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Postie riding on my lawn

By jimmy1 - 17 August 2012 39

We recently landscaped our yard and had turf laid on our front verge/nature strip as part of the project.

The work was all planned with a letter box built into a wall on the front boundary and paving coming off the driveway for the sole purpose of giving Australia Post easy access.

Unfortunately, the Postie would rather launch his motor bike over various low obstacles/jumps and carve some furrows in our new lawn.

As I am at work when they come I have not caught them in the act and my polite request at the post office has had no effect.

Does anyone have an idea for stopping Postie lawn vandalism?

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Postie riding on my lawn
Innovation 9:10 pm 17 Aug 12

Rip out your letterbox and get a PO Box

Frustrated 7:50 pm 17 Aug 12

I had a postie smash a hole in my garage wall, because he couldn’t work out how to manouvre his motor bike. The tyre marks from the bike made it obvious. Unfortunately, Aust Post couldn’t care less when I rang them, as I didn’t have footage of it happening.

Aeek 7:46 pm 17 Aug 12

If the postie has just delivered next door, why wouldn’t she just stay on the nature strip?

Also, what about someone using a mobility scooter. Are you blocking their path to force them onto the road?

milkman 7:29 pm 17 Aug 12

OK, here’s what to do.

Next to you letter box, dig a hole about 1 metre square, and about 1.5 metres deep. Sharpen some bamboo stakes and embed them in the bottom of the hole with the sharpened end sticking straight up. Smear some fresh faeces on the sharp parts of the bamboo stakes. Weave a bamboo mat and use it to cover the hole. Scatter some grass and leaves over the mat so it looks like normal ground.

When the postie crashes through the mat he will be cut up by the bamboo stakes, and the faeces will be pushed into the wounds, infecting them almost immediately.

That will teach this bastard to ride his bike on your nature strip.

rosscoact 7:05 pm 17 Aug 12

get your son into postie stunting

How_Canberran 7:04 pm 17 Aug 12

How Canberran! Only in the ACT would a resident begrudge the local postie using thier manicured verge as a motocross track.

You have much bigger worries my friend. During hours of darkness, stolen white Holden Commodores slowly cruise the streets looking for newly minted verges for ‘donut’ practice!
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Very Busy 6:44 pm 17 Aug 12

You obviously didn’t put good enough jumps in.

rosscoact 6:17 pm 17 Aug 12

embrace the postie, put in a jump and a berm leading to the mailbox and a few whoops coming out.

its not often you get a chance to do something really nice for someone

wildturkeycanoe 5:42 pm 17 Aug 12

Rip up the turf and put down some nice 50mm diameter gravel instead.

cross 5:39 pm 17 Aug 12

You could have a word with the postie or the post office but wouldn’t count on getting your mail in a timely manner.

molongloid 5:34 pm 17 Aug 12

Lodge an application to landscape the verge. Do it per the rules and consistent with the street scape. Try low plants that are relatively trample-proof to subtly guide the foot/bike traffic. Best you can do without the issues raised.

HenryBG 5:26 pm 17 Aug 12

It’s not “your lawn”. It’s public land.

In fact, if you’ve placed obstacles on the government land outside your front property boundary, you had better make sure your public liability insurance is uptodate, and that it covers you making a nuisance of yourself on public land.

Henry82 5:22 pm 17 Aug 12

Some garden stakes, a string line, and plastic bags hanging from the string

JC 5:21 pm 17 Aug 12

Just remember that the nature strip is not yours, so really the postie is well within their rights to ride on your nice new lawn rightly or wrongly.

p1 3:59 pm 17 Aug 12

Some sort of “poles & string” contraption – not significant enough to be considered a fence, but enough to give the hint. Make sure it has some sort of highly visible markers on the line.


A single strand of razor wire, stretched tight at neck height, electrified and attached to anti-personnel mines.

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