Pialligo Ave roadworks

maji 7 November 2009 11

When are they ever going to get around to levelling off Pialligo Ave just before the light?

For months now that section of the road (just before the traffic lights coming from Queanbeyan) has been left incomplete for no good reason.

It is dangerous for drivers who must slow right down to ease their cars down the steep drop.

The size of the drop is also costly on car’s suspension and other mechanical parts. It is a disgrace that it is taking too long to fix.

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11 Responses to Pialligo Ave roadworks
canberratowie2 canberratowie2 8:11 pm 27 Nov 09

MrDave said :

Sgt.Bungers: Where do you live? I thought ACT meant “All cars tailgate”… 😉


MrDave MrDave 12:33 pm 13 Nov 09

Sgt.Bungers: Where do you live? I thought ACT meant “All cars tailgate”… 😉

el el 3:28 pm 09 Nov 09

Lowered doesn’t automatically = illegal, folks.

Sgt.Bungers Sgt.Bungers 3:06 pm 09 Nov 09

If all drivers followed the road work speed limits the problem would be less severe. If nobody tailgated those attempting to follow the law by following the speed limits, there would be no danger at all. If all drivers maintained their vehicles at a sensible and legal clearance height there wouldn’t be a problem.

In essence the solution to your “problem” is easy. Drivers must slow down through the road work zone. Accept that they’re going to get to their destination in <30 seconds more time while the road is maintained. But no! That would be logical.

watto23 watto23 1:56 pm 09 Nov 09

Yeah if only we could put drops like that on all roads to prevent lowered cars from driving there.

I drive that way a lot and really had to think hard about which drop was being referred to. I don’t think it would do any damage to a road legal car.

Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 9:10 am 09 Nov 09

Maxxiz said :

I think its a real pain in the ass, and know alot of people with lowered cars who cannot go that way due to it.

I’ll have to take my car out there to check it out, but I can’t help thinking that if your car’s at a legal ride height you won’t have any problems.

Maxxiz Maxxiz 9:06 pm 08 Nov 09

I think its a real pain in the ass, and know alot of people with lowered cars who cannot go that way due to it. Its a matter of a few hours to make it into a ramp.. Someone told me today that those roadworks are going for another year or so? Is this true? If it is I think the drop should definately be fixed.

anonymous gungahlian anonymous gungahlian 2:37 pm 08 Nov 09

Yeah. I agree with what JC said. There is no point in leveling the road until it is finished.

JC JC 10:51 pm 07 Nov 09

Actually MrPC it was a Canberra Airport self promotion not the ACT government.

As for the drop, if it is where I think it is Felix is right it isn’t that much. Once everything is done they will put down the final road surface and all will be smooth. If they were to do that now then any temporary road paining and markings would show through for years to come.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 7:10 pm 07 Nov 09

I think the OP is over dramatising the problem. The ‘drop’ is neither steep or damaging to vehicle suspension (at or below the speed limit). I drive through there every day and only find it a minor annoyance. The drop that used to be on Morsehead Dr where it intersected with Pialligo Ave was worse.

It will be good when the roadworks are finished in that area, still a while to go yet by the looks of things.

MrPC MrPC 12:14 pm 07 Nov 09

I remember a big “project complete” sign opposite where the drop is, that was put up around April or May and disappeared around July. Got to love government self promotion.

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