7 December 2011

Parking regulation on private property

| fritzmacgritz
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Fellow Rioters,

I am concerned about the trust we instill into the ACT Government to use its regulatory powers for an appropriate public purpose. How, logically, can we expect a proper execution of these powers when they are dubiously given to a commercial operation who only interested in maximising their profits?

I refer to parking at the Brindabella Business Park, Canberra International Airport, which is on land held, quite clearly, by an Australian Proprietary Company limited by shares. Notwithstanding ownership characteristics, parking fines are issued in the name of the Office of Regulatory Services, ACT Government.

Persons issuing the fines drive private plated vehicles branded with the company’s logo. They are clearly employed by the company yet have a photographic pass indicating they are authorised to issue the fines. However, disclosed to me today is that company representatives heavily patrol the property and mark tyres each 20 minutes. Further, the company has the express intention to ensure all tenants and visitors are forced into the company’s paid parking zones.

Parking on the property is problematic. If arriving late, and in a hurry, there are only 1 hour places available, which do not have a time range for regulated parking. Other paid options are either at capacity or far from the entrance to the business facilities, and would not be suitable for persons who are temporarily injured.

There is an apparent conflict of interest exists in the exercise of this regulatory power. Parking regulation should serve to ensure access to buildings for persons requiring a temporary visit, or to divert traffic from tight areas.

In the immediate circumstances it becomes apparent to me that the ACT Government is aiding and abetting oppressive and impractical parking arrangements which have an agenda at ruthlessly extracting a profit in a closed market. The fact that there are no time ranges on the parking areas adds weight to this argument. Further too, by the zealous actions of the patrol officers, there is no chance a person can believe that public policy can take into account the realities of life and business, that is, that meetings become delayed, persons run late and that others cannot walk the distance imposed upon then due to a poorly designed urban environment.

Given the public outcry over the paid parking debacle at hospitals some years ago, I cannot see how the ACT Government would want to be seen abusing the confidence of its residents by facilitating such arrangements. I encourage others to also condemn this relationship by writing to their local member.

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Seriously, you’ve gone fishing right?? Why should you get free parking?? If you’re there for more than hour you’re not really a temporary visitor are you, or you just can’t be bothered walking the few hundred metres from the two hour spots??

The “company men” don’t come around every 20mins, they have other things to do as part of their job. They just know when the laziest people turn up to park. They have photographic pass indicating they are authorised to issue the fines, because they are duly authorised parking inspectors under the legislation (luckily wearing fluro!!!!) authorised to issue fines. If they didn’t do it the “government men” would do it because at the end of the day it is a public car park. The paid parking for BBP never ever ever fills up, and costs bugger all. Pay the fine, or organise your time better so you are not late all the time.

Gotta say, I’m with Fritzmacgritz on this. No, I have never received a parking fine at Canberra Airport or Brindabella business park but several years working within the Airport precinct gave me a remarkable insight into the ruthlessness and greediness displayed there in relation to parking.

As mentioned by someone else the fines go to the Govt but what about the revenue generated from the parking? Surely that goes to the Kingdom of Snow, otherwise why is he paying the attendants.

High parking prices and ruthless enforcement is fair enough in a CBD area with limited parking and high population density but this is an Airport on the edge of town with space to burn. Considering the entire parking lot has been a construction zone for the last 10 years the prices charged are outrageous. Brindabella business park has very little provision for visitors, and walking a kilometre to attend a 30 minute meeting isn’t always practical in a busy schedule. Workers out there have no choice but to drive as the Action buses wouldn’t have a clue what an airplane looks like. Surely a decent amount of 2 hour parking in key areas of the Business Park wouldn’t cause a major hole in the Airport parking revenue.

Golden-Alpine9:08 pm 07 Dec 11

The burning question is were these people wearing high-vis?

Or how about its Private Property if you don’t like it don’t work there. Just walk, and if you are disabled get a permit. Its very simple.

What about the Police enforcing property crimes committed in your house? I don’t get direct benefit from that.

The carpark in Woden where KFC/Dan Murphy’s/Salvo’s are located appears to have a ‘private’ parking arrangement in place too.

I stayed in the car while Mr Threepaws ran in to grab supplies and I was sufficiently bored enough to let my gaze wander around the carpark, when to my surprise I discovered signs proclaiming that ‘pay parking’ was in effect.

The signs were obviously non-government, they were coloured black and orange from memory, and were placed quite high on the light posts, well above eyeline (from where I was sitting anyway).

Below the signs were the government issue parking signs which read ‘2P’.

So I asked myself, which sign would trump the other? The government says a 2 hour limit applies, but the businesses in this area can presumably issue a ‘fine’. Who polices this? I would assume that it would have no effect on your licence, in that you couldn’t lose it for not paying the ‘fine’. Would it be like a fine for an overdue dvd?

And what arrangement do the businesses have with the government to obtain contact details and postal addresses of the offending vehicles via their registration?

Just curious.

Hope the business in that area use any money paid in ‘fines’ to repaint the lines. Worst carpark in Canberra. Would be nice to be able to park AND open your door.

I am interested to know the legality of chalk marks.

Government parking inspectors have a legal framework which support them in doing their job. Do these private contractors have the legal right to graffiti innocent motorists car tyres?

I’m not saying it is a issue, I just have a curious mind.

Are the parking spaces clearly sign posted with a time limit?
Are the people handing out the fines authorised to hand out fines?
Have the cars being given been parked in a park for longer than the sign posted time limit?

As described in your rant the answer to all those questions is yes. So your complaint is that if you park in a car park with a time limit and you stay in that park for longer than the time limit at the, you are likely to get a fine. thats horrible!

The fines go to the ACT gov – not the Snows at the airport. Same for every other private carpark that the ACT gov is invited to police. So fines for the rest of us are actually a good thing.

However I do agree – the are rabid in their enforcement out there.

Whinge, whinge,moan,*cry*. Let me summarise your post ‘I got a fine for parking somewhere I shouldn’t have and now I want to whinge about it being someone elses fault even through I did the wrong thing’

I once copped a fine in BBP, I was parked in a 15 minute spot outside a building while visiting my wife. I was there for about 25 minutes, there were no 1 hour spots available when I pulled up. Do you know what I did. I paid the fine and chalked it up as a mistake. I should have been less than 25 minutes, waited for a one hour spot or parked somewhere else and walked.

And before you complain that you had a temporaray injury, I was on crutches at the time which was why I was not at work. I also went to work while on crutches and parked about 800m from my office and hopped my way to work. It is not up to the government to allow for your injury. It is your responsibility to make your own arrangements.

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