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Quickest driving school?

By b4405532 - 22 January 2012 37

Hi, I don’t have the time to buff-up for the Government test, and I want to get the task of obtaining my license out of the way before my hectic uni schedule sets in, so I was wondering:

What driving school in Canberra is fastest for completing the logbook?

NB: I know it’s based on individual ability, but are there some schools that are more lenient on ticking off competencies than others??

[ED – let’s confine answers to the topic of the question as asked]

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Quickest driving school?
SupaSal 1:55 am 23 Jan 12

you want it quickly I suggest doing the Gov Test – takes all of 30mins and if you can drive you get your licence if you don’t pass clearly you need more supevised practice

b4405532 11:31 pm 22 Jan 12

Also, the 50 hours are only recommended by the A.C.T. Government, not required.

b4405532 11:29 pm 22 Jan 12

Actually, my plan was to get my P’s ASAP, then take some additional driving “lessons” with the fam in my spare time.

Henry82 11:07 pm 22 Jan 12

Honestly, if you can’t put aside a minimum of 10 hours for driving, then you shouldn’t have a license.

dundle 10:01 pm 22 Jan 12

I’m not sure it’s entirely ethical to ask/answer that as it should be entirely based on how competent you are and if you are not competent and they are being lenient, that’s illegal.

On the other hand, asking if any seem to particularly delay you would be a more reasonable question.

I honestly can’t think of one though – seeing all my friends and myself learn to drive from different schools a few years ago and nobody went surprisingly faster than anyone else or said their instructor was a pushover. Just grab some recommendations in terms of nice instructors and you should be fine if you can drive.

jayskette 9:30 pm 22 Jan 12

Don’t forget to tell us which uni and subject – so we can give you the lecturers’ names which can give you pass marks with minimum effort!

Voytek 7:54 pm 22 Jan 12

This just about sums up the average Canberra driver. “It doesn’t matter that I cant drive – just give me a licence”

Do us all a favour and keep off the roads. There are already enough inept drivers in Canberra.

GardeningGirl 7:18 pm 22 Jan 12

Apologies for this non-answer but I have to say +1 for the above replies and suggest this thread might also become a resource for people looking which quick and lenient driving schools to avoid?

milkman 7:11 pm 22 Jan 12

The path of least resistance is what makes rivers and people crooked.

eily 6:50 pm 22 Jan 12

Lessons are well and good, leastwise you shouldn’t gain too many bad habits.

But I have just one question: If you’re in such a hurry, how do you plan on getting your fifty hours of driving practice up, which you need to pass your log book?

Unless you have already done them? In which case there is no problem.

But, as you say you want to get you’re licence fast, and if you haven’t done your hours, are you going to get someone to lie and sign you off?

No wonder ‘p’ platers are lousy drivers if they all do as you seem to plan on doing.

schmeah 6:45 pm 22 Jan 12

I got my P plates while studying full time at uni, managed to squeeze lessons into my ‘hectic’schedule while also working, so get real. You want to drive a car, learn the ropes seriously. The last thing society needs is another invincible P-Plater who thinks they know everything behind the wheel of what is potentially a lethal weapon.

Schools who are ‘lenient’ about ticking off competencies .. I reckon the local plod should have a plug at finding the veracity of that claim.

Derangedfairy 6:32 pm 22 Jan 12

Grant at Serenity driving school. Not dodgy, but efficient and knows his stuff. Won’t rip you off.

Stinger 6:30 pm 22 Jan 12

You can’t take short cuts when learning to take control of a lethal weapon. Do it right first time round and get good instruction. Cutting corners will lead one of two places, jail for inadvertant manslaughter or the morgue.
You made it to Uni, your smart enough to make the right choice.

tonys 6:22 pm 22 Jan 12

Let’s hope all schools operate at the same pace, no need for cowboys teaching others how to be cowboys.

Cheap 6:12 pm 22 Jan 12

Pretty sure there is a minimum number of lessons to gain your license – something like 10 lessons? That’s because you can only tick off a certain number of competencies per lesson (as well as only 2 lessons per week, from memory)

That said, many of the smaller schools will illegally finish in as few as 4 lessons, depending on the instructor.

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