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Peasoup in the city

By johnboy - 24 June 2009 41

[First filed: June 23, 2009 @ 00:07]

Leaving The Phoenix on Monday night I stepped into a photo-grapher’s wonderland of altered light.

With the city still lit up and a thick fog rolled in everything was just a little weird.

Slideshow below:

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41 Responses to
Peasoup in the city
Clown Killer 12:10 pm 23 Jun 09

That image brings back fond memories of emerging from the Phoenix after an early week session. Back then of course the air inside looked about the same as that outside. Love it.

Skidbladnir 12:03 pm 23 Jun 09

Driving from Goulburn in this weather is also nasty.
visibility can be down to just over one reflective strip ahead.

Jivrashia said :

…telescopic tripods for such chanced occasions (telescopic allows you to shorten it…

Or, if you don’t sleep in a bed of pure silk, drive a fur-covered plane, or sit atop a toilet seat made out of gold:
Attach a screw suited to the base of your camera to a length of string which will reach the ground (plus a few feet), stand on part of the string, and stabilise it with your feet.
Cheap, nasty, and slightly less effective, but vastly less expensive and cumbersome than a telescoping tripods.

It will also get into places where professionals with tripods are forbidden.

Danman 12:01 pm 23 Jun 09

Took my point and shoot on the ride this morning…Despite pinging another spoke and getting a huge puncture (Saved by the virtue that I have slime installed in my tubes) it was still quite spectacular…My forward facing LED flashy was cutting a swathe through the dark and fog up teh end of Mirrebi. If I could find my usb cable for my camera (smaller on the camera end than the regular plug – tres annoying when you do no thave a sdhc card reader – ill send some to JB when I get home…Definetly doing early AM pictures this Saturday – with a car, zippo pocket warmers, thermos DSLR camera AND tripod….

P+S just can not cut the mustard for my likes.

Jazz 11:37 am 23 Jun 09

Visibilty was down to about 30-40mtrs along belconnen way at around 9.30pm as well. It was very weird not being able to see that foot bridge from aranda – bruce until i was almost under it

Jivrashia 10:39 am 23 Jun 09


Best to carry around a telescopic tripods for such chanced occasions (telescopic allows you to shorten it and easily carry it in your backpack).
Unless, of course, you can offer to become a tripod…

peterh 9:24 am 23 Jun 09

Jones said :

Good stuff,
It looks great. We need more fog.
I was going to go for a run last night but got caught up in housework.
Might head up one of the mountains tonight and see how it looks from there.

booroomba rocks in the morning with fog in the valley looking towards canberra is amazing. makes you think that it is the sea rolling in.

Jones 9:16 am 23 Jun 09

Good stuff,
It looks great. We need more fog.
I was going to go for a run last night but got caught up in housework.
Might head up one of the mountains tonight and see how it looks from there.

ant 9:09 am 23 Jun 09

It’s funny stuff. HQ JOC was blotted out by late evening, and it takes a fair bit to blot out their stupid sodium lights. And my district was soaked this morning, like it’d been raining.

GB 8:58 am 23 Jun 09

From up in the unipub we watched it roll in, and out, and in again. Huge waves of weird pretty wonderland.

Ain’t nature grand.

BlueMonday 8:28 am 23 Jun 09

I stepped outside into the street at about 9pm. It felt like it could have been 4am – it was so still, so wonderfully quiet, and I could feel the droplets of fog on my face. It was magical, almost like time had stopped.

Thumper 8:11 am 23 Jun 09

It was just brilliant. Ginninderra Creek where it flows through Macgregor was quite wonderful.

BenMac 8:08 am 23 Jun 09

After 11pm it left the Parliamentary triangle and headed north. I found it the thickest along Gungahlin Drive between Mitchell and Palmerston at about 1230am. No more than 30m visability.

GardeningGirl 12:39 am 23 Jun 09

Weird pretty wonderland of altered light, yeah 🙂

YapYapYap 12:28 am 23 Jun 09

Woolley St looked just like this at 8.00 tonight – very pretty. From Dickson to just over C’wealth Av Bridge it was the same, but from that point, through Parkes and along Bowen/Wentworth it was clear sailing. I couldn’t fathom that.

Granny 12:12 am 23 Jun 09

I was really enjoying something similar tonight, JB. It feels so amazing. You sort of think, ‘Surely this shouldn’t look so pretty,’ but it just does.

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