Raiders 37 – Roosters 28

johnboy 17 April 2007 18

The Raiders seem to have a taste for Monday nights. The Australian reports that they triumphed 37-28 over the hated Rorters last night.

Did our Raiders fans have fun?

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18 Responses to Raiders 37 – Roosters 28
Genie Genie 5:27 pm 19 Apr 07

the Raiders do have a friday night match coming up – Its even a home game.

Its just some Variety would be nice… the other weekend the sunday arvo match was Panthers/Titans with the following friday nights matches being both Panthers vs Para and Titans vs Broncos…

Enough of the same 4 or 5 teams.. Please!!

Ralph Ralph 2:28 pm 19 Apr 07

They keep running Broncos (live in Brisbane, delayed elsewhere) Friday nights to get the peak Brisbane audience.

Expect all Friday night games to be:

Sydney team v Sydney team; and

Qld team v Sydney/Qld team.

It looks like Monday night games might be left for the dreg match of each round.

Genie Genie 2:11 pm 19 Apr 07

Raiders next home game is a Sunday arvo – May 6th

But in regards to the useless Nine network picking televised games up to 8 weeks in advance – seriously do we need to have a bronco’s game televised EVERY BLOODY WEEK ? Thought we were getting a break this weekend with Friday night being the Test match (although half the team are Bronco’s anyways) but no low and behold Sunday NIGHT footy is the Brisbane broncos.. and guess what the following friday – AGAIN Brisbane Broncos… How many games have they won ?????????

If anyone from the Nine network reads this – GIVES US SOME VARIETY!!! we cant all afford foxtel.

Ralph Ralph 8:34 am 19 Apr 07

I think the timing of the games in each week of the draw is usually set around 8 weeks in advance, with Channel Nein usually getting first pick of what games they want to show. The Raiders have a Friday night game coming up at the end of May.

So far the patronage at the Monday games for the Raiders has been very good at around 15,000 for each of the two. It will be interesting to see how this compares with Monday night games held elsewhere.

With Canberrans generally being a bit weird I suspect that we will probably attend more Monday night games than in other places.

junkett junkett 1:37 am 19 Apr 07

RE “…I hope the Riot-Act will start extending as much coverage/threads to the Raiders as they do to the Brumbies.”

We have lots of sports nuts ACT people in all codes of the game…er, but a Cricket team and even soccer might be nice.

I’m an ACT Brumbies nut, and happy Raider’s nut as well. (I admit I had temporarily given up on the Raiders when blokes like Woolford were involved, what a tosser. The Fagons can have him.)

There’s going to be plenty of NRL talk don’t worry. Bury their wooden spoon predictions right up ’em I reckon! I honestly dunno if the Raider’s are drawn to get any more home games on Monday nights. The second one we had during school holidays was good for the gate, but what a good turn out. Even with the fudging that happens in any code, what a good crowd! Home games last year were only getting 8-9k people. In all shows the interest in a young team though.

Discussion started?

johnboy johnboy 12:10 am 19 Apr 07

BTW if someone wants to pay for my tickets and beer I’m happy to get more thorough with the Raiders reportage.

johnboy johnboy 11:11 pm 18 Apr 07

That issue is covered in the FAQ.

Get cracking.

Mess Mess 10:31 pm 18 Apr 07

The Attack from both teams was ok, but maybe that was due to pretty apalling defence. I hope the Riot-Act will start extending as much coverage/threads to the Raiders as they do to the Brumbies.

edlang edlang 2:21 pm 18 Apr 07

That was one of the worst, and most thoroughly entertaining, games I’ve attended.

Mess Mess 1:57 pm 18 Apr 07

Thanks s4anta

S4anta S4anta 1:18 pm 18 Apr 07
S4anta S4anta 1:18 pm 18 Apr 07


Mess Mess 12:40 pm 18 Apr 07

Does anyone know anything more about the headbutting contoversy that came out of the Raiders game between Amos Roberts and Neville Costigan?

Mess Mess 4:41 pm 17 Apr 07

Lincon Withers scored try of the season only to have it disallowed. Great game. Neil Henry needs to improve the Raiders defence though

schmerica_ schmerica_ 2:27 pm 17 Apr 07

There were some bad decisions made by the ref last night. Entertaining game though. Who could know what would have happened if the ref didn’t miss things or the touchies were watching properly.

Genie Genie 2:00 pm 17 Apr 07

The game was amazing, very entertaining for the crowd.. Bring on monday night footy every week in Canberra. Dont think the Raiders games have had that much atmosphere for awhile.

The $8 Promo ticket made it worth while too!!!

Although have to admit I would of been happy to go home after 10mins watching ‘that slap’ over and over again!!

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 1:34 pm 17 Apr 07

Courageous effort with TLL, Carney, Costigan and Thurling all knocked out at one stage, and Zillman carried off the paddock with a Sylar style cut to the head…

Big crowd of almost 16000 too – and everyone except the chooks fans went home happy.

Sammy Sammy 10:08 am 17 Apr 07

It was nothing like their performance against the Knights, but they won, so that is all that matters.

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