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Pratt says we’re exposed following Charnwood nudie run

By johnboy - 9 August 2006 33

The Pratt has had a sense of humour failure over a drunken nudie run from Fraser to Charnwood shops got a bit out of hand with the naked runners getting upset about being refused service and (according to Pratt) throwing bottles at shopkeepers.


I often wonder what kind of grey world Steve would like us to live in.

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Pratt says we’re exposed following Charnwood nudie run
simto 9:11 am 10 Aug 06

In case you’re wondering – yes, this bloke is one of the reasons why we have a labour government.

barking toad 9:00 am 10 Aug 06

While I commend the mayor-kicking component of pratt’s press release, when you read the whole thing the alarmism and hysteria he conveys is, well, hysterical. And what is it with these councillors and there never ending press releases – explains the scarcity of trees for firewood!

Seems plod defused the situation using common sense and may well have a yarn to the club officials on the quiet suggesting that the pissing episodes etc don’t do the club’s reputation much good and could be stored in the memory for future reference.

When I saw the initial post I thought they could have been bored census form deliverers.

Thumper 8:44 am 10 Aug 06

The situation had not really got out of hand. It was threatening to get out of hand when the police arrived.

The presence of the police was enough to calm the situation and move the tossers on. Some caught taxis and took off to who knows where, and others just wandered off.

I thought it was a perfect example of how the police can control a situation by doing nothing. I have no doubt that if they had tried to arrest someone then it would have turned very ugly.

Admittedly, I didn’t see the whole incident from start to finish. And I’m not so sure about the bottle throwing allegation. I’ll check it out with the shopkeeper and see if it’s true.

The police handled this very well.

simto 8:31 am 10 Aug 06

Police inaction on a nudie run – I have no problems with that. The proper punishment for a nudie run in early August is that your testicles freeze and you’re unable to breed. Fair enough.

Police inaction on bottle throwing, abuse-hurling loons, on the other hand, is a bit more of a challenge. Except, of course, it isn’t inaction – it’s getting there and moving ’em on. Crisis averted before anything goes further wrong.

Spectra 8:30 am 10 Aug 06

Thumper – can I ask why you think it was not appropriate to make some arrests, given what you said was going on?
(I don’t mean to sound like I think you’re wrong – If memory serves me, you’re far better suited to making a professional judgement on this than me – I’m just curious).

Thumper 8:15 am 10 Aug 06

Okay, funny guys.

The truth of the matter is that there were about 20 of them, they weren’t all nude, they were pissed out of their skulls, they were being abusive and somewhat threatening to people walking into the shops, the girls behind the counter at the shop were scared.

Four police rocked up and just stood around.

I know, I copped a gob full from one drunken wanker when I went into the shop to buy some beers. I hope I meet him again alone one day.

If they had simply done a nudie run, bought some beers and buggered off it would have been a harmless prank. But it wasn’t. As usual, young blokes pull of piss egging each other on usually leads to something more.

Does that shed some more light on this ‘amusing prank’?

Pratt is still a tosser no matter what. I think the police handled it as best they could by simply having a presence until they (the pissed tossers) all decided to move on.

Big Al 10:35 pm 09 Aug 06

It could be an operational thing:

Policeman to nude guy: Can I have some ID please?

Nude guy: Sure here’s my driver’s licence.

Policeman: Hand on where’d you pull that from?

Nude guy: Sorry, that’s just a bit of last night curry…

Spectra 10:27 pm 09 Aug 06

I particularly liked:
“It seems that either the police have not arrested these individuals either because they do not have the resources to commit to processing these arrests or they have been curtailed by Stanhope’s human rights laws which ensure the rights of offenders are put before the right of the community to safety.”
In other words, he doesn’t have the faintest idea why the arrests weren’t made, but that doesn’t mean he can’t blame the government for it.

The closing line is a cracker:
“I demand that the Chief Minister, the Police Minister and the police crack down on the outrageous and loutish behaviour that we are seeing too much of in Stanhope’s socialist utopia,” Mr Pratt said.
Anything I added would only detract from the sheer comic beauty of that line.

Big Al 9:59 pm 09 Aug 06

Do you think they could do it at Kambah shops? Don’t know if I could justify driving across town to see nude nubile young ladies … actually, I’d drive across town if petrol was $2 a litre to see it … well only if the missus thoight I was going to Bunnings…

KaneO 9:53 pm 09 Aug 06

It would be much more fwapworthy if the raiderettes pulled this stunt. It would certainly improve match attendance if they did.

Big Al 9:52 pm 09 Aug 06

Now that I’ve actually read the press release…

The Pratt says:

“This shopkeeper was simply trying to uphold liquor licensing laws that prevent the sale of alcohol to intoxicated persons…”

I would say that this chaps biggest concern would have been … Sure, two cases of VB and a bottle of Bundy, that’ll be $100 – hey hang on a minute, where’d you get that credit card from?

Big Al 9:45 pm 09 Aug 06

Try it riding a bike! Of course the recumbent guys can ride an wank at the same time – now there’s an image I’m going to need therapy to get over…

boomacat 9:39 pm 09 Aug 06

there is nothing less attractive than a flacid penis

Big Al 9:01 pm 09 Aug 06

This sort of shit is hilarious when its drunken/stoned undergraduates – but out Charnwood way you’d have to guess it was bogan shit bags … hillarious? Probably not. A good reason for having no safety net on the minimum wage? Damn right!

KaneO 7:34 pm 09 Aug 06

Anyone who would expose the dangly bits in near freezing temperature obviously has no pride, or nothing to be proud of.

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