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Pain today for a golden tomorrow in Lyneham?

By johnboy - 15 October 2010 18

[First filed: Oct 14, 2010 @ 13:22]

before the bulldozers

Above is what the Sullivan’s Creen green belt north of Wattle Street in Lyneham looked like last week.

Below is what it looks like now.



There are little signs up explaining the change.

tree removal

I wouldn’t mind so much if not for the poxy weasel phrasing of the second par. All the trees were in poor health? Even the new saplings recently planted at some expense?

It had better be really, really something when they’re done.

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Pain today for a golden tomorrow in Lyneham?
Pandy 11:24 pm 14 Oct 10

I blame the Greens for denuding the landscape. and oh Stanhope too.

urchin 6:33 pm 14 Oct 10

I think there was a sign up in that general area for a couple of months stating that they were planning something for the area and with information on where to go to find out more and to register any opinions/objections. If one was sceptical of the project then would have been the time to express it, i’m guessing. once the bulldozers are there not much you can do.

Clown Killer 3:35 pm 14 Oct 10

If the replacement plantings are the same as those used at O’Connor shops then they will be genuine local species as the grasses, shrubs and trees will have been cultivated from seeds and cuttings sources from nature reserves within the catchment.

georgesgenitals 2:40 pm 14 Oct 10

Sounds like a job for The Lorax.

nsn 2:22 pm 14 Oct 10

If it turns out anything like the “wetland” on the corner of Randwick and Flemington Roads it should be really nice. The landscaping down there looks like it was done by someone who knew what they were doing, which is remarkable for an ACT contractor.

And if it turns out anything like the wetland pond behind O’Connor shops it will also be great. I’m all for it.

trix 2:08 pm 14 Oct 10

Speaking of ACT contractors – or is it their own staff? – whoever coordinates the planting schemes around town actually does an excellent job. Randomly-placed statues are one thing, but landscaping and tree, bush and flower plantings are usually pretty tasteful and well-designed.

trix 2:06 pm 14 Oct 10

Thanks for scoping out what the story is. I note that not all the trees in that area are being ripped down – some of them have been cordoned off. Shame they ripped down the saplings too, if that was the case.

If they are planting more mixed species and it’s going to be looking more like the little wetland area down Banksia St, I think that will be quite nice. There are frogs in that area already, and birds, but somewhere nicer for them to live in than that drain can only be a benefit.

DeadlySchnauzer 1:54 pm 14 Oct 10

They cut down some human planted, introduced trees that are not native to this area (and yes that includes the eucalyptus species) surrounding a concrete drain in a cleared area in the middle of a city. They are now going to plant more introduced trees and use concrete and culverts to create a fake wetland in that area.

Either way its all just man made artifice with no link to the native grasslands and woodlands that were once there. So I don’t really care either way… at least the wetlands will look much nicer once they are established.

niftydog 1:52 pm 14 Oct 10

If it turns out anything like the “wetland” on the corner of Randwick and Flemington Roads it should be really nice. The landscaping down there looks like it was done by someone who knew what they were doing, which is remarkable for an ACT contractor.

Kath 1:48 pm 14 Oct 10

It doesn’t actually say that the trees were in poor health. It could mean the ecology of the region, Billy who got asthma from one of them, or anything really.

Shame about the trees, but it’ll be nice to get rid of the concrete drain and replace it with something to let the water sink into the ground and replenish the water table.

troll-sniffer 1:48 pm 14 Oct 10

F111 johnboy! Musta been going too fast for even you. Was I supposed to notice something other than the colour balance between the first photo and the rest? I must be thick.

johnboy 1:40 pm 14 Oct 10

different cameras on different days. and I can’t get to where the first one was taken from because of all the bulldozers and fencing.

johnboy 1:37 pm 14 Oct 10

As with everything, they decide they’re going to do it, and then look around for ways to justify it.

In any agenda, political or otherwise, there is a cost to be borne. Always ask what it is, and who will be paying. If you don’t, then the agenda-makers will pick up the perfume of your silence like swamp panthers on the scent of blood, and the next thing you know, the person expected to bear the cost will be you. And you may not have what it takes to pay.

– Richard Morgan

troll-sniffer 1:36 pm 14 Oct 10

I see the colour balance has changed. You could add in a bit of yellow to the later three to get them to match the first one. If that doesn’t work well, creating a blend mask and using the eyedropper tool should get the photos reasonaby consistent.

p1 1:31 pm 14 Oct 10

Talk about weasel words. Were they removed to make way for the wetland, or were they in poor health?

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