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Parkour in Canberra

By johnboy - 9 October 2008 28

Now here’s a cool bit of YouTube video.

    “Footage of Australia’s Natsoc Parkour Gathering in Canberra 2008”

Nice to see the old Boulevard courtyard (where Toast used to be) being put to its proper purpose. Che and I were sprinting over it after a night on the turps years before anyone heard of Parkour (and amazingly still have all our teeth).

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28 Responses to
Parkour in Canberra
Granny 3:04 am 10 Oct 08

Oh, Overheard! You’re so funny!


And seriously, yes, men … wear deodorant! Yes, this does mean you. No woman will ever tell you this to your face, so I am now doing you an extreme favour.

che 11:54 pm 09 Oct 08

It was you, me and Kramer, and maybe Jazz or Macca?
It was the inaugrual (and only) Toast Classic, where we raced from one side of the courtyard to the other, with me leaping over Kramers head at the finish, from one garden bed to another. And yes, looking back on it, I’m very surprised none of us (especially me) lost our teeth.

Overheard 11:25 pm 09 Oct 08

Yeah, the Casino Royale opener is pretty cool, and the explanatory section of the bonus features on the DVD gives more detail into what it’s all about.

I do the slightly more rotund man’s version of parkour, which is possible to do, say, on the inner city streets of Melbourne when you realise at 9.05am when you’re about to step into the lift to the 35th floor at #2 ~ Street, with buckets of time to start the presentation, that your laptop bag is a tad light on, meaning that the actual laptop itself is still in the bedroom of the hotel at #139 ~ Street.

And you’re supposed to meet the consultants at 9.45am.

So there’s no alternative but to high-tail it back a couple of city blocks through heavy traffic (pedestrian and vehicular).

Solution: put the main theme to ‘Midnight Express’ manually onto the cerebral MP3 player and start running, dodging and weaving, leaping over benches, median strips and the occasional prone body.

Big fun.

An industrial strength deodorant (not proud of that one) and a gallon of coffee and water helps restore the balance. ‘Good morning, ladies and (puff) gentlemen, and thank you for…’

Granny 5:06 pm 09 Oct 08

It is possible that I may have missed Casino Royale, Tylers ….


However, I find many things spiritual. I had the best time on the see-saw today in Glebe Park!

Skidbladnir 4:57 pm 09 Oct 08

Or if you want 92 minutes of it, go seek out a Luc Besson (director of The Fifth Element, The Professional, and a few other notable films) movie by the name of “Yamakasi”.

tylersmayhem 4:34 pm 09 Oct 08

I actually found it kind of beautiful.

In that case Granny, you must have found the opening sequence in Casino Royale quite spiritual ;P

Granny 4:28 pm 09 Oct 08

I actually found it kind of beautiful.

Gungahlin Al 3:26 pm 09 Oct 08

Street gymnastics. Kids keeping fit. Not hurting anyone else (maybe themselves though). Lot of skill and a bit of art too. What’s not to love about that?

Beats sprawling all over the steel pillow all day swearing at people.

New Yeah 3:25 pm 09 Oct 08

I like the bruises at the end.

I’m sure there were plenty of stacks that they edited out – it would be good to see the gnarlier ones.

I-filed 3:12 pm 09 Oct 08

Seeing parcourists early in their training is really interesting, thanks – it shows how incredibly balletic and athletic the old Nantes and Marseilles parcour hands that i’ve seen in documentaries are …

johnboy 2:51 pm 09 Oct 08

Kramer said :

Parkour – meh! I’ve seen the local bike trials guys riding and jumping all over this place on their bikes.

Well send in the video then!

p1 2:47 pm 09 Oct 08

Always nice to see local places in videos like this, give you a much better feeling for how far/high they are going when you know the place.

Jazz 1:10 pm 09 Oct 08

wow, great video though. very well composed & at least for me showed a little bit of what parkour is about, some of the training that goes into it, and nicely finishes on the risks

tylersmayhem 1:07 pm 09 Oct 08

Definitely the “poor cousins” of Parkour!

Kramer 1:01 pm 09 Oct 08

Parkour – meh! I’ve seen the local bike trials guys riding and jumping all over this place on their bikes.

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