Probing the polls: the mighty flannie and angry Canberra drivers

Genevieve Jacobs 28 June 2021 30
Canberra drivers

Are Canberra drivers getting angrier? Photo: File.

The people have spoken. Definitively. It’s a flannie.

The warm, comfortable, soft and cozy checked brushed cotton shirt is only a flanno if you’re from Queensland. And sadly for those lovers of deep local lingo, it’s not really a booner doona anymore, according to our poll.

Vigorous discussion here in the Region Media offices on the correct terminology was matched by vigorous commentary from you in the comments. But if there was one thing we all shared, it was a fondness for the garment. Gee, flannies are comfortable.

Shayne Borger held forth on the subject: “A flanno that cost more than $15 is a designer flanno. Best & Less n Lowes had the best n warmest. Haven’t had one for a while but need to stock up for camping.”

Julie Macklin thought we’d erred by not including another option. “Flannelette shirt”, she wrote.

“That’s all I have known them called and what I have always called them. Never heard of the other words before. So, why wasn’t it possible to vote for the Flannelette? I couldn’t vote for names I didn’t know.”

But Bruce Rossel took it one step further.

“Flanno. Make Fridays flanno Fridays – I want it to become a thing!” he declared.

We asked What is the correct local term for a checked brushed cotton shirt? A total of 654 readers voted.

Your choices were to vote Booner doona, for true locals. This received 3 per cent of the total, or 20 votes.

You could also vote Flanno (also, I barrack for the Maroons), and this received 14 per cent of the total or 89 votes. But the winner by far was Flannie, obviously – why would you even ask? receiving a whopping 83 per cent of the total or 545 votes.

This week, we’re wondering whether Canberra drivers have become more aggressive. Zoya Patel thought so in her weekly opinion piece.

“Compared to driving in other cities, I always felt Canberra drivers were generally more reasonable and calm. Our lack of traffic (compared to bigger cities) created a more sensible culture of driving because everyone can always get where they need to go, and usually within 20 minutes,” she wrote.

“Is it just me, or are drivers getting more aggressive? Are we becoming complacent about how risky dangerous driving is and the consequences it can have? Do we need to change the way we monitor and police the roads, or is it time I invest in a dashcam and assume the responsibility myself?”

Our question this week is:

Are Canberra drivers becoming more aggressive?

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30 Responses to Probing the polls: the mighty flannie and angry Canberra drivers
OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 8:18 am 03 Jul 21

71% of respondents say they see dangerous driving on the roads.
Just remember that next time someone says cyclists break the law. Can’t remember the last time I saw a cyclist breaking any law. I see car drivers breaking the law 100% of the time.

Raymond Horne Raymond Horne 2:44 pm 02 Jul 21

AFP ‘Traffic’ copper described Canberra drivers as like having a seven piece band playing music. The band being made up with one member from each of: Rock, Reggae, Rap, Classical, Jazz, Techno & Acapela…all know what they’re doing: but what happens when you put them all on the same stage and say “play this song” ???

Hans Bork Hans Bork 5:01 pm 01 Jul 21

The way people are acting about covid, wanting to save everyone, you'd think the love would be flowing freely

Brad Rogers Brad Rogers 6:56 am 01 Jul 21

Of course they are. There's no policing on the roads....

If you want to see what "defund the police" looks like, look no further than Canberra. The roads are a good example.

Paul Mathews Paul Mathews 7:37 pm 30 Jun 21

yup, and why ? bc they coome from interstate and bring their parachialism with em. Think they can teach Canberrans ppls whow to drive...hand on horn. How I know? Bc 30 yrs ago did the same. Just more of the bogans now. Sociologist

Gerry Satrapa Gerry Satrapa 4:58 pm 30 Jun 21

The roads are more congested at key times. That’s leading to increased impatience

Scott Abela Scott Abela 12:22 pm 30 Jun 21

Its a common comment that you NEVER see marked police patrols on our roads and that drivers are pretty much free to do as they please, tailgate, harass and intimidate others without fear of being caught because the 'speed vans' only look for speed revenue.... Put more marked police traffic patrols on our roads and watch people 'magically' remember all the road rules and drive with courtesy.... for some reason.... 🤔

    Liesa Hindmarsh Liesa Hindmarsh 6:03 pm 30 Jun 21

    Scott Abela I see police cars stopping drivers quite often.

    Scott Abela Scott Abela 7:09 pm 30 Jun 21

    Liesa Hindmarsh marked cop cars..? its usually unmarked cars doing the ticket writing. the problem is they are invisible, on purpose.

    Liesa Hindmarsh Liesa Hindmarsh 7:11 pm 30 Jun 21

    Scott Abela the ones I see are usually marked.

    John Tozer John Tozer 7:24 pm 30 Jun 21

    Liesa Hindmarsh - Duh! They’re not marked so you DON’T see them…!

Tom Henry Tom Henry 7:16 am 30 Jun 21

Pete Henry Sounded like a nightmare last Friday

    Pete Henry Pete Henry 8:04 am 30 Jun 21

    Tom Henry it was a disaster

    Tom Henry Tom Henry 8:27 am 30 Jun 21

    Pete Henry All clear out to QBN this morning

    Tom Henry Tom Henry 8:27 am 30 Jun 21

    Pete Henry Enjoy your end of financial year football

    Pete Henry Pete Henry 8:29 am 30 Jun 21

    Tom Henry how’d you go? drive ok yourself?

    Tom Henry Tom Henry 8:36 am 30 Jun 21

    Pete Henry I was excellent. I was let down badly at the Hindmarsh/Canberra Ave intersection by the drivers in front of me. This is a recurring issue. No urgency. Poor driving.

    Tom Henry Tom Henry 8:36 am 30 Jun 21

    Pete Henry Spin the ball

    Tom Henry Tom Henry 1:04 pm 30 Jun 21

    Pete Henry Spin the ball

    Pete Henry Pete Henry 1:05 pm 30 Jun 21

    Tom Henry you can’t do much about poor driving from others

    Tom Henry Tom Henry 1:07 pm 30 Jun 21

    Pete Henry Blue falcons

Jimmy James Jimmy James 6:52 pm 29 Jun 21

Morons everywhere if your one of them I hope you stub your toe

waldorf waldorf 3:51 pm 29 Jun 21

Could be just my experience, but it usually seems to be a guy in a ute, van or truck – tradies generally. I assume they are either late to a worksite or late coming back from a worksite, but always in such a hurry.

RocketRodd RocketRodd 1:07 pm 29 Jun 21

It was either the blood pressure meds or the retirement which helped me calm down … and I avoid getting out on the roads on Sundays if I can help it. I don’t think the anger is getting worse … it’s always been there. Canberrans don’t know how good they’ve got it compared to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and parts of Adelaide.

Junior Finch Junior Finch 11:34 am 29 Jun 21

ACT has the lowest fatality per 10k people in Australia... why are people trying to make this an issue

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 2:49 pm 29 Jun 21

    Because some people like to complain about things 😆 .

    Peter Ongley Peter Ongley 8:30 pm 29 Jun 21

    Junior Finch that may be true. However, I recently read that ACT drivers have the highest instance of rear end accidents per head of population in all Australia. This makes sense when you see the tailgating every day

Ray Mcgee Ray Mcgee 10:51 am 29 Jun 21

They’re just impatient... that’s the problem.

Michelle Carriage Michelle Carriage 6:21 am 29 Jun 21

I think people are getting dumber behind the wheel how did they obtain a license.... this makes people angry and frustrated.

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