impounded from a mottley range of on road miscreants the ages of which vary from 17 to 45.

“The aim of this legislation is to ensure that the message gets through to offenders that this behaviour endangers to all road users and will not be tolerated.

“Seizing their car, which to some of these offenders is their most prized possession, has been proved here and in other jurisdictions as the most powerful way to reinforce that message.”

Hmmm, in what other areas could we apply this thinking? Could we send a message to misbehaving corporations by confiscating their offices?

And are these cars ever going to get auctioned?

What’s Your opinion?

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Operation Globin II takes 20 cars since February
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cranky 6:18 pm 25 May 07

It strikes me that auctioning confiscated vehicles that are valued up to $100K is a penalty vastly outweighing the crime.
Do we take possession and sell a persons house for criminal damage or assault?
Failing to stop for Police, failing to stop at traffic lights, no license, no rego, and causing a fatality resulted in 18 months periodic detention. Worth $100K? I think not.
Sure, these morons cause vast annoyance, and on occassions even cause damage. I’m sure someone could even sheet home an injury to their stupidity. Worth $50 – 100K? No.

Madcow 3:28 pm 25 May 07

they need to build a dragway, then enforce, if you get caught on the street the cars get auctioned,no second chance.

JD114 12:24 pm 25 May 07

In addition to the impounding, they should be made to clean up the road where they were busted a la Clean Up Australia campaign, and not get there car back after 90 days until every scrap of rubbish is cleaned off a 1 km stretch of that roadway. I wonder if all their ‘mates’ who attend the street racing would turn up to help?

Maelinar 10:23 am 25 May 07

Bring back the Thuderdome.

neanderthalsis 9:49 am 25 May 07

When we catch Indonesian fisherman in our waters we burn their boats. Maybe the same logic could be applied to these troglodytes. Take their nice shiny phallic symbols and put them in a car crusher. I’d pay just to see their facial expression as their pride and joy is recycled to become something more useful to society.

Ingeegoodbee 9:35 am 25 May 07

I suspect that if you check the fine print in the car rental agreement you’d find that if you weren’t able to return the car at the specified date you would simply be responsible for paying he replacement cost of the vehicle and any expenses incurred by the rental company associated with that.

Steve666 9:25 am 25 May 07

I still don’t get it.

Why do they take cars off people who are ‘exuberant’ realistically, most of these people are probably not ritual offenders.. if they are, they probably don’t have a licence anyway – which segways nicely into..

WHY don’t they take cars off people that just keep driving without a licence.. it seems like a completely logical step to me.. eg, “oh you don’t have a licence, and you have been caught driving your car, no worries, you can have your car back when your suspension finishes.”

Impounding cars brings with it all sorts of problems. What if the car is financed and you just stop making payments?

Personally I think penalties that are linked to the human responsible, not property under their (temporary?) control, are more sensible and effective.

AG Canberra 3:22 pm 24 May 07

The news reported that the two EVO’s were caught drag racing each other last Sat night on the Monaro Hwy. Apparently they were caught doing 120kmh. Geez – If I was going to risk impoundment of my EVO I’d want to be going faster than 120!

S4anta 1:06 pm 24 May 07

give the buggars their car back with no freaking brakes,

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