Queanbeyan City Council smear campaign

The_Phantom 9 September 2008 7

It seems that the dirty political campaign tactics that are usually the domain of Sydney have surfaced in Queanbeyan.

Today I received two pieces of election material in my mail box.

One was from Labor member, Steve Whan supporting the ageing Tom Mavec for Mayor and the ALP candidates. Personally I hate party-politics rearing its ugly head in local government.

Considering the week Whan has had – rolled on his support to privatise our electricity and also snubbed by the new NSW Premier for a Ministry one would have thought that Whan (considering his government have sent NSW broke) would have had more to be concerned about rather than wasting his resources in interfering in our local government elections on Saturday.

The other piece of election material was a small pamphlet smearing Councilors Overall and Stravreas. It was authorised by a Peter Wallace who just happens to be a Labor (Mavec) supporter. He has been giving out Labor How to Vote cards at Pre-poll.

I have received other campaign material this week from Tim Overall, Steve Stravreas, John Barilaro etc and it has been all positive.

It’s a shame that Queanbeyan Labor have got into the gutter.


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7 Responses to Queanbeyan City Council smear campaign
edglass edglass 7:52 pm 22 Nov 10

The_Phantom said “Personally I hate party-politics rearing its ugly head in local government.”

So Phantom, now that (at least) one of your ‘independents’ has now been outed as a member of the National Party, do you still “hate party-politics rearing its ugly head in local government” or are you happy with the fraud that saw Barilaro elected as an ‘independent’?

rugbyskier rugbyskier 1:17 pm 10 Sep 08

I’m not surprised that Mavec would resort to smearing his competitors. I remember him as a mediocre teacher at QHS in the late 70s/early 80s who spent a lot of the lesson time trying to indoctrinate the class. He’s always been a ALP hack since he came out to Australia from the US.

Regarding Cr Overall, I received a pamphlet in my letterbox that detailed a number of his priorities for Queanbeyan and Jerrabomberra, one including investigating ways of integrating cycleways with the ACT network. I rang him about this and he came and met me on a Saturday afternoon and I took him around Jerra and Letchworth, pointing out where some short paths could create a good cycle route for Jerra cyclists to get to Canberra Ave at Harman without riding on the major roads. I appreciated him taking the time to discuss the issue with me.

Aurelius Aurelius 10:57 am 10 Sep 08

Crikey, given that even Adza, who made the claim, admits the ‘broke’ tag is inappropriate, I’ll let my comment stand.

Crikey Crikey 10:46 am 10 Sep 08

Aurelius must be a Labor Party apologist if he doesn’t recognised that NSW is “broke” and that Steve Whan as a Member of the NSW Labor Party has some responsibility for that.

I am sure the people of NSW will reflect their displeasure with the Labor Party and lazy members such as Steve Whan at the next election

Adza Adza 10:18 am 10 Sep 08

Aurelius said :

And NSW is not broke.



In the scheme of things, broke is probably not the best word, but NSW is not in the best economic situation.

Aurelius Aurelius 9:14 am 10 Sep 08

“his government have sent NSW broke”?

He’s only a backbencher, so blame hardly rests with him. And NSW is not broke.
It’d help whatever barrow you’re trying to push if your post reflected something vaguely associated with reality.

Adza Adza 12:11 am 10 Sep 08

I think you’ll find it’s happening in a lot of places… not just Queanbeyan.

Political advertising leading up to elections seem to me more about discrediting the “other guy” rather than promoting yourself.

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