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Parkour in Canberra

By johnboy 9 October 2008 28

Now here’s a cool bit of YouTube video.

    “Footage of Australia’s Natsoc Parkour Gathering in Canberra 2008”

Nice to see the old Boulevard courtyard (where Toast used to be) being put to its proper purpose. Che and I were sprinting over it after a night on the turps years before anyone heard of Parkour (and amazingly still have all our teeth).

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Parkour in Canberra
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Granny 1:19 pm 11 Oct 08

Well, The Front is nice and close for me traveling wise! Will have to check my diary, as I no longer have a memory ….

; )

I did miss Alice Cottee at Filthy’s but very much enjoyed her performance at the CMC launch.

Is that right? Am I thinking of the right person? All will be revealed ….

It would also depend what time you get there, as it’s kind of embarrassing turning up places and hanging out by myself, unless anyone else is going.

Although I guess I could be really brave and *gasp* talk to some people, but that is awfully scary!


Overheard 11:38 am 11 Oct 08

Nah, I draw attention to myself if it serves a purpose (publicity, challenging views, getting business) but a hair colour change would be what my favourite sister-in-law and I call ASB: Attention-Seeking Behaviour.

I’ll leave the hair colour changes to those what do it well and look good with it. Come along to The Front on Tuesday night and check out Alison from The Cashews’s new colour. It’s absolutely superb. My favourite colour (not that I think ever seen the shade she’s gone with).

And blood_nut always does something very impressive with his hair, though last time I saw him I seem to remember it was pretty long and shaggy.

Oh, and Granny, does my memory serve correctly? Did you miss Alice Cottee when we were at Filthy’s?

She is superb. So young, such a superb voice, such great original material.

Will be there late-ish or early-ish (and slight chance of sadly not at all, depending on how affairs of state go in Sydney during the day).

Granny 11:24 am 11 Oct 08

Overheard said :

Granny said :

You are a very well-groomed individual.

And much better now, thanks to my new mate Len of Len’s Hairdressers in Moonee Ponds.

But is it purple?


Granny 11:19 am 11 Oct 08

starry said :

I miss see-saw’s; now most parks have that fancy equipment with poles that you’re supposed to spin around on. Sigh

It’s amazing how high one of these modern neutered versions can go with a former circus performer leaping up and down on the other end!

Also amazing how many times said, very naughty, twenty-something year old former circus performer actually managed to jump in the air and land safely on said see-saw without giving me complete and utter heart failure.

She did give me a very bad case of the giggles, however!!

There were a few times when I was momentarily concerned about launching into orbit, especially as my hands were otherwise occupied and I couldn’t actually hold on.

The slightly bewildered Asian gentleman patronising said playground with young daughter did seem to get over the initial shock of it all eventually, and gave us a nice smile when we finally mosied off to grab a bite of lunch.

Overheard 11:00 am 11 Oct 08

Actually, before the latop incident, I was doing some free-form leaping between fixed objects in the main square — not Federation Square, but further up Swanston St towards the mall — while I was checking out some big McGuigan’s Wines display thing with entertainment. I’ve slowly (glacially, in fact) grown to like Melbourne, but I detest it at Spring Carnival time. Everything about Spring Carnival — apart from the fact that masses of people are very happy and getting together to do stuff, which is good — but every other facet of it makes my flesh crawl. Couldn’t get out of the city quick enough.

Anyhoo, my fat man’s standing parkour startled the guys in the flouro tops who were setting up. But not for long; I think in big cities you have to become immune to weird behaviour.

Overheard 10:53 am 11 Oct 08

Granny said :

Overheard said :

Agh! Have you ever been in close proximity to me, Granny, and wanted to say that?!

No, I most certainly have not!


You are a very well-groomed individual.

And much better now, thanks to my new mate Len of Len’s Hairdressers in Moonee Ponds.

Freudian slip: I nearly wrote ‘Moonee Pongs’.

starry 10:40 am 11 Oct 08

I miss see-saw’s; now most parks have that fancy equipment with poles that you’re supposed to spin around on. Sigh

Granny 10:52 pm 10 Oct 08

tylersmayhem said :

@Granny: yeah man, see-saw’s rock!

They’re pretty, like, cosmic ‘n’ all. I was, like, pretty freaked out at first, but then I thought, hey, peace little dude, you’re bigger than this see-saw. And it was, like, totally metaphorical. It was like, woah! Alright! It was like, sometimes, I was just floating six inches off the seat, man. Sometimes I, like, didn’t know if I was high or low, man. It was pretty freaky. Don’t try this at home, kiddies, yeah ….*chuckle*

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