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Pratt takes a chunk out of Jorian

By johnboy - 16 November 2006 28

Having had the pleasure on being on the receiving end of a Jorian Gardner spray it’s interesting to see in CityNews that he’s copped a savaging from Steve Pratt that required Brendan Smyth to respond to the screams and separate the theatre promoter from the MLA.

“Mr Pratt had earlier forcefully indicated a need to talk to me,” said Gardner. “I was waiting to interview Mr Stefaniak when Mr Pratt came in shouting and led me to an advisor’s office. He then began screaming abuse at me to the point that fellow MLA Brendan Smyth rushed in between us and physically restrained him by pushing him by his shoulders away from me”

In a second article Gardner has Bill Stefaniak’s thoughts on future dark days ahead for the Canberra Liberals.

(It’s stuff like this that makes me avoid the Legislative Assembly like the plague.)

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Pratt takes a chunk out of Jorian
Avacry 5:25 pm 16 Nov 06

I feel much safer knowing that people aren’t carrying guns around as “protection” when they are out on the town, and little emo kids aren’t going to take out their hatred of life at school using the gun out of his dad’s gun cabinet.

Sure they are only as dangerous as the person wielding it, but why permit people to own an item that can so easily take life?

Ralph 4:32 pm 16 Nov 06

I wouldn’t lose any sleep at night over more liberal gun laws. If crims want guns (and they do), they will get them regardless of any anti gun laws.

johnboy 4:13 pm 16 Nov 06

the desire to deprive others of an inanimate object seems like an odd thing to be the sole determinant of your vote…

bonfire 4:08 pm 16 Nov 06

guns are just tools.

smokey2 3:56 pm 16 Nov 06

Makes a change to digging up the Rock spiders ala NSW ALP.

Avacry 3:38 pm 16 Nov 06

There is nothing sensible about more guns.

bonfire 3:17 pm 16 Nov 06

id vote ldp at the next assembly election.

the gun laws make sense to me. im a responsible adult though.

i miss the real democrats.

johnboy 3:09 pm 16 Nov 06

Minor parties are never a wasted vote as long as you keep up your preferences.

Anyone who says different is lying on behalf of the big boys.

Mr Evil 3:05 pm 16 Nov 06

Like The Sands Through The Hour Glass – These Are The Days Of Our Lives!

barking toad 3:05 pm 16 Nov 06

anyone with the name “Jorian” should expect to be yelled at

Absent Diane 2:58 pm 16 Nov 06

thats one of the things that put me off LDP… I found some of there ideas interesting.. but the gun laws irked me. But from their point of view if are you going about preaching civil liberties you can’t exactly say civil liberties for all.. except for you gun lovers.

Avacry 2:51 pm 16 Nov 06

I wouldn’t waste my vote on a minor party. If the Liberal haters out there did vote for the LDP you might be disappointed to find them backing the Liberals more often than Labor in parliament.

… that and they want to have similar firearm laws to those in America …

simto 2:51 pm 16 Nov 06

My issue is that I’m not entirely sure who I dislike more, Pratt or Gardner.

Although I am amused by Jorian’s attempt to reassert his masculinity in the link: “I tried to give as good as I got”. Considering that Jorian’s a bit of a lardass, I think I’d be laying odds on Pratt in that one…

bonfire 2:42 pm 16 Nov 06

the problem is that there are too few assembly members for proper factions to emerge. if they had 30 members, then solid factions woudl emeerge and more stability would ensue.

do i want to see 30 members ?

id like to see 1.

a benevolent dictator, and i know a bloke who can do the job.

Swaggie 2:24 pm 16 Nov 06

The more I read about this mob the more I’m drawn to the site recommended by a poster named Ralph in a previous topic – namely the Liberal Democrats. Big Bill and his cohorts are not fit to be in opposition let alone Government and the prospect of another term for Sonic & Co is an awful one.

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