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Parking on Nature Strips in Canberra?

By niknak - 31 July 2011 26

As it states, folks.

Is it okay to park on your neighbour’s nature strip (or verge)?


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26 Responses to
Parking on Nature Strips in Canberra?
taninaus 2:29 pm 31 Jul 11

besides all the legal reasons others have quoted – it is just rude. Regardless that it is technically Government property, they have purchased the right to occupy and use (albeit with some restrictions) the land up to the road way. Parking there without their consent is not the right thing to do.

Henry82 2:26 pm 31 Jul 11

*IF* you get caught, you’ll get a fine – irrespective of who’s nature strip it is.

You’re more likely to get reported if you park on someone elses strip

trevar 1:18 pm 31 Jul 11

As what states?

I’m originally from the Western suburbs of Sydney, where parking on someone else’s nature strip is the second most inconsiderate thing possible. The most inconsiderate thing possible is for a member of a Ford family to park their Falcon on the nature strip of a Holden family, or vice-versa.

The same applies in Canberra, but for different reasons. Whereas in Western Sydney we don’t park on our neighbour’s nature strip because it would prevent them from parking there and possibly insult their sense of identity; in Canberra you don’t park on your neighbour’s nature strip because your neighbour is not unlikely to be an uptight tosser and apart from thinking that nature strips are for growing things on, could probably also cite a dozen pieces of legislation prohibiting you from doing so.

Which, to my way of thinking, is a good enough reason for parking on their nature strip.

Pork Hunt 1:01 pm 31 Jul 11

What’s wrong with yours?

capn_pugwash 11:42 am 31 Jul 11
capn_pugwash 11:40 am 31 Jul 11

a google search has provided the following info – in short the nature strip outside your house does not belong to you and cannot be used for parking. You are also responsible for maintaining it. If someone else parks there then that’s there problem, and if they block the footpath, road etc could be booked for it.

screaming banshee 11:28 am 31 Jul 11

Is riot-act your neighbour? Perhaps you should ask them.

Is it okay to have sex with your neighbour’s wife?? Why??

Balthazar 11:09 am 31 Jul 11

It is not okay to park on any nature strip. Your own or your neighbour’s.

This is the link to the rules.

I LOATH with a passion people who do this as they destroy the nature strip and make for an ugly environment.

jake555 10:57 am 31 Jul 11

Okay? Not sure.

Technically it may belong to the Government, depending on where it is exactly.

It’s a case by case thing I guess, but if that strip forms part of their front garden, (whether it actually belongs to them or not) it may be deemed intrusive.

Also – see previous RiotACT thread here:

And ACT Govt leaflet here:
(which indicates you can’t park or store any vehicle on a nature strip)

capodien 10:53 am 31 Jul 11

No, unless it is your neighbour’s land and he/she agrees.
Why? By Australia road rule. s.19x

arescarti42 10:38 am 31 Jul 11

It’s probably not okay. First and foremost, parking on the nature strip (be it in front of your house or someone else’s) is illegal. Admittedly you’re unlikely to get booked for it.

Secondly, you might damage any landscaping they have on the nature strip (even if it is just killing the grass) if you park there frequently enough.

That said, if you were to ask them nicely beforehand, they might not take issue with you doing it.

Jimbo311 10:12 am 31 Jul 11
curlylocks 10:11 am 31 Jul 11

If the driveway is full then yes. And common sense prevails do not park on a nature strip on a corner like I have seen loads of people do.
And if the street is wide enough also.

miz 10:00 am 31 Jul 11

I think you might piss off your neighbours if you do, as each resident is responsible for their own nature strip.
Why not park on your own, or on the street?

BenMac 9:39 am 31 Jul 11

According to

examples of where it is illegal to stop or park your vehicle are:

* on a taxi rank or bus stop;
* in a “No Stopping” zone;
* in a “No Parking” zone; (you can stop but not park)
* on a traffic island, the median strip or plantation in a divided carriageway;
* in a loading zone unless you have an approved loading zone parking permit or the vehicle is specifically permitted to use the loading zone;
* across any passage, thoroughfare, entrance, driveway or foot crossing;
* so that any part of the vehicle overhangs any line marking or parking space/bay;or
* anywhere other than in a marked bay in a car park marked into bays.

For a full description of parking rules you should refer to the Australian Road Rules.

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