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Not a good Getaway Driver

The AFP have put out this media release on a disqualified driver trying to drive away from an RBT and run into a nearby parked car.

Canberra Grouper

ACT Policing is investigating an incident which occurred on Monday October 5, when a woman was grabbed on the breast by an unknown man.

The assault occurred in The Canberra Centre around 3.20pm outside the Vodafone store, as the 25-year-old victim was walking past the offender.

CCTV footage of the incident shows the assault taking place.

The offender (pictured) is described as Caucasian, aged in his late 20’s to early 30’s, approximately 6’3” (190 cm) tall, solid build, with very short hair and a square jaw. At the time of the offence he was wearing a long sleeved blue, white and yellow jersey and was pushing a stroller containing a small child.

Another Warning for P-Platers

A 19-year-old provisional driver will be charged with speeding and drink driving offences after ACT Policing officers observed his vehicle travelling at excessive speed in Curtin early Sunday morning (October 25).
Officers conducted a traffic stop about 3.55am after observing the speeding driver on Yarra Glen. He was subjected to a breath test and found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.107, more than five times over his legal limit.

The alleged offender will be summonsed to appear in the ACT Magistrates Court at a later date.
In a separate incident, a 20-year-old female driver was stopped by police on Woolley Street in Dickson about 11.30pm on Friday night (October 23) after officers received information from a member of the public about her erratic driving manner.
The female, a provisional licence holder, recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.241, over 12 times higher than her legal limit. She will appear in the ACT Magistrates Court on October 30.
Superintendent in charge of Traffic Operations Mark Colbran says the 0.02 limit for provisional drivers is set for a reason, and the general community should be appalled by those who show a blatant disregard for the law.
“The majority of our provisional drivers are young and inexperienced, still learning the skills required to both drive safely on our roads and handle a large and powerful piece of machinery – this is why they are subject to a 0.02 alcohol limit,” Supt Colbran said.
“As a community we have a part to play to make sure these drivers are upholding their responsibilities as licensed drivers – a privilege that is all too commonly taken as a given,” he said.
“As was the case on Friday night, a member of the public had the forethought to call police regarding the erratic driving behaviour of a fellow motorist, and this coupled with a swift police response removed a severely impaired driver from the road before a tragedy could occur.”

If you can help police contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers website on www.act.crimestoppers.com.au.

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10 Responses to Police Wrap – 28 October
cleo cleo 11:36 pm 28 Oct 09

Talking about the groper, I once was on a dance floor and someone groped me, I ran after him and grabbed by the shirt collar with both hands and said don’t you ever f..king do that again, he neally shat himself.

Tooks Tooks 7:18 pm 28 Oct 09

dvaey said :

Interesting that the media report about the first incident, doesnt mention until the very end, that the reason the police were actually after the guy, and the reason he tried to escape, was ‘breach of bail’.

They were after him because he failed to stop. He failed to stop because he was in breach of bail. So instead of just copping a minor arrest, he now gets to face a few criminal charges.

dvaey dvaey 6:14 pm 28 Oct 09

Interesting that the media report about the first incident, doesnt mention until the very end, that the reason the police were actually after the guy, and the reason he tried to escape, was ‘breach of bail’.

Also, is it just me, or is there no picture of the offender police are asking the public to identify, where the article says there should be?

S4anta S4anta 3:00 pm 28 Oct 09

This is how the poor teach children to breat feed

Jivrashia Jivrashia 11:39 am 28 Oct 09

Daddy, I don’t think that was mummy…

caf caf 11:07 am 28 Oct 09

…and was pushing a stroller containing a small child.

He’s all class, that one.

Secret Squirrel Secret Squirrel 11:05 am 28 Oct 09

Or perhaps it wasn’t and she was actually attacked by a fish…………….

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 10:58 am 28 Oct 09

and there i was thinking it was Bob Santamaria reincarnated. Maybe someone should point the police to Michael Cooney from Andrew Barr’s office?

Danman Danman 9:04 am 28 Oct 09

PBO, its a typo…Deal with it.

PBO PBO 8:34 am 28 Oct 09

Wouldnt it be a “Groper”? Someone who Gropes?

A “Grouper” tells me he is a person who tags onto groups without them knowing, like a unknown fifth wheel. They are generally the quiet ones who laugh at all the jokes but you dont know who they are and just assume that they are a friend of a friend, but when you ask your friends they dont know either and they assumed that you knew them.

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