Raiders destroy Bulldogs

Mess 22 June 2008 13

The Canberra Raiders have enjoyed their second away win of the season, destroying the Canterbury Bulldogs 58 – 18 in Sydney last night. Rabbitohs bound Colin Best had his most impressive game for the Raiders this season bagging 4 trys in a man of the match performance.

The Raiders, who have been fairly ordinary away from home this season, carried their impressive form from last week and from the kick off started piling on the points, leading 16 nil after just 20 minutes of play. The Bulldogs were able to get within two points just before the break, but a Canberra try late in the first half saw the score go to 26-18. In the second half it was all Raiders, who seemed to be able to score at will.

Granted the Bulldogs were missing a few players, but so are the Raiders who have 9 regular first grade players out with injury. The only sour note to the whole night came when Todd Carney limped off with an ankle injury late in the second half, he is due to undergo some scans on Monday.

The next Raiders home game is against the Sharks on Monday 30th of June, and kick off is at 7pm. If we can continue this sort of form throughout the last half of the season, we should easily make the top 8. Go Raiders!

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13 Responses to Raiders destroy Bulldogs
Stung Stung 3:18 pm 24 Jun 08

appreciate your point greeneyed, the young side is going well.. but good teams can win away.

I’m just sayin..

Thumper Thumper 12:41 pm 24 Jun 08

Whoops, I posted in the wrong thread.

Was in Brissy on the weekend and watching the game. The Queenslanders were going off. I think they hate the dogs as much as raiders fans do 😉

Good to see the Raiders whoop the bulldogs arses…

let’s hope they can keep up the form.

greeneyed greeneyed 12:32 pm 24 Jun 08

In response to Stung… the Raiders beat the Dogs by a huge margin… when the Raiders are every bit as hit by injury as the Bulldogs. The previous weekend, when to the horror of all those in the Sunshine State, Brisbane was beaten by the “lowly and untouchable Raiders”, all we heard about was how badly hit by injury the Broncos were… not a word about the Raiders having about 10 first graders on the sideline. They are performing well at the moment and have every chance of making the eight… in a year when all the Sydney critics tipped them for the spoon… again!

Mutto Mutto 9:49 am 24 Jun 08

Joel Monahan has been selected in the centres for NSW in Origin III

Stung Stung 4:03 pm 23 Jun 08

I don’t wanna be the raiders hater, I like them but how many DECENT teams have they beaten away from home this season?? Has there been any?

I dont think flogging a bulldogs side missing most of their best players counts for much.

Sure, there is “a chance” of the raiders making the top 8… but come on .. its just not gonna happen this year.

Lozza McLoz Lozza McLoz 1:46 pm 23 Jun 08

“your kidding if you think they will make the top 8.”

There’s only 10 F+A points between the Raiders and the Team in 8th Spot! There is a realistic chance of the Raiders making it into the 8.

realityskin realityskin 12:58 pm 23 Jun 08

Stung said :

Great work by the Raiders but your kidding if you think they will make the top 8. If they do scrape in, they will be knocked out in their first game away from Canberra unfortunately…

Uhm they killed the Bulldogs , away from home.

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 11:20 am 23 Jun 08

sniff sniff 🙁

Stung Stung 9:41 am 23 Jun 08

Great work by the Raiders but your kidding if you think they will make the top 8. If they do scrape in, they will be knocked out in their first game away from Canberra unfortunately…

New Yeah New Yeah 9:10 am 23 Jun 08

I didn’t see the game but heard the call on 666. By the sound of it, the Raiders bombed a few tries too. That’s lucky for the Doggies, as the scoreline could have been a lot worse, but not so good for the Raiders. If the Raiders are to break into the top 8, they will probably need to be a bit more clinical in their finishing. Go Raiders!

Mess Mess 8:47 pm 22 Jun 08

Thanks junkett, Im a little tired of that spin too, but I published my view about that on Zeds post.

junkett junkett 8:35 pm 22 Jun 08

Spot on VG. Raiders on the front page of “that” rag? Some Riot fans are going to love that heh heh heh.
Good spin on your post too Mess. Rather that the Sydney centric “Bulldogs played bad” whinge, you’ve actually pointed out that the Raider’s had to turn up and play good footy!

vg vg 6:08 pm 22 Jun 08

Please don’t publish too much about the Raiders. It might push Zed’s monthly download limit over the top and deprive them of 30 secs of online time with his/her/it’s Second Life and online war gaming mates

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