Operation Globin II takes 20 cars since February

johnboy 23 May 2007 30

Simon Corbell is trumpetting the success of the catchily titled “Operation Globin II” under which 20 odd cars since February have been impounded from a mottley range of on road miscreants the ages of which vary from 17 to 45.

“The aim of this legislation is to ensure that the message gets through to offenders that this behaviour endangers to all road users and will not be tolerated.

“Seizing their car, which to some of these offenders is their most prized possession, has been proved here and in other jurisdictions as the most powerful way to reinforce that message.”

Hmmm, in what other areas could we apply this thinking? Could we send a message to misbehaving corporations by confiscating their offices?

And are these cars ever going to get auctioned?

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30 Responses to Operation Globin II takes 20 cars since February
cranky cranky 6:18 pm 25 May 07

It strikes me that auctioning confiscated vehicles that are valued up to $100K is a penalty vastly outweighing the crime.
Do we take possession and sell a persons house for criminal damage or assault?
Failing to stop for Police, failing to stop at traffic lights, no license, no rego, and causing a fatality resulted in 18 months periodic detention. Worth $100K? I think not.
Sure, these morons cause vast annoyance, and on occassions even cause damage. I’m sure someone could even sheet home an injury to their stupidity. Worth $50 – 100K? No.

Madcow Madcow 3:28 pm 25 May 07

they need to build a dragway, then enforce, if you get caught on the street the cars get auctioned,no second chance.

JD114 JD114 12:24 pm 25 May 07

In addition to the impounding, they should be made to clean up the road where they were busted a la Clean Up Australia campaign, and not get there car back after 90 days until every scrap of rubbish is cleaned off a 1 km stretch of that roadway. I wonder if all their ‘mates’ who attend the street racing would turn up to help?

Maelinar Maelinar 10:23 am 25 May 07

Bring back the Thuderdome.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 9:49 am 25 May 07

When we catch Indonesian fisherman in our waters we burn their boats. Maybe the same logic could be applied to these troglodytes. Take their nice shiny phallic symbols and put them in a car crusher. I’d pay just to see their facial expression as their pride and joy is recycled to become something more useful to society.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 9:35 am 25 May 07

I suspect that if you check the fine print in the car rental agreement you’d find that if you weren’t able to return the car at the specified date you would simply be responsible for paying he replacement cost of the vehicle and any expenses incurred by the rental company associated with that.

Steve666 Steve666 9:25 am 25 May 07

I still don’t get it.

Why do they take cars off people who are ‘exuberant’ realistically, most of these people are probably not ritual offenders.. if they are, they probably don’t have a licence anyway – which segways nicely into..

WHY don’t they take cars off people that just keep driving without a licence.. it seems like a completely logical step to me.. eg, “oh you don’t have a licence, and you have been caught driving your car, no worries, you can have your car back when your suspension finishes.”

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 3:37 pm 24 May 07

Impounding cars brings with it all sorts of problems. What if the car is financed and you just stop making payments?

Personally I think penalties that are linked to the human responsible, not property under their (temporary?) control, are more sensible and effective.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 3:22 pm 24 May 07

The news reported that the two EVO’s were caught drag racing each other last Sat night on the Monaro Hwy. Apparently they were caught doing 120kmh. Geez – If I was going to risk impoundment of my EVO I’d want to be going faster than 120!

S4anta S4anta 1:06 pm 24 May 07

give the buggars their car back with no freaking brakes,

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 12:59 pm 24 May 07

FB: if you fail to return the rental car then a would think you’d be liable for the cost of the vehicle, or for the lost revenue whilst it is sitting in impound.

I think that the car should be confiscated if it is the owners vehicle or not. It’d make parents take some responsibility for the driving habits of their children, and make mates think twice before lending their car to an inconsiderate d*ckhead.

Genie Genie 12:48 pm 24 May 07

I think this is great get the hoons off the roads.. It’ll take em a while to hot up another car.

However this practice should apply to alot more motor offenses. Whats the point in taking a licence off someone when they still have a car to drive around. I mean a licence is just a plastic card it wont get you from A-B. Drink drivers and people continually caught speeding should have thier cars impounded while their licence is suspended. Then they cant pull a Paris Hilton and claim they didn’t know it was suspended. If they are stupid enough to drive someone else’s car.. send them to jail for a month or 2.. People wont learn from their mistakes otherwise.

DarkLadyWolfMother DarkLadyWolfMother 12:00 pm 24 May 07

FB, I would hope (note ‘hope’) that they’d be smart enough to not impound rentals and other people’s cars – only those of the offender.

Even if the car isn’t owned by the offender if the second strike is in the same car as the first strike, then whomever owns the car needs to be ‘interviewed’ and perhaps charged (aiding and abetting idiocy perhaps?).

However if said offender is without a licence, then whoever lent/rented them the car certainly needs to be ‘interviewed’ and perhaps charged if it turns out they knowingly gave the car to an un

I can’t guarantee that any friend I lend my car to won’t be dumb, but if they don’t have a license they won’t get my car. If I don’t know a friend well enough to know their state of license, then they don’t get my car.

FB FB 10:11 am 24 May 07

Special G you a right the Sydney Police do have a Lotus Exige but they didn’t pay for it. It was given to them by Lotus Australia. And it’s not an oporational vehicle, it used for promtion and awareness events. It’s bright yellow with police lights and big police stickers down the sides, so they can’t really use it infiltrate the street racing scene.

From Lotus Australia

Lotus Cars Australia has donated a special new recruit to the NSW Police Bankstown Local Area Command with the arrival of a high performance Lotus Exige.

The lightweight, high performance Lotus Exige sports car will be used by Bankstown Local Area Command for a number of community policing roles over the next six months, including most importantly, helping to build better relations between police and local performance car enthusiasts and youth.

As well as helping with critical community relationship issues the Lotus Exige will assist Bankstown Highway Patrol in raising its profile during work at Random Breath Testing, Radar and Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) sites.

Special G Special G 9:27 am 24 May 07

Two strikes and your car is gone. The cops should then use the cars to infiltrate street racing gangs. Yeah Canberra2 fast 2 furious.
On a slightly different note I heard a Sydney Police station has a Lotus as a pursuit car.

FB FB 9:26 am 24 May 07

Cool, next time I want to go and do burnouts and act like an idiot I will make sure I’m in a hire car. It’d be interesting to see them seize that!

I’d definitely make sure my second offence is in a rental so they can auction that one instead.

I have no problem with them seizing cars, it’s good in theory but what about parents who lend their kids the car? Or people who lend their car to a mate?

And before anyone says the parents/friends should be more responsible and it’s their own fault. How many parents here can guarantee their son/daughter wouldn’t do stupid stuff in a car? How many here can honestly say they have never done anything silly in their parents car. If not have you ever lent your car to a friend?

If the car is driven by the owner then go ahead take the sucker, they deserve it. However if they are not the owner then a little discretion is needed. There is one problem with that too, I know a few young guys with hot cars and every single one of them is registered in their parents name for insurance purposes.

DarkLadyWolfMother DarkLadyWolfMother 8:41 am 24 May 07

Kramer, taking an argument like this to silly conclusions doesn’t help anyone. We’re talking material possessions, not body parts. They’re totally separate things.

If, however, they decide they want to start removing body parts to stop offenders, then I’ll be right there beside you protesting (with my hands behind my back in case they want to cut them off during the fray).

Back on the topic. I know of at least two people who have no license and unregistered cars, but who still drive (despite warnings, loss of license for X more months/years, etc). Taking their car off them seems about the only way to slow them down. I do think, however, you need to be disqualified from buying a car in that case. Though how the hell you police that effectively I have no idea.

In the long term I’d advocate something along the lines of: take the car off you once, and you get it back after X amount of time. Take it off you twice and we auction it.

Having said that, I’d suspect we’d see quite a few auctioned cars. I have too much faith in idiots to be just that: idiots.

FC FC 8:35 am 24 May 07

Cars can be used as a dealy weapon and if these people are using it in a dangerous way then they should be taken off them.
And it is not everyone who is getting pulled over or anything like that. It is more serious stuff.
They have only got 20 cars since February so obviously they are not being too heavy handed.
Very different to cutting off a hand too – cars are much easier to replace!

Thumper Thumper 8:08 am 24 May 07

I’m all for this.

For once there is a real consequence to one’s actions, not just a stern talking to by the old beak.

el el 7:38 am 24 May 07

IIRC another car is slightly easier to purchase than a new hand.

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