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Our taxes at work at Summernats – the Australian “Armygeddon”

By poptop 9 January 2009 28

Rare Spares Australia has given us this peek into the the Defence Force’s presence at the summernats –

    The Australian Regular Army has released or should I say unleashed it’s latest recruiting tool – Armygeddon. A Blown 7Ltr 6 wheel drive landrover that produces 700 HP and can do 6,5,4,3 and 2 wheel burnouts. This video captures the NEW look ARMYGEDDON lighting up the tarmac at the 2009 Street Machine Summernats 22 produly sponsored by Rare Spares.

    The Armys six wheeled, seven litre burnout beast and recruiting tool displayed its true potential during the burn-out competitions at Exhibition Park in Canberra.

The country’s in the very best of hands!

[ED – On the other hand if someone absolutely has to be carted off to Afghanistan to go to their gods like sojers… Who better?]

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Our taxes at work at Summernats – the Australian “Armygeddon”
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poptop 2:02 pm 10 Jan 09


Absolutely not.


Not me.

jakez 12:15 pm 10 Jan 09

poptop said :

So the idea is to
– recruit from the Summernats demographic,
– train some of them to use a range of weapons,
– thin the herd in foreign countries and
– re-release them into the wild?

Sounds like the prequel to First Blood.

BTW – lots of Summernats 22 net-videos appearing now. I particularly liked this brief snippet.

Are you implying that only uneducated car loving soldiers can develop post traumatic stress disorder?

BerraBoy68 10:17 am 10 Jan 09

shiny flu said :

Truth is, most of middle-high Australia wouldn’t enlist ourselves or our children (whether you have them or not) into the Army. Much like in America, the best people to recruit as pawns are people from lower-to-mid-socio-economic sections of society where employment prospects of the Army (tax free income etc.) seem like heaven.

side note… and Chic Henry doesn’t understand why his event isn’t making profit with his target audience?

Not sure I agree, Shiney Flu. ‘When I worked in the Navy and then Defence as a civvie, recruits came/still come from a diverse range of socio/economic backgrounds. ADF Recruiting targets everybody and they would regularly visit gov’t and private school alike. Unlike the US where recruiters actually drive around the poor neighbourhood’s, troll through Mall’s etc.. looking for the poorer end of town. Things like the GI Bill in the US are especially aimed at enticing ‘poorer’ kids to join up.

An interesting thing happening here in recent years is the amount of soldiers from Duntroon that are graduating with a rack full of medals. Guy’s who could have quite easily qualified for Duntroon previously joined up as grunts, served in a few theatres to get some experience and then decided to apply to Duntroon. Such mobility isn’t too common in the US system either.

That said, Despite enjoying my time in teh services, I wouldn’t bee too keen on my kids joining up. It’ll be their choice but the way the system treats those who are injured while serving is abysmal. A mate of mine who was in the Townsville Blackhawk crash is still fighting for fair compensation, despite the fact that he’ll never walk again.

BerraBoy68 10:06 am 10 Jan 09

As both a training (i.e. it was built by apprentices) and advertising tool Armygeddon is value for money.

That said, when I worked in Aero Systems in the Defence we used to laugh that with the Army now recruiting at the Nats, it’ll only be a few years until some poor pilot is scrambled and while running out to an awaiting ARH (Armed Recon. Helicopter) asks his crew chief if the bird is right to fly. And the Chief will go “Yea maaate, it’s fully siiiiiick”.

farnarkler 8:55 am 10 Jan 09

They should’ve had the Armygeddon. They’d have soon squashed the bugs.

ant 8:51 am 10 Jan 09

Yes, but Doogie Hauser played a Nazi!

farnarkler 8:19 am 10 Jan 09

The biggest joke was employing Doogie Houser in a movie.

ant 8:12 am 10 Jan 09

Starship Troopers is a great film! Quite a clever spoof of army films and space films, and I like the sneaky little jokes Verhoeven peppers the film with. The whole thing is tongue in cheek.

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