Pool industry crisis

johnboy 14 January 2007 30

The swimming pool is an iconic point of reference for the failure of water restrictions to fairly address the competing water requirements of the population.

Under the current iniquitous system people with a swimming pool can splash about, while other parents can’t choose to pay for some water to run the kids under a sprinkler.

Today the Canberra Times is worried that the 150 odd people in the swimming pool business are in danger of losing their jobs as no new pools can be built. The ABC has promises from ACTEW that they consulted in the finest traditions of the ACT Government.

That still leaves us with a situation of the very special sort of socialist privilege where those who already have pools get to keep them and fill them with dirt cheap water, but no-one else can use smaller amounts of water recreationally and can’t even choose to invest in the facility to do so (other than by buying a house with a pool, very handy that for existing pool owners).

And meanwhile businesses go bust and lives are ruined due to an administrative whim.

Great policy!

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30 Responses to Pool industry crisis
Pandy Pandy 10:27 pm 15 Jan 07

Link to class A recycled please.

But hang on. Many pools go off in winter. All solved by liberal doses of chlorine. So why not in “class A recycled”?

miz miz 10:06 pm 15 Jan 07

OK Andy – except their own website capitalises the name ACTEW, it’s only in the marketing slogan gimmick ‘ActewAGL’ (TransACT is similar, same bloke probably). Pedantic I know. However I will bow to your higher knowledge.
Sammy, you’ve got me there!
Hey Pandy no worries.

smokey4 smokey4 9:18 pm 15 Jan 07

If this is class A recycled then its use should conform to Australian standards. ie purple pipes, meters etc and is not deemed suitable for swimming pools.

Pandy Pandy 12:28 pm 15 Jan 07

So why was this said in yesterdays sunday Times?:

“Mr Baria said Actew advised the industry against the direct use of recycled water available from the Lower Molonglo in the December meeting, with the water not considered suitable for drinking or swimming pool fill use. He referred it to ACT Health for further information.”

caf caf 11:46 am 15 Jan 07

The people that work at LMWCCC have happily drunk the water that comes out the end of the process. It’s cleaner than the river water flowing in the top.

Sammy Sammy 11:38 am 15 Jan 07

They’ve probably already been claimed by ‘other’ businesses in Fyshwick

There is already a business in Fyshwick running under:

Fyshwick Head Services

J Dawg J Dawg 11:27 am 15 Jan 07

Possible business names: Pool Out Pty; Stuff Your Pool; Fill Yer’Ole; etc etc.

They’ve probably already been claimed by ‘other’ businesses in Fyshwick….

terubo terubo 11:04 am 15 Jan 07

yeah, more like a small bunch of people pooling their resources…

snahon snahon 11:00 am 15 Jan 07

Does 150 odd people make an ‘industry’ as such as opposed to calling it say a niche market ?

Pandy Pandy 10:48 am 15 Jan 07

The CT reports that the water from the Lower-Molonglo is unsafe to be placed in pools.

I recall years ago that ACTEW portrayed some guy holding a glass of water from LM saying it was good enough to drink. And now there is talk of placing the water from LM back into the Cotter dam.

So what has changed? Oh thats right, the scare about the water from the LM is to discourage new pool installations I bet.

Sammy Sammy 9:41 am 15 Jan 07

why do CT persist in treating the acronym ACTEW as a word

Isn’t that the purpose of an acronym?

Sammy Sammy 9:41 am 15 Jan 07

Surely domestic pools could be filled with non-potable water, of the type extracted from Lower-Molonglo, and used on the GDE? An appropriate charge would of course be attached.

Anyone who has seen a pool after six-months of neglect, and then a few weeks later after chemical treatment and filtration, could see that using drinking water initially is madness.

andy andy 9:10 am 15 Jan 07

Miz – you’ll find it is a name. ACTEW (A C T Electricity Water) became Actew Corporation…

Pandy Pandy 8:06 am 15 Jan 07

OK miz. Mia culpa.

I waz getting a bit peeved with pool envy.

terubo terubo 7:51 am 15 Jan 07

Presumably there is now a profitable business to be made in filling in / covering over swimming pools. Perhaps the 150 personnel could be employed in such a venture?
-Possible business names: Pool Out Pty; Stuff Your Pool; Fill Yer’Ole; etc etc.

miz miz 7:30 am 15 Jan 07

Pandy I wasn’t actually being sarky, merely having a sook about the non-existent upkeep of local parks (seeing you brought it up), and a bit nostalgic for the days when you could actually have some water play. Don’t have a pool. Kids go to the local public pool often though.
My backyard is still kinda useable, so you’re right about the backyard knockaround games, though yard size is a factor for me.

Pandy Pandy 12:00 am 15 Jan 07

So miz, engage with your children in some backyard cricket. Oh thats right, for 6 weeks in the year it is better to let them have their fun and splash arond in a pool.

miz miz 11:28 pm 14 Jan 07

Semantics – why do CT persist in treating the acronym ACTEW as a word (Actew)?

miz miz 11:22 pm 14 Jan 07

Pandy wow, do you have a local playground that gets maintained and is useable?! All the little local neighbourhood parks near me are shadeless weed havens at the best of times, unpleasant in any weather due to neglect, unfortunately. And one even has a ‘Future Development’ sign, though I doubt they are going to actually improve the playground.

I really miss those backyard plastic water slides. They were the bomb.

J Dawg J Dawg 10:07 pm 14 Jan 07

with some paint and creativity that could either turn into a basketball court for some 1 on 1, or with a few bricks and some mortar somehwere to hit a tennis ball.

Great ideas, however you must admit in 40 degree heat a pool is a more attractive option.

Your “right” to have a pool has been extinguished.

No, the right to build a pool and to fill up an existing pool has been extinguished. To own one isn’t against the law…. Yet.

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