15 August 2011

Pigs in apartments

| seanneko
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spilt drink

I woke today to discover that somebody had thrown an entire cup of Maccas drink all over one of the lifts in my apartment – walls included. Not only had they not bothered to attempt to clean it up, but they didn’t even take the cup with them.

In the 2+ years I’ve lived here, I’ve noticed that this sort of anti-social behaviour happens quite regularly. For a while last year, we had a large group of what I assume was international students living together in one apartment, doing burnouts in the carpark, smoking bongs on the balcony, etc.

Eventually they leave, but other groups of bogans just move in afterwards.

This is a moderately expensive inner city apartment building, so I have no idea why they all live here. In all the other cities I’ve lived, this sort of thing absolutely never happens, but here it’s every couple of weeks (if you’re lucky).

Do other people in Canberra find that it happens in their building too, or does this one just attract d***heads for some reason? I’m now on periodical tenacy so I can easily move out – but is there any point?

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Word to the wise: try to avoid renting in apartment buildings which are majority tenanted rather than owner-occupied. Try doubly hard if you are considering buying an apartment.

Obviously some tenants are fine and responsible folks like the OP. However, at least 50% of people renting are complete pigs who trash the common property, create messes and leave half of their crap in the garbage disposal area when they move out so that the body corporate has to pay to dump it.

I moved from an apartment to the suburbs two years ago and am loving it. The ten minutes extra of driving to work and back each day are a small price to pay for not having to deal with (and pay for) these tools every day.

Don’t think it’s a Canberra problem. I’ve walked into a lift in another ‘civilised’ country, hit the up button and as the lift doors closed realised I was standing in a nice big puddle of urine.

It seems that common areas in apartment blocks are like public toilet blocks in anonyminity, no one sees you do it, so just let rip and walk away. Why worry about the next person that comes along!!!
I have seen this in the toilets at work too, despite the fact that there is a toilet brush next to the toilet, don’t expect a clean up, leave that to someone else!!!

OpenYourMind said :

Try using the bomb bird, then the yellow triangle speedy bird and finish off with an angry red bird. Pig problem solved.


If only we had angry birs at our disposal! Maybe they’re what’s needed in the other thread – about Canberra super heros wanted?!

Clearly revenge is required: defecate in each lift, and then commence Operation Smear Poo as per post #6 above.

OpenYourMind5:59 pm 15 Aug 11

Try using the bomb bird, then the yellow triangle speedy bird and finish off with an angry red bird. Pig problem solved.

reasonableperson5:05 pm 15 Aug 11

Henry82 said :

How do you know the person didn’t trip? or it got knocked? or it fell out of their arms?

Whether intentional or accidental, based on the state they left it in, they clearly don’t give a sh*t about anyone other than themselves.

There is a generation out there that have been told to decide for themselves what is right and wrong, good and bad, what to do and what not to do, how to behave, ect. They have been left alone to bring themselves up. As result, the most important person in the world is Me! Me! Me!

Very sad actually. its not because of a “Nany State”, its because we let them do whatever they want. We only have ourselves to blame.

I used to put up with this, then I bought a home 🙂

Suddenly I’m not so concerned about my co-residents’ habit of parking in the visitor car parks.

Hah, would these apartments happen to be The Avenue apartments? My partner and I lived there for 3-4 years (moved out just over 18 months ago) and the state that some of the common areas were left in was disgusting. I remember one Saturday morning I was waiting at the lifts to go down into the parking basement. The doors pinged open and I was punched in the face with one of the most horrific stenches I have ever encountered. Someone must have been out of the town the night before and had too much to drink as the contents of their stomach had been violently projected all over the walls (including the elevator buttons), doors and floor. I like to think I have a pretty strong stomach but I nearly hurled myself when I saw it – it was like something out of The Exorcist. Needless to say, I went back to my apartment, reported it to the building manager and then took the stairs.

I had a similar experience in the same complex with one of the public disabled toilets next to the pool area. While walking out to the pool, my partner and I noticed a peculiar smell. Gingerly peeking into the toilet revealed a truly horrific sight. It looked as though someone’s bowels had exploded in there – crap was all over the seat, floor and walls. The culprit obviously made some attempt to clean it up with hand paper towels however that just resulted in it being spread further out. They then must have tried to dispose of the wad of paper in the toilet and had succeeded in blocking it. I’d never seen anything like it – it was just awful 🙁 I felt terribly sorry for the poor cleaning people in that place – I am sure they didn’t get paid enough for dealing with that sort of thing. Just disgusting.

Don’t even get me started on the garbage chutes. If they got blocked by people trying to shove bulky rubbish through the opening, others decided it was okay just to dump their rubbish beside the chute rather than walk the 80m down the stairs (or catch the spew lift) to put it in the bins manually.

Wow, that was long – didn’t realise I was still mad about it, haha. /end rant

It’s getting worse. Nowadays, someone else is always responsible for the upkeep of places and things, for repairs, for cleaning. People seem to not feel any involvment or responsibility for the state of their environment, it’s someone else’s job. An effect of the creeping nanny state?

Yeah. Worse is when drippings from garbage bags are strewed all through the corridors and elevators all the way to the hoppers.

Damn, I thought it was advice on rearing home grown pork.

How do you know the person didn’t trip? or it got knocked? or it fell out of their arms?

Yep, i’ll agree that canberra does have d*ckheads, but im not sure if the grass is greener in sydney or melbourne cbd

reasonableperson9:47 am 15 Aug 11

Its simple. Deep down inside people are animals. Give them the opportunity to behave like animals and they will. Look at Civic over the weekend. The problem in Canberra is that there is no one to stop them. Parents, teachers, elders, Police. Stopping someone from throwing coke all over your lift, breaking into your car or house, punching you in the face infringes on their ACT government given human right to do whatever they want without repercussion.

Get used to it. Its only getting worse.

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