Rape victim held with her Attacker

Jazz 21 June 2005 20

Every so often those of us who conisder ourselves ‘normal’ get freakish insights into the underside of this city. A place where all sorts of screwed up people live and regularly break those laws we take for granted. In this abc online piece I am unsurprised to learn that that after being drugged, beaten and raped, a sixteen year old girl was then locked up by police for also being in breach of a warrant. On finding herself in the same lockup as the man who raped her, she’s then tried to kill herself.

A fine piece of detective work by our local constabulary. Could this have been an admin bungle or an innovative means of reducing warrant offenders?

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20 Responses to Rape victim held with her Attacker
Rocket Rocket 2:41 pm 23 Jun 05

Don’t paramedics provide medical treatment? Isn’t there a Government Doctor who provides medical services for the police, i.e. at the watch house if required?

Unfortunate the she saw this bloke but I’d imagine she may have to see him a few more times before this thing goes away.

And if you’ve ever seen an arrest warrant the wording isn’t optional, it commands all police officers to apprehend and is signed by a Magistrate. I think some of you are going off half cocked based on very scant information. You should all have a Bex and lie down and wait for all the facts to come out.

Ralph Ralph 10:20 am 23 Jun 05

That’s not you vg, is it?

Special G Special G 10:05 am 23 Jun 05

Good call.

Tool Tool 5:14 pm 22 Jun 05

I accept your comments, however in this situation the ‘victim’ was not overly co-operative with police in the first instance – when sense could be made all the correct/appropriate procedures were adhered to.

A victim of a sexual assault can only be looked after if they are willing – can you suggest another way a sexual assault examination can be performed bearing in mind it has to be done by consent if the ‘victim’ is being extremely violent? All B.S aside, you can show compassion/empathy/sympathy/the works, but if the person you are trying to hurt starts to turn it on, they can go think about it in a cell where the only person they have a chance of hurting is theselves…

Don’t forget people, police don’t do this job just to piss you all off, they do it because they have a common purpose which is believe it or not to help people… for those who disagree and consider themselves holier than holy – sign up and do the work yourself, it is far too easy to be an armchair critic whose only dealings with criminals is Law and Order and CSI.

johnboy johnboy 8:38 pm 21 Jun 05

Oh and Nick, are you saying by implication that we have other watchouses which are not operational?

johnboy johnboy 8:37 pm 21 Jun 05

Oh, and for the benefit of google I’d like to associate the name of Steven David Cousins with this alleged crime.

Fiona Fiona 8:14 pm 21 Jun 05

I didn’t assume they were in the same cell, I assumed that the situtation was the guy was taken back there straight away, while she was being looked over why the police and ambulance, then they took her back to the place and she saw the guy on the way to wherever her cell was, and freaked.

johnboy johnboy 8:10 pm 21 Jun 05

ABC Online is reporting that Minister Hargreaves thinks the police procedure used is bonza.

Police Minister John Hargreaves told the Assembly he has full confidence in the actions of the police.

johnboy johnboy 7:04 pm 21 Jun 05

Tool, no-one is sayng she shouldn’t have been held.

They’re saying she should have been taken to hospital.

And last I checked we were still innocent until proven guilty.

So all you know is that she’d been charged with something and skipped on the bail.

Not a good look but it doesn’t mean she’d done anything wrong, and in any case in this situation, at age 16, in need of medical attention.

Thumper Thumper 6:41 pm 21 Jun 05

I still think Bulldog’s comment about CMs jollying their way around the god Ole US of AY is rather relevant.

Actually, when I lived in DC back in the late 70s, early 80s, I’m positive there was no grand botanical gardens in DC. If someone can tell me otherwise then so be it.


Tool Tool 5:40 pm 21 Jun 05

People, you cannot honestly think that these two were in the same cell! Once both would have been lodged, the only possibility of them running into each other would be at Court the next day. A fine example of how limited information can bring a whole new perception.

Until you have first hand knowledge of the people involved don’t make assumptions. People don’t get locked up on warrants etc if they have never done anything wrong……

bulldog bulldog 4:58 pm 21 Jun 05

Truly beggars belief.

What more can you say other than another classic example of what happens when dollars are misappropriated. What sort of city are we in when the chief minister and his cronies are on a grand junket it the States and we can’t afford enough cells in the CBD watch-house?

Thumper Thumper 3:27 pm 21 Jun 05

Valid comments by both Fiona and Nik….

Sad state of affairs both way….

Fiona Fiona 3:26 pm 21 Jun 05

nik, wouldn’t you think that whether the girl was in breach of bail or not, the priority should be to get her check out in a hospital, given she’d been assaulted and drugged? What about taking her there, and giveing her the treatment and checkups needed, with a police escount/guard/whatever?

Fiona Fiona 3:19 pm 21 Jun 05


Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 3:02 pm 21 Jun 05

Um people, we only have one opperational watchhouse in this city. what do you expect?

Ralph Ralph 1:17 pm 21 Jun 05

What an absolute disgrace. Fair dinkum.

Indi Indi 1:16 pm 21 Jun 05

That’s just straight out inquiry material!

Absent Diane Absent Diane 1:09 pm 21 Jun 05

To me it sounds like a cock up of monumental proportions Not too hard to guess with this event occured though

Special G Special G 1:04 pm 21 Jun 05

Sounds innovative but the paperwork on the death in custody would be hell.

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