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Parking at Tuggeranong Hyperdome

By TW - 17 January 2008 38

I entered the carpark at the Hyperdome last Friday at around 5 pm.  The sign sets out its charges, which includes “first two hours free” and “after 6 pm free”.  When I left at 8 pm, the attendant tried to charge me $2 because I was in the carpark for three hours.  How do they get away with that?  Which particular hour was I was being charged for?

Incidentally, if I’d parked in an ACT government carspace 10 metres away, it would only have been a few coins in the meter to get me to 5.30 pm.

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38 Responses to
Parking at Tuggeranong Hyperdome
TW 4:28 pm 17 Jan 08

Some of the comments may be missing the point a tad. It’s not so much saving $2 – and there would have been very little wording change to my original post if I had’ve handed the money over – as it is the amount of money being taken by the shopping centre in what I would argue is a scam. Despite any fine print on a 2 metre sign (or posted on the Internet), the sign at the entry, clearly stating the carpark charges, could not possibly give anyone a reason to think that they would have to pay for parking after 6 pm. Most people would use the same logic as with parking meters – if you arrive shortly before the pay period ends (say at 5 pm), you pay the amount up until that time (usually 5.30) and then you don’t have to pay any more, even if you stay there for longer. In this case, the shopping centre charges people who park their cars for more than two hours, up until 6 pm. Where there is a parallel universe logic used, as seems to be the case here, the shopping centre should be forced to either change its sign or its practice!

As for the security guard, to be fair, he actually wasn’t too heavy handed. The attendant was being far more insistent about giving her my licence. When I didn’t, she called security and I could hear her say, “she is blatantly refusing to give me her driver’s licence”. When she got off the phone she advised me that security is coming and “you’ll have to hand it over then”. I just looked at her and asked, “Why?” – but I don’t think she got it. I did offer a number of times to drive straight back into the carpark if they let me out, so that we could let the other cars through while we sorted it out, but they refused. (I also offered to walk home and leave the car there overnight – I don’t live far and I could drive it straight out in the morning). It was the security guard that eventually instructed the attendant to let me through, despite her protestations.

Skidbladnir 4:06 pm 17 Jan 08

But, as Security were giving you a hassle then remember to take down their licence number (whihc should be on display at all times) and either take it up with the centre Security Coordinator, or go through DoFair Trading and lodge a complaint.

caf 3:57 pm 17 Jan 08

Apparently bonfire is like a stopped clock – every now and then he makes a comment that I agree completely with!

Mr Evil 3:51 pm 17 Jan 08

“…this is eventually going to be one of the “teh pizzaman hast obercharged me!” threads”


My initial comment was a little ambiguous: I was meaning why would you make such a fuss and cause so much trouble over a measly $2?

Hospital treatment required after being punched in the head by an angry driver trapped five cars behind you would surely cost more than $2?

bonfire 3:46 pm 17 Jan 08

i like the assumption by the jackbooting security guard he could demand to see your licence.

Skidbladnir 3:36 pm 17 Jan 08

Although I’m agreeing with Mr Evil, this is eventually going to be one of the “teh pizzaman hast obercharged me!” threads.

Skidbladnir 3:35 pm 17 Jan 08

Trust only the big white one covered in legalese when you enter, it mentions “entry after 6pm” as one of the qualifiers.
The information desk will probably have a copy too, as you really ought not be expected to read an A2 page of legal contract while behind the wheel of a car.

From first google hit I could find (a document from June 2005):
“Free parking at the Hyperdome for arrivals after 6.00pm.”

Mr Evil 3:28 pm 17 Jan 08

All this drama for $2.

You have got to be joking!

burninator 3:28 pm 17 Jan 08

For some reason I am under the impression that it’s one set of rules for mon-thur and another for Friday. Not saying it definitely is, but I do have that idea from somewhere, so maybe there’s some fine print on the sign (I can never read the bloody thing cos I’m too busy trying to drive).

TW 3:23 pm 17 Jan 08

Sorry Skidbladner, but I went back the next day and checked. The sign is set out something like

1st 2 hours Free
2-3 hours $2.00
3- … …
after 6 pm Free

TW 3:21 pm 17 Jan 08

There is late night shopping after 9 pm on Fridays but, according to the sign, parking is free after 6 pm from Monday to Friday. I’m not really after advice on how to avoid paying for parking when I incur a charge and I wouldn’t have thought to fish for a movie ticket – it seemed pretty clear to me that I would not need to pay for parking as it was free from 5 to 6 pm (within the first two hours) and free from 6 to 8 pm (after 6 pm).

Skidbladnir 3:20 pm 17 Jan 08

Minor point: The signs say “Entry after 6pm free”.

burninator 3:10 pm 17 Jan 08

They have late night shopping on Fridays, and so parking is charged until 9pm.

Or, at least, that is my understanding of it (and I haven’t read the sign lately).

Next time, go fish yourself a movie ticket out of a rubbish bin, so you can claim 3 hours free.

TW 3:07 pm 17 Jan 08

Yes, I’m afraid I dug my heels in and absolutely refused (I know it wasn’t worth it, but I just couldn’t help myself!). The attendant called the security guard, who wanted my driver’s licence (which I also refused) and then called the police to check to see if my car was stolen! They finally let me through after some of the forty or so cars that were backed up kept beeping their horns and one woman asked about compensation for her defrosting grocery items.

Cameron 2:52 pm 17 Jan 08

A bit strange…

You say that they “tried to charge” you – I assume then that you protested and didn’t have to pay?

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