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Plague spectre haunts Canberra’s wintry streets

By johnboy 24 August 2011 9

Here at the RiotACT sensational headlines desk we’d like to dip our lids to the Canberra Times’ effort “Flu outbreak grips Canberra”.

ACT chief health officer Paul Kelly said yesterday there had been 190 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza in the territory this year, compared with 43 last year. Doctors usually only refer seriously ill flu patients for laboratory testing.

Well it has been a cold winter, and electricity didn’t get any cheaper.


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Plague spectre haunts Canberra’s wintry streets
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hatiro 6:15 pm 17 Sep 11

…just wondering about flu diagnosis or perhaps mis-diagnosis – given that we are apparently going through the worst mouse plague in 20 years, wonder what the chances of contracting hantavirus are? Hantavirus is transmitted by mice and rats and very rare under normal circumstances, but symptoms are very similar to flu. Was reading a medical paper from Adelaide Uni, and would love to hear a GPs opinion on this!

sepi 12:30 pm 24 Aug 11

We all had the flu except for Mr who had a flu shot at work – so I am tempted to get a shot next year. But then I only get the flu every couple of years and I’ve had it now so who knows…

We were tested for the flu, but this was worse than a cold (aches, temperatures etc).

Thumper 12:14 pm 24 Aug 11

Plague spectre haunts Canberra’s wintry streets

Best headline for an RA thread ever.

madamcholet 11:57 am 24 Aug 11

I too have had extraordinary sinus problems this winter, but strangely not one cold. Have been left with a lingering cough from the sinus problems. I put all of my problems down to the air quality in Tuggers, and not to whatever is doing the rounds.

Not disupting the science behind this post, but I must admit that I really hate it when people say that they have had the flu when they have clearly only had a sniffle. I have had the flu twice in my entire life – and I am one click from 40 – and the last occasion was over 10 years ago at least. Crossing fingers that I don’t have it again anytime soon because it does absolutely floor you even if you are healthy.

As a family we don’t get the flu shots that work pay for. I was in two minds having a small child, but I think I’ll continue not to. Said small child is exposed to who know’s what (and remains healthy) at day care so I think he is our flu shot!

My team members at work have just as many sick days even though they get the shot. I tend to er on the side of eye rolling when one of my team calls in unfortunately. But what can you do?

p1 11:43 am 24 Aug 11

I had a congested sinus thing for over a month. It would come and go a bit, but never entirely disappear. My GP said I needed to pound it into submission with the good cold and flu tablets (the ones that actually work). I think I might have purchased so many I am not on some sort of speed manufacturing watch list.

DUB 11:30 am 24 Aug 11

This calendar year I had THREE sick days.1 day and 2 days.
And my workplace provides free flu shots, I don’t know why many places , if they are worried about unplanned leave, don’t do the same.I don’t like to get sick and take opportunity to flu vaccination done every year.

Classified 11:24 am 24 Aug 11

I normally get perhaps 1 cold per year, that lasts a few days and has a week or so of residual symptoms. This year I’ve had several, and am currently sitting at home popping antibiotics like tic-tacs. This winter has definitely been worse for me.

EvanJames 10:55 am 24 Aug 11

Exactly. The recommendations of health people are at odds with the way in which bad managers (which is most managers) do their jobs. They want bums on seats, regardless of the quality of the work being done by sick people, and so they give subtle pressure hints that people who take sick leave are faking.

steveu 10:24 am 24 Aug 11

…and I know most federal govt depts are more concerned about their unplanned leave stats than to encourage people to stay home when they have the flu…not very ‘strategic’ for organisations that are headed by such ‘strategic thinkers’.

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