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Queanbeyan greenlights Tralee

By johnboy 13 November 2008 30

The ABC informs us that the controversial Tralee development has gained the approval of Queanbeyan Council.

The proposal is now off for sale to the highest bidder on Sussex Street before the NSW Government makes a decision.

If it goes ahead it might at some point impinge on Terry Snow’s plans to turn Canberra Airport into an international freight hub.

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Queanbeyan greenlights Tralee
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hattown 5:47 pm 15 Nov 08

Tralee isn’t under flight path, that is a fact, the flight paths cant be changed with out rebuilding the runways. Canberra airport as a major international airport, what a joke, tourists want to go to Sydney not canberra as 1st port of call. What about the fog problem in winter canberra can’t operate when under fog, so it will never be a reliable airport. Canberra airport’s Terry Snow wants Googong to go ahead why ??? Its close/under flight path, Is he mates with the developer of Googong ??? YES he is…

hattown 5:40 pm 15 Nov 08

deye said :

Jonathon Reynolds said :

In some respects the building of Tralee will in effect strengthen the need for a 11pm to 6am curfew for Canberra Airport as more residents will be adversely affected by aircraft noise. I can’t imagine the future residents of Tralee being any less vocal than those currently complaining in Jerrabomberra.

Which is why it shouldn’t be built.

No doubt it will be though, so there should be a clause that says something along the lines of “you chose to build next to a flight path, you don’t get to complain about the noise”

ant 11:18 am 14 Nov 08

Good words, Radonezh. Yes, snow is trying to get Canberrans to fight his battle for him, he’s set the pack running by saying Tralee will cause everyone else to have aeroplane noise. This is a furphy! A 24 hour freight airport will have everyone having noise, Tralee or no Tralee. It’s a total red herring, it’s a trick. Whenever an aeroplane wakes up a suburb, he’ll say it’s because of Tralee.

It won’t just be ACT people copping the noise either, the whole region will suffer. And just to line the pockets of one rich man.

radonezh 10:59 am 14 Nov 08

The proposed development at Tralee is not under the current flightpath, but it is outside of the Noise Abatement Zone (just as much of Gungahlin is)

sepi 10:53 am 14 Nov 08

Building under a flightpath is a stupid idea.

But the lack of an airport curfew is a bigger problem for Canberra.

radonezh 10:47 am 14 Nov 08

p1 said :

It should be in the contract if you purchase a house there that you can not complain about the noise, no matter how bad it gets…

I don’t mind people venting such thoughts to get them off their chests, but realistically, you have no power at all to demand such unreasonable things.

I mean to say, much of Gungahlin is also not in the Noise Abatement Corridor either, yet Mr Snow is attempting to rouse the ire of the residents there to get them to oppose another development on the other end of town. Gungahlin WILL suffer more noise as a result of his plans, regardless of whether Tralee goes ahead or not. He is attempting to get Gungahlin to fight Jerra as a distraction to his plans.

The guy can see some really, really big dollars coming out of his future plans. Good on him, but the rights of the taxpaying voters should not be impinged on by big business (particularly since the land his business is on is not even under ACT jurisdiction and, as I understand it, he pays none of the usual local land taxes and is not subject to leasehold provisions as are the other businesses in Canberra).

Neither should the community bend over backwards to accommodate a plan that will not be injecting all that much money back into the Canberra/QBN economy at all. Most of the money will go to the freight forwarders, whose head offices are in Sydney and Melbourne (or overseas), as well as to Mr Snow himself.

Conversely, the people who will live in Tralee, will mostly be direct contributors to the local economy – they will work locally, buy their goods locally (both in Canberra and QBN), pay rates locally, and when they build their houses, the builders and labourers who build them will mostly be local too.

p1 9:22 am 14 Nov 08

I can’t imagine the future residents of Tralee being any less vocal than those currently complaining in Jerrabomberra.

It should be in the contract if you purchase a house there that you can not complain about the noise, no matter how bad it gets…

ant 11:18 pm 13 Nov 08

Wake up, people. Tralee won’t cause you all to have planes coming over at night: this WILL happen with or without Tralee. If we have a busy 24 hour airport, there will be air traffic over all parts of Canberra and the surrounding region 24 hours.

The air traffic has been steadily increasing over the past few years. I live ESE of the airport, and have observed a lot more planes coming in at all times of day, including coming over midnight, and in the after-midnights. But we ain’t seen nothing yet. If we don’t get a curfew in, things are going to get very unpleasant.

shiny flu 8:22 pm 13 Nov 08

Town Planning: 1% intelligent architects, 9% stubborn politicians and 90% stuck-up ignorant Vogon-esque bureaucrats/advisors.

Felix the Cat 7:23 pm 13 Nov 08

Mr Evil said :

don’t whinge if a B747 wakes you at 3am as it arrives at Canberra Airport with another load of Euro or Asian porn for the shops in Fyshwick!

3am you say…Euro porn…mmmmm 😉

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