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Rally for Same Sex Civil Unions – Sat 2nd Feb, 1pm

By simbo - 30 January 2008 75

(from a press release)

Join us on February 2nd, 1pm, outside the ACT Legislative Assembly to rally for same sex civil unions. This is a peaceful protest to stand up for the original version of the Civil Unions Bill that allows for official ceremonies. We support the ACT Legislative Assembly’s efforts in discarding archaic prejudiced norms that are not representative of our community. We urge Federal Labor to reject party room pressure and take the ethical vantage point agreed upon by 60% of the Australian population.

In 2008 let’s get the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex community the most basic of rights.

Let’s get our civil unions.

What’s Your opinion?

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75 Responses to
Rally for Same Sex Civil Unions – Sat 2nd Feb, 1pm
JD114 1:59 pm 30 Jan 08

Sounds like a good place to pick up. Not.

Skidbladnir 1:49 pm 30 Jan 08

While offtopic, and not actually about humans getting married to humans with similar\different\exotic bits…
What -is- the difference between transgender and transsexual then?
*had assumed gender and sex were respectively a cultural\social identity and a biological identifier*

howdy 1:36 pm 30 Jan 08

Ooops I screwed up, being ‘interdependent’ does actually fall under the ‘dependent’ definition as an additional ruling they brought in a few years ago. But same sex couples still don’t meet the spouse definition.

howdy 1:31 pm 30 Jan 08

Although the superannuation rules are not as fair and ‘equal’ fortunately there is an ability for same sex couples to claim super under an ‘interdependent’ relationship.

Definition can be found on form such as these:

Still, it would be nice for the govt to recognise same sex couples as ‘dependents’. In the same way someones kids or husband/wife would be recognised…

Crikey 1:00 pm 30 Jan 08

Perhaps simbo meant ‘in to sex’ not ‘inter sex’!!! Anyway, I’ll be there .

Danman 12:58 pm 30 Jan 08

I have mates who have been together in a homosexual relationship for plus 10 years. Thye have children from former marriages. It saddens me that as much as they love eachother as much as I love my wife, they are not afforded simple civil liberties such as what a regular married or defacto couple are entitled to such as enduring power of attorney and access to their partners superannuation should a death occur.

Funnily enough though – if they were sneaky they could both get simgle parent allowance regardless of the fact that they have group bank accounts. being gainfully employed in nursing and the APS neither of them do that. Not saying that it does not happen….In any case, I support gay rights. The bible and judicial system are archaic and legislation should be changed to reflect current society.

V twin venom 12:39 pm 30 Jan 08

Thank you

Mr Evil 12:37 pm 30 Jan 08

No doubt Resistance and the ISO will turn up with their usual 4000 placards about 4000 different issues – none of which will relate to the event at hand!

Skidbladnir 12:27 pm 30 Jan 08

Correction (sorry to any people I may have offended by my ignorance)

1) Adjective:
Biology. Having both male and female characteristics, including in varying degrees reproductive organs, secondary sexual characteristics, and sexual behavior, as a result of an abnormality of the sex chromosomes .

2) noun:
An individual displaying such characteristics.

V twin venom 12:25 pm 30 Jan 08

Nope, still don’t get it. Sounds like transgender.

Skidbladnir 12:13 pm 30 Jan 08

Their bits and hormones have been brought into line with what they feel their bits and hormones should be?
*is also unsure what an intersex does*

V twin venom 11:54 am 30 Jan 08

simbo, you and your friends have my full support in the pursuit of basic rights. Could you please explain for us uneducated folk what exactly defines someone as ‘intersex’.

Holden Caulfield 11:31 am 30 Jan 08

Despite the inevitable gags, innuendo and cries of disappointment at a headline to this article that won’t even grab Jessica Wright’s attention, I wish the supporters of this rally the very best.

Ari 11:25 am 30 Jan 08

Who’ll be bringing up the rear?

wishuwell 11:17 am 30 Jan 08

Would like to join you but i’ll be washing my hair.

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