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Public transport not safe

By Joe Canberran - 13 January 2008 27

What is going on it this town?

Last week we had a taxi driver sexually assault a female fare (and I’m sure I read somewhere that her sig other was in the cab with her at the time).

Now it’s the cabbies who aren’t safe with a brawl starting in the City cab rank in the early hours of Saturday morning and the taxis now refusing to pick people up from in town (the CT indicates 50 cab drivers were involved in the City pick-up boycott for last night only but I had heard that it was all cabs and it was an indefinite thing).

And now (can’t find anything online to confirm yet) a mate (not the most reliable of sources, I know) tells me that in the deep south last night a bus had a beer bottle thrown through it’s front window al a what’s been happening in Sydney recently. Can we expect a bus driver’s strike too? or some areas of Canberra to be black listed or become no-go areas for public transport?

It boggles the mind.

[Ed – apologies Adza, who posted a similar story, this came in first.]

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Public transport not safe
Spitfire3 12:46 pm 14 Jan 08

I blame those revenue-raising speed cameras. (hey i can do it too)

Thumper 12:22 pm 14 Jan 08

I blame climate change…

caf 12:06 pm 14 Jan 08

One could also “quite easily” see it as petulance on the part of Aerial that is to blame.

How about: if you don’t like the security at a particular rank, either 1) pay for it to be improved or 2) don’t service it yourself. That’s also “simple”. If Cabxpress is happy to service a rank without security, why should they be forced to pay for it?

Devil_n_Disquiz 11:35 am 14 Jan 08

The paper said something about the new Tax Office being built as being the reason for the cameras not working. The new tax office is no where near Alinga Rank.
Further comments to the rank marshalls elicit this response from me.
I am amused by the reports in the paper today that Cabxpress will not contribute to the costs of security on the Alinga Rank.
Because of the non contribution, Aerial removed security from Alinga Rank, so I guess one could quite easily blame Cabxpress for the brawl that occurred on Friday night and the subsequent strike on Sat night.
I read also that the commissionaire was removed from Canberra Airport also due to Cabxpress refusal to contribute to the cost to keep one there.
So Cabxpress does not want to provide customer service, does not want to provide security for its drivers and is quite happy to be responsible for the removal of security for all Canberra Taxi drivers.
If they won’t/can’t contribute to the costs of support for these ranks, then Cabxpress should be banned from servicing them. Simple.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 9:33 am 14 Jan 08

I was in the City early Saturday morning. It was nuts. People were all over Northbourne Ave. I caught a cab home and had a good ol’ chat with the cabbie. Great bloke.

test 10:47 pm 13 Jan 08

ATM you can’t edit your comments once they are posted – unless you are an admin, in which case almost anything is possible 🙂

Proud Local 10:43 pm 13 Jan 08

Man some of my spelling and grammar in that last post is a disgrace, how do you edit your own posts???

Proud Local 10:42 pm 13 Jan 08

Believe me, the state of the cameras is VERY frustrating. Half the time they don’t work, the other half only some of them work. And then on top of that the controlling mechanisms of the cameras occasionally don’t work either!

I personally think it’s a disgrace and their upkeep is not a high priority in the AFP but someone in their infinite wisdom has decided that its acceptable for them to be done for days/weeks on end.

Yeah their often is cops right in the middle of the interchange just waiting for something to happen but they go for walk around the “Block” every now and then so they can’t be there all the time.

Oh and the whole “brawl” thing was completely overblown by the times as these things often are. It was no worse then the several “brawls” you get every Saturday night in Civic, this one just involved a cabbie. And for the record, Police attended in 3 minutes, not 30…..

simbo 7:28 pm 13 Jan 08

But nobody worthwile is at the pub before 10pm anyway.

And after 11, it’s not so much getting pissed as staying pissed…

Hasdrubahl 5:59 pm 13 Jan 08

Close the pubs at 11:00, that’s what I say.

If you can’t get pissed by 11:00, there’s something wrong with you.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 5:58 pm 13 Jan 08

Fair enough Special G, thanks for the disappointing, if not entirely surprising info –

I certainly wasn’t having a go at the police for the lousy infrastructure they’ve been provided with, either.

Special G 5:49 pm 13 Jan 08

CCTV in the city hasn’t been upgraded since it was first put in. It’s probably broken and simply needs fixing – half the cameras have been pulled out and not replaced with all the work around the city.

I’ve heard an upgrade can be installed almost immediately although the govt won’t sign it off. REad not the Police cameras they just get to look at them.

Deadmandrinking 4:46 pm 13 Jan 08

15 people? How the hell did it get that big? Aren’t there usually sh-tloads of coppers hanging around just out the front of King-o’s nowadays?

el ......VNBerlinaV8 3:39 pm 13 Jan 08

But the event was not recorded by the closed-circuit cameras near the rank. Police said the CCTV was not working at the time of the brawl because of upgrade work.

*Upgrade work* on a Friday night? For f*ck’s sake.

Spectra 3:33 pm 13 Jan 08

Seems to me a head or two needs to roll since it’s emerged that the CCTV camera in the interchange weren’t working. Again. I’m no fan of the whole big-brother aspect, but after they failed to record the Clea Rose incident, and have now failed to record this you have to ask what the hell we spent the money on them for.

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