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Rebecca Massey breaches bail, gets more bail, living in Ngunnawal

By johnboy 10 June 2010 64

The Canberra Times informs us that alleged knife murderer Rebecca Massey has breached her bail by having ex-boyfriend and alleged evidence concealer Michael Marshall around to her Ngunnawal govvie. But hey, bail conditions in the ACT are really just suggestions.

It’s been nearly two years since Elizabeth Booshand was stabbed to death at Charnwood shops in 2008.

Massey’s barrister, Jack Pappas, said Marshall might in fact become more hostile if prevented from having a relationship with his client.

He told the court that there was nothing to suggest Massey had gone in search of Marshall and no hint that she had otherwise breached her bail since it was first granted. The court heard the woman applied to change her bail conditions so that she could associate with Marshall without breaking the rules governing her freedom, but that the hearing was adjourned on June 2.

Justice Refshauge noted that the woman was unlikely to face trial before 2012 and said she would be put in custody if she transgressed her bail conditions again.

And we call this a justice system?

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Rebecca Massey breaches bail, gets more bail, living in Ngunnawal
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cleo 12:24 am 24 May 11

Yes it is sad that her son witnessed it, but his mother took the knife with her, don’t tell me she didn’t intend to use the knife, she didn’t give her son or the victims daughter a second thought or anyone else for that matter, they only thing she wanted was to start a fight.
If you were there and a witness, then why was she sentenced in the first place, ok she’s appealing the sentence, so what, she may not get it, she had a jury, twelve people, they heard all the evidence.

Rawhide Kid Part3 10:20 am 22 May 11

Charnyboy said :

The communities not better off without her at all. She has an 11yr old son who despite media reports that liz’ daughter witnessed the event was the ONLY witness.this poor little boys father is already in jail and has been for 95 percent of his eleven years. He then watched this whole event take place which traumatized him beyond comprehention and then had to deal with his sole parent being jailed for the next 11 months untill she was released on she’s been found guilty of murder pending an appeal is looking at a lngthy jail term which would probably see him reach the age of 21 without his mum to support him the whole way. I’m not forgetting the situation of Shaylee, liz’ daughter or son or Terry for that matter. Liz’ husband, just highlighting your ignorance and blindness to the reality of the whole situation. The community would certainly be a better place without narrow minded arrogent pigs like you preaching proudly about subjecs you know nothing about. Neck up muppet and keep your opinions to yourself!! I was there and seen eveything barring the actual stabbing and I know Michael, Rebecca and Terry and I know what happened and who seen what. You don’t so once again I urge you to butt out and focus on your own life and not things that don’t involve you in any way! Your life must be lacking?it’s clearly evident by your ignorant comments. Blah blah blah. Who cares what you think? NOT I !!!!!

You must care what we all think if you wrote all the above……

fgzk 7:16 am 22 May 11

LSWCHP said :

fgzk said :

LSWCHP said :

Oh FFS. Shoot ’em.

And that makes you different how lswchp. You use a gun to threaten and carry out your murderous intentions. You make joke maybe. Ha ha shooting people is so funny.

Nothing funny about it. No whooping it up or anything. It’s just business. Self preservation.

I come from 4 generations of farmers that had (and still have) farm dogs. Most dogs are great, far better company than most people in fact. Occasionally you get a farm dog that’s useless. In a dirt poor rural environment you can’t afford that, so you get your .22 and you shoot it.

That’s how I feel about these folks. They’re useless. In fact, they’re worse than useless because they go around stealing things, assaulting people, dealing drugs and generally having a negative impact on our society. I reckon we’d all be better off without them.

If shooting’s not an option, how about we ship them off to a remote Pacific island where they can look after themselves? Anything to get them well away from me and my family.

You must get annoyed at the amount of money spent on trying to stop farmers shooting themselves. I guess its that basic idea if your not making a profit then time eat a bullet. Funny stuff.

vg 8:09 pm 21 May 11

“She also said that she has never been a model. “

That’s a lie, I saw her on TV and clearly she’s modelling dirigibles, as she nearly is one these days

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