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Petrol hike – it sucks!

By kimba - 7 April 2006 52

I have been thinking about the corrupt and extortionist practices of the big oil companies. They raised fuel prices in Canberra by 10-12 cents a litre just before the Canberra Day long-weekend and have done it again (even more) this week as we lead into the Easter Break and school holidays.

They have us by the balls so it is stupid to say we should boycott buying fuel (sounds like something Deb would suggest) but why not boycott buying other products from service stations like your fags, ice creams, coke, magazines etc. These items are also always hiked-up anyway. Take it further…why not boycott buying oil and other car related products. Hit them where it hurts so they can place pressure on the big oil companies.

What do you think?

What’s Your opinion?

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52 Responses to
Petrol hike – it sucks!
Mr_Shab 2:49 pm 07 Apr 06

Amen Les.

Bulldog – you can whine all you like about fuel companies price gouging. It’s totally legal. The fuel companies has established you will still consume the same amount of petrol for 12c more. Refusing to buy your ciggies from their retailer doesn’t mean a damn thing to them. The fuel companies are the ones with the most power to set prices, not Bob the servo owner down the street.

If fuel prices are becoming such a burden, trade in your fuel guzzler for something that costs less to run. Either that, or quit your bitching. You sound like a broken record of Today Tonight having yet another friggin’ expose of price gouging hurting the poor little Aussie battlers and not letting them feed the kids cause they’re too busy pumping their pay packets into their V8 Commodore/Toorak Tractor.

Les Whinin 2:20 pm 07 Apr 06

Anyone who whinges about petrol prices should just buy a more economical car. Mine gets about 6L to 100kms and gets me wherever I need to go whether it be city or country.

I have never had to complain about higher fuel costs, because at the rate mine chews through it I never notice an appreciable difference at the bowser.

Binker 2:13 pm 07 Apr 06

Oil prices may not have gone up 8-12% in the last 3 days, However the price of Nymex Light Sweet Crude (for eg) has gone from US$60 (12/3/06) to US$67.07 (today) which is a 12%+ increase (in less that a month). Maybe the recent price rise at the pump is due to the oil companies not increasing their prices until they start selling the oil that they bought at the more expensive prices. Coupled with a 3%+ decline in the price of the A$ and the increase in tax paid as price increases the current price rise is easily accounted without having to resort to conspiracy theories about price gouging. Don’t like the price? Don’t buy it and do the world a favour.

Chris S 2:08 pm 07 Apr 06

Thanks RG – I stand corrected

SamTSeppo 2:03 pm 07 Apr 06

Kimba, moreover not buying things from the service station isn’t going to hurt the oil companies much at all. It’ll hurt the local folks that run and work in the stations more than the oil companies.

The get a bike / buy shares ideas are better ones than your proposal, methinks.

RandomGit 1:57 pm 07 Apr 06

Missed out? Not so Chris, abysmally ignorant and softheaded comments from you.

Because I know for a fact that John Howard got a memorial novelty NASA pen and a card saying “Thanks SO MUCH for all your hard work”.


Jazz 1:56 pm 07 Apr 06

Petrol is a derivative of oil chris. i don’t think anyone really gives a shit about the cost of the oil you pour into the engine block to lubricate it once in a blue moon. but the oil derivative that goes in the petrol tank every week makes quite a bit of difference to the size of your wallet.

Maelinar 1:55 pm 07 Apr 06

We won, we should be getting the shit for free.

If you really want to protest rising fuel costs, buy a bike.

Chris S 1:51 pm 07 Apr 06

I wrote the above before Bulldog said his piece. He’s dead right – it is price gouging, and yes, the Iraqi invasion has done no-one any favours, except for Halliburton, KBR and other supporters of the Bush regime. Even the other members of the Coalition of the Fuckin’ Stupid have missed out.

Chris S 1:47 pm 07 Apr 06

I disagree with the last few comments, and suggest that Kimba is onto something.

There are plenty of alternative places to purchase oil, if you make your own oil changes, such as Supercheap, Big W, etc, none of whom adjust their prices just before weekends.

Ditto for other supplies from service stations – milk, etc. If everyone boycotted servos when buying these (often expensive) additional items, then a message is being sent to the servos.

The service stations complain that they are at the mercy of the oil companies, who provide, and withdraw, discounts at various times. That may be true (unfortunately we will probably never know for sure), but the fuel in their very large tanks will be used at different rates depending on service station turnover, so this does not explain the sudden, across-the-board increases by every servo at the same time.

Methinks they are all playing nasty games with consumers, and therefore it behoves all consumers to hit them where it hurts most – by refusing to buy products that we can get elsewhere without the angst of regular price rises at times of peak demands.

Go for it Kimba!

bulldog 1:45 pm 07 Apr 06

Okay – it’s been a whilse since I had a whinge, so hear goes.

Binker – don’t believe the crap that the gov’t and the oil companies feed us. In my experience it is gouging – the price of oil did not shoot up by eight to twleve percent three days ago – so whay are we paying that much more at he bowser today?

And why is it that it is one of the only industries allegedly dictated by world prices? For eaxample, if I want to import a car in April for wholesale I pay the wholesale rate – let’s say $20,000 – and I have a mandatory 12 percent markup on the car when I sell it – making the cost $22,400 and giving me a profit of $2,400.

Let’s say the car arrives in late April and I pay for it. Then in May I hear that the car is now worth 22,000 at my price. I take the new price – then add my 12 percent ($24,640) even though I’ve paid for it at the lower price – and sell it. I have just turned a $2,400 profit into $4,640 profit.

That’s gouging. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it given the oppurtunity, but I am saying there is absolutely no real reason that a small increase to a barrel of oil on the stock market should have an immediate effect at the pump.

The difference between my scenario and the fact about fule costs is that if i tried that on my clients would tell me to get fucked and buy a car off someone else. Now – we can’t do that because of the price-fixing and inside trading that “doesn’t occur”. Bullshit again.

And yes Kimba – I will stop buying my smokes at the servo. And no Shab – I won’t catch the goddamn bus (some players will know how I feel about that particular debacle).

While I’m in the swing of it – has anyone noticed now that Oil is much more expensive than it was during Saddam’s reign of evil? Coincidence given that Iraq is one of the oiliest states? And even during the war on terror where we were told that we had to pay a bit more for fuel becasue the industry was in danger of being damaged during the fighting – it was cheaper than it is now. i’m no conspiracy tool, but something about that sit’s uneasily with me.

Now the difference is that I know there is fuck all I can do about this situation, but I still like to have a gripe every now and then.

Bodhichitta 1:18 pm 07 Apr 06

As much as I think it sucks, there aint much you can do about it.

Rather than complaining do as the old adage says “if you dont like it, buy shares in the company”
How happy would you be now if you owned shares in oil? offsetting the rising petrol costs against your shares, wonderful, hehe.

Binker 12:50 pm 07 Apr 06

High oil prices have the effect of reducing demand (although admittedly demand for oil is somewhat inelastic) hence leading to a reduction in the environmentally deleterious effects of burning oil. They also reduce use of, and reliance upon oil, (which is necessary given that oil is a finite resource) stretching the life of oil reserves. There is an adjunct stimulation of research and development in the area of alternative energy sources. The current petrol price rise is probably better accounted for by a rise in world oil prices and the recent drop in the A$ rather than purely gouging.

Mr_Shab 12:46 pm 07 Apr 06

Hate to say it Kimba, but get your hand off it.

It’s all involved with one of those main tenets of a free market economy. The supply chain will charge as much as the market will bear. When they really have the market over a barrel (weak pun not intended) they can jack up the price with gay abandon.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…why is everyone so damned suprised that this happens? Wouldn’t you do the exact same thing in the same circumstance?

And individual petrol station owners have no power whatsoever to put pressure on the oil companies (especially in a tiny market like Canberra). That’s the most naieve assertion I’ve ever heard.

If you’re so hacked off by petrol prices take the bus or buy a smaller car.

Sssanta 12:34 pm 07 Apr 06


Nice idea. One small problem with not buying oil etc, is that you run the risk of stuffing your car. In this country, the fuel price is very heavily taxed. If these levies were reduced slightly, fuel costs would be a little more fairer.

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