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Police Wrap – 17 July

By johnboy - 17 July 2008 42

1. The police inform us that two teenagers from Curtin and Narrabundah were caught yesterday allegedly trying to steal a Hyundai Excel from Constitution Avenue.

Someone called it in and the police got there so quickly they nabbed the lads still in the car park. So nice work by all concerned.

    The two youths will face the ACT Children’s Court tomorrow (July 17); the 14-year-old charged with taking a motor vehicle without consent, the 15-year-old with riding in a motor vehicle without consent.

2. They’re also letting us know that the new RAPID system (Recognition and Analysis of Plates IDentified, glad I wasn’t in that meeting) has found 45 unregistered vehicles and 26 defectives.

    In two days (Tuesday, July 15, and Wednesday, July 16), 4070 vehicles were checked by the RAPID system. RAPID is now in regular use by Traffic Operations throughout the ACT.

    The following results were noted:
    · 45 unregistered vehicles detected;
    · 16 uninsured vehicles detected;
    · 31 persons found with licence issues (either suspended, inactive or unlicensed);
    · 28 Traffic Infringement Notices issued;
    · 26 defect notices issued (major and minor).

On a brighter note 1956 RBT’s found no positive readings.

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
Police Wrap – 17 July
amarooresident 2:17 pm 17 Jul 08

They do it to catch those that are still loaded from the night before. Back when I had some involvement with police (for work, not as a wrongdoer) cops often said they caught heaps of people drivng to work after a night out still well over the limit.

Spideydog 1:58 pm 17 Jul 08

You would be surprised as to who drinks and drives and at what days and times ???

LG 1:34 pm 17 Jul 08

Yeah.. those midweek, morning RBTs always confuse the heck out of me!

p1 1:13 pm 17 Jul 08

I sincerely believe that police deliberately plan to conduct their breath tests mid morning to avoid catching anyone

I also believe this, and think that it is because the ACT’s deal with the AFP calls for a certain number of RBTs per year, and since it takes a hell of a lot longer to process a DUI (take them in, re-test them, book them, etc) then to process a sober person (let them drive away), that it is in the AFP’s interest as a business to not catch them.

While I don’t think setting a number of drunks they need to detect is a good idea, I do think that every drunk they find should be worth 1000 sober drivers tested.

Growling Ferret 1:11 pm 17 Jul 08

They had RAPID set up on a unmarked Commodore on Gungahlin Drive heading north next to Calvary Hospital a little while ago – the police were at the bottom of the hill with about 15 cars abandoned there…

Also seen in on William Slim, Gundaroo Drive, Sulwood Drive and Kuringa Drive.

PBO 1:10 pm 17 Jul 08

I think i saw the RAPID system in use once on Springvale drive early one morning when the Police were interrupting the Public Service Grand Prix. There was a cop sitting in an unmarked car with a small camera like device aimed at the licence plate area of the cars that went by whilst the rest stayed down the hill waiting for word from him to tell who to pull over. Pretty sneaky.

Spideydog 1:08 pm 17 Jul 08

“Inactive” licences are generally ones that have expired and not renewed by the motorist. They can also be the ones that have had their licence suspended/disqualified and the susp/disq period has expired, but the motorist has not gone and re-activated thier licence. (depending on the type of suspension or disqualification)

“Unlicenced” is for persons that have NEVER obtained a drivers licence, but can also mean expired licences also.

p1 1:07 pm 17 Jul 08

I have seen it in use. They had it set up next to a vehicle on a little tripod, pointed at the oncoming traffic (I think, although the back would be just as easy). They had it on Barry Drive, where by the time you saw it, there were no more opportunities to turn away, and then around the corner there was a pretty regular RBT set up, and I assume that if the RAPID system identified your car, you would be waved over for a “random breath test” and a chat about your rego.

Loose Brown 1:04 pm 17 Jul 08

I sincerely believe that police deliberately plan to conduct their breath tests mid morning to avoid catching anyone.

They should saturate the areas surrounding Manuka and Kingston on Friday and Saturday nights – I used to deliver pizza around there and it was not uncommon to see people drifting all over the roads, bouncing off the gutters or crawling along the kerb with lights off.

Kitchen Man 1:03 pm 17 Jul 08

Wouldn’t you feel ripped off to be pinged for car theft while trying to steal a Hyundai Excel !! I bet these guys wished that they got done trying to steal an SS Commodore or some hotted up Beamer. Who steals and Excel ? Most people that do end up giving the bloody thing back !

RAGD 1:00 pm 17 Jul 08

Does anyone know anymore info on this RAPID system? How do they use it? Is it in police cars? or vans? How do we know if we have been RAPIDised?

Growling Ferret 12:58 pm 17 Jul 08

You don’t catch that many drink drivers during the morning peak hour and other times during the day when I’ve seen RAPID in use.

Skidbladnir 12:55 pm 17 Jul 08

Given that when RBT-ed previously (see coverage here and here, Canberra has routinely been one of the highest cities in the nation, I’d be wondering if the breathalysers weren’t faulty, or if drunk drivers have started playing smarter.

Growling Ferret 12:54 pm 17 Jul 08

RAPID is a great system for getting the unregistered (and thus uninsured) cars off the roads. 4000 checks, for 45 unregistered cars – about 1% of all cars unregistered? Its a bit of a worry.

Those caught driving on multiple occasitions without a licence should get periodic detention. Just another fine or extension on loss of licence is not a deterrent to many of these people… I know of guys who have gone DUI 6, 7, 8 times, Maybe a few weeks in the lock up would change their opinion. Its my kid they could run over drunk…

p1 12:54 pm 17 Jul 08

31 persons found with licence issues (either suspended, inactive or unlicensed);

Exactly what is an inactive license?

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