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Pratt says we’re exposed following Charnwood nudie run

By johnboy 9 August 2006 33

The Pratt has had a sense of humour failure over a drunken nudie run from Fraser to Charnwood shops got a bit out of hand with the naked runners getting upset about being refused service and (according to Pratt) throwing bottles at shopkeepers.


I often wonder what kind of grey world Steve would like us to live in.

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Pratt says we’re exposed following Charnwood nudie run
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Big Al 9:14 am 14 Aug 06

Earlier piss-taking aside there seems to be a genuine degree of community concern – which makes me wonder – are Charnwood residents putting on airs and graces beyond their station, or has the place really come along that far in recent years with property boom driven gentrification?

Now I will admit that my last visit to this (apparently exciting and colourful) outer Canberra suburb was about six years ago. Back then security mesh was the window decoration de rigueur for the shopping precinct, no garden was complete without knee high grass and the quality of a street appeared to be measured by the number of burned out car shells … now forgive me if I appear harsh but this does not strike me as the kind of place populated by the sort of timorous souls that would find a naked drunken spree by footballers alarming.

Then again, the suggestion that these louts were in fact rugby union players at least suggests that the residents of Charnwood and its environs are aspiring to a better class of loutishness.

publius 8:11 am 13 Aug 06

Locals will tell you that this was way out of control. People were genuinely scared at the time. It is not a case of a few guys drunk but harmless. They took it too far. In this case they broke a few beer bottles, they were urinating in the street and car park, and one man chased a young lady down the street (she was very scared). How would you feel if you were running a business at the shops? Not exactly a great image for attracting people to come and drop by your shops. The Police “talked” to a couple of the blokes (who were naked at the time). No action was taken. Sorry folks but it is not good enough. The Police should have acted. Bring these fellows before a court so that they may just experience a bit of public humiliation. At a minimum they should have been made to clean up their mess when they were sober.

johnboy 11:56 am 12 Aug 06

haven’t you heard, it’s showbusiness for ugly people!

boomacat 4:11 am 12 Aug 06

What is it with politicians and being ugly?

barking toad 11:22 am 11 Aug 06

throw deb in there too booma

and wouldn’t amanda be tEh hOtNeSS

VYBerlinaV8 10:24 am 11 Aug 06

Mental image for all to enjoy: Kim Beazley dancing in a g-string with whipped cream on his nipples, with that big shit-eating grin he always seems to have…

KaneO 8:40 pm 10 Aug 06

So that’s how you enable the StickyKeys function.

boomacat 7:48 pm 10 Aug 06

I stand corrected Barking Toad, it should ABSOLUTELY be a serious criminal offence for some people to be naked, in either public or private. Names such as Bill Stefaniak, Richard Mulcahy and Kim Beazley come to mind…ugh I just vomited on my laptop.

VYBerlinaV8 3:09 pm 10 Aug 06

Someone shoulda got a fire hose and soaked the bastards. On a cold night they’d have had a fun time getting home.

Thumper 1:14 pm 10 Aug 06



I fell over in the slowdown a couple of years ago. Grover cheated, he had 50 metre head start.

Heavs 1:05 pm 10 Aug 06

Is that the same Wibly Wobly that Grover has won for the past three years Thumper?

Thumper 12:44 pm 10 Aug 06

AH, hazy memories of playing pool at Belconnen Labor Club and having to do nudie runs around the table if you failed to sink a ball….

Or the famed Ginninderra West Belconnen Cricket Club ‘wibbly wobbly’. One hundred metre sprint from clubhouse to the cricket pitch starkers with a gutful of piss.

that is not a pretty sight.

Absent Diane 12:38 pm 10 Aug 06

I remember having a cards night.. and all losers of the night had to do a run from this guys house to the cooleman court side of the underpass nears royals footy club…. I think after we did it once we all started doing it for fun anyway….

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