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Queanbeyan’s winds of change

By The_Phantom - 14 September 2008 47

Queanbeyan City has a new Mayor and a new Council.

Tim Overall has romped in as Mayor with over 45% of the vote.

Overall thrashed the Labor candidate, Tom Mavec and the two candidates that former Mayor Frank Pangallo had backed, Ann Rocca and Kerry White.

Pangallo gave out How to Vote cards at a City booth for his close friend Ann Rocca but failed to get her over the line.

The ALP vote collapsed across Queanbeyan. Local Member, Steve Whan who handed out How to Vote cards at Karabar High School looked gloomy and disheartened.

After Whan’s full support to privatise electricity his future must be in grave doubt.

A number of new Councilors have been elected including Velice Trajanoski, Trudy Taylor and John Barilaro.

Barilaro’s election was impressive. He had the third highest vote at all eight booths, even out-voting the likes of sitting Councilors such as Ann Rocca, Kerry White, Sue Jarvis and Steve Stravreas.

After years of living under the dark shadow of Frank Pangallo, Queanbeyan has new found spirit and hope.

Canberra can now put up with cranky Franky!

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47 Responses to
Queanbeyan’s winds of change
Aurelius 11:22 am 15 Sep 08

Crikey: correction –

Granny 11:21 am 15 Sep 08

ant said :

Granny, can you please photocopy your button and send it to us all?

To Ant


You’d better hope that the postman knows Santa!

Aurelius 11:21 am 15 Sep 08


Crikey 11:17 am 15 Sep 08

I wish you guys/gals had the balls to name the ‘expensive campaign candidate’ so we in the Land of Stanhope knew who the bloody hell you are talking about.

Aurelius 11:14 am 15 Sep 08

Bucket hats? You saying we should wear buckets on our heads???
I’ll be getting a RiotAct pin once I get around to going to one of these SimCity things, so I can pay JB for one.

ant 11:08 am 15 Sep 08

Chuckle! I was handing out stuff for the rural residential party (Progressive Palerang), and had the savage little dog.

It was a very interesting day, Marjason was there and it was nice to meet him. He seemed to know every second voter! It was great to chat to the Community First people also, and I voted for them and Progressive Palerang. Delighted to see that Catherine got (I think) the highest number of first preference votes. Yay!

Teh expensive campaign candidate was also there. It’ll be intersting to see the final makeup of the council, to see how things go. One thing’s for sure, it’ll be a more civil, positive council. I fervently hope.

Granny, can you please photocopy your button and send it to us all? What we need is Riotact hats or something. Bucket hats would be good.

Granny 10:57 am 15 Sep 08

I have a RiotACT button!!

Loquaciousness 10:53 am 15 Sep 08

Aurelius said :

Ant, I was hoping that he who ran the expensive campaign would fail. But I guess money can buy profile. But I glad to hear the green-aligned people increased their haul.

Oh how I hate that man (he of the expensive campaign – if it is who I think). It seems one can purchase a place on the council. Why is it that we a have a broke council, so we vote in the man who has not a single policy that states how it is to be paid for?

I despair.

By the way ant – I probably saw you there, but didn’t realise who you were. We should all go around with buttons saying “I’m a RiotACTer” or something, so we can recognise each other in the street …


Aurelius 10:45 am 15 Sep 08

Ant, I was hoping that he who ran the expensive campaign would fail. But I guess money can buy profile. But I glad to hear the green-aligned people increased their haul.

Granny 10:31 am 15 Sep 08

Well done those Palerang voters!

ant 10:24 am 15 Sep 08

Our shire had its elections on the weekend too. Our council is walking broke and there was a strong mood for change. I was handing out how to votes in Bungendore, and the initial results, as far as I can work them out, are that the green-orientated group got 2 in (one was a previous councillor who acted as whistleblower on some council activities and who took on the development-minded bloc), at least one of the rural residential party got in, the incumbant mayor and one other on his party got in, and an independant who has run a very expensive campaign got in.

It’s quite frustrating trying to find out results of non-metropolitan elections. The website shows raw numbers, but we need more info re preferences to see teh final makeup of Palerang Council. So far though, it will be a vast improvement on the old one.

Crikey 10:13 am 15 Sep 08

Yes, John is his Father.

I also understand that Tim Overall was the CEO of the NSW Ambulance Service so he has good credentials.

Wide Boy Jake 9:23 am 15 Sep 08

Is Tim Overall any relation to Sir John Overall who was boss of the old NCDC (the ACT planning authority) back in the 1970s and 80s?

Knows Best 10:52 pm 14 Sep 08

Thank god Pangallo has gone!!! Yes I can imagine him handing out how to vote cards for his very very very (wink) good friend Ann Rocca. Frank has been a despot on Queanbeyan for years. He has wasted $2m on the white elepant carpark in Collett St, just wasted $2m on those horrible pavers in the mainstreet and has cost the careers of many fine staff he has trampled over in the last 20 years.

Canberra you are very welcome to have Pangallo.

Morgan 10:40 pm 14 Sep 08

We wont vote for him. I saw him on the news voting yesterday in QBN; I’m going to vote for someone who actually lives here.

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