Radio crew give Queanbeyan something to sing about

Michael Weaver 21 September 2019 36

Mix 106.3FM morning show host Nige, in the parody to Queanbeyan. Photo: Screenshot.

While sittin’ at the table deciding which Canberra suburb to parody next, the morning crew from Mix 106.3FM threw the rule book out the window … and it landed in Queanbeyan.

To the strains of Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler, 106.3 has immortalised our cousins over the border with a song about a man on a bus bound for Queanbeyan.

“Our suburb songs are always really popular, but for a place like Queanbeyan, that was always going to be the best one ever,” the executive producer of the Kristen and Nige Breakfast Show, Tamara Cartwright, told Region Media.

“Usually we spin a wheel to pick a suburb, and whatever comes up, we write a song about it. We get our listeners to call up and tell us what makes their suburb special and what song we should sing it to.”

This week, breakfast show presenters Nigel Johnson, Kristen Davidson and newsreader Kate Rice dedicated an entire song to what they say is the spiritual home of Canberra and also the Raiders – Queanbeyan.

Watch it below.

The video immediately went viral, attracting more than 300 comments, 600 shares and more than 21,000 views.

“Obviously everyone is very proud of their suburbs in Canberra, and we do the parodies because we want to celebrate all our listeners and everyone in the Canberra community with these songs. When we did our first one about Kambah, we knew we were on to something,” Tamara said.

“Nige said that we can’t forget about Queanbeyan as it’s the spiritual home of Canberra and the Raiders, but they’re over in NSW and they’re technically not a suburb. He was very keen to show them some love, so he wrote the song in an afternoon and came up with The Gambler to sing it to.

“Usually, we do just a parody of a suburb for 90 seconds or two minutes, but Queanbeyan was our first full whole song with the chorus and everything. We put everything into that song. This is one of the biggest years for the Raiders, so we just had to go large.”

The song mentions the famous green sausages at Lindbeck’s Butchery, Seiffert Oval and the bowlo.

Tamara said they weren’t surprised the video went viral.

“We love seeing friends tagging each other and the local businesses that we mention. We knew Quangers would be big, but we were still surprised that this one went as big as it did.

“It’s so beautiful that we get so many messages from people saying they are singing the song in their car on repeat, so it’s really nice that we can bring everyone together like that,” Tamara said.

Like the song says, “save yourself a house deposit, and move to Queanbeyan”.

Mix 106.3FM’s parody to Queanbeyan. Photo: Screenshot.

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36 Responses to Radio crew give Queanbeyan something to sing about
Jane Baines Jane Baines 8:22 am 23 Sep 19

Good ole Queanbo.

Linda D'Arsiè Linda D'Arsiè 10:04 pm 22 Sep 19

Bloody great mate! Love these suburb parody’s. Thank you guys! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Karen Brown Karen Brown 1:11 pm 22 Sep 19

Jarrett Miller Courtney Brown this is the best 😜😂

Casey Cadona Casey Cadona 11:29 pm 21 Sep 19

Justine Fievez I miss Q town, loved living there!

Michelle Burge Michelle Burge 9:54 pm 21 Sep 19

Al Danvers check this out!

Michael Kummle Michael Kummle 8:53 pm 21 Sep 19

Queanbeyan is a auburb that I have lived in for the first 18 years of my life. I am still around Canberra but come to Queanbeyan from time to time. These are memories that I will cherish forever!

Kirsty Ross Kirsty Ross 7:42 pm 21 Sep 19

When will they do one about Macgregor?

Michael Weston Michael Weston 6:37 pm 21 Sep 19

Classic check this out Sharon Newham it was writ for you!

Tracey Franzman Tracey Franzman 5:43 pm 21 Sep 19

Ha! Daniel Boswell Tenae Bailie I'm sure this will make you miss living there!😂😂

Carina Sinbandhit Carina Sinbandhit 5:16 pm 21 Sep 19


    Annaliese Murdoch Annaliese Murdoch 10:02 pm 21 Sep 19

    Carina I mean all I can relate to is a house deposit. Also what is this snail business?

    Carina Sinbandhit Carina Sinbandhit 10:18 pm 21 Sep 19


Heather Whisker Heather Whisker 4:43 pm 21 Sep 19

Very well done

Zac Bryant Zac Bryant 4:00 pm 21 Sep 19

Emma Jeffries classic bogan Queanbeyan. All these reasons to not move there...

Sue Mckellar Sue Mckellar 3:44 pm 21 Sep 19

So gooooooood

April Rowley April Rowley 1:48 pm 21 Sep 19

except we don't have a central cafe anymore and haven't for some time!

Natasha Blaskovic Natasha Blaskovic 12:12 pm 21 Sep 19

Tracey Campbell Kathryn Smith Maria Perre soo good 👏👏👏😉🤣🤣🤣

Shanly Cheeter Shanly Cheeter 11:54 am 21 Sep 19

Leisa Cowie incase you missed all of it the other day x

    Leisa Cowie Leisa Cowie 12:06 pm 21 Sep 19

    Shanly Cheeter OMG Thank you, I was looking for this

    Shanly Cheeter Shanly Cheeter 12:17 pm 21 Sep 19

    Leisa Cowie I got your back girl 😏

Aleksandar Gjorsoski Aleksandar Gjorsoski 10:49 am 21 Sep 19

Phillip Hansen Good listen

Anna Errington Anna Errington 10:34 am 21 Sep 19

You guys are awesome!

Ali Carrera Ali Carrera 10:31 am 21 Sep 19

ElizabethHannah pretty much ready to move to QBN right now 🤷‍♀️

    Elizabeth Zoneff Elizabeth Zoneff 11:09 am 21 Sep 19

    Join the dark side Ali, 2620 is where it's at

Victoria Jackson Victoria Jackson 9:52 am 21 Sep 19


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