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Recommendations for kid-friendly places to eat in the city

By emd - 21 August 2009 39

Right hive-mind, I need some recommendations!
A bunch of my feral hippie friends are coming to Canberra for the mega homebirth rally on Monday 7 September at Parliament House.
We’re looking for places to eat with our kids on Sunday and Monday night, right in the city centre (not general inner north, I need true CBD).
Now, despite being a Canberran with small children, I don’t normally take the kids with me to dinner parties in the CBD. Sammy’s will be too crowded, McDonalds too disgusting, and Hog’s Breath too meaty.
I wonder if Flavours of India could accommodate a large group including kids? Or if the CIT restaurant would be open? Woodstock or Mamma’s Trattoria would have been ideal, but sadly they’ve both closed down.

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Recommendations for kid-friendly places to eat in the city
Fiona 12:22 pm 21 Aug 09

Mama’s has closed down? WHAT? is this true, please tell me it isn’t!

toriness 12:15 pm 21 Aug 09

barking toad said :

Prepare your own and feed them.

Wouldn’t this fit in with the home birthy hippie feeling?


sepi 12:10 pm 21 Aug 09

Australian Pizza Kitchen is good – they have kids colouring sheets, gluten free food and cider.

Hogs breath also do colouring sheets etc and have a bit of room to move – I’m sure they have some non-meat food.

MsCheeky 11:55 am 21 Aug 09

I went to Flavours of India recently in a group of five. We were charged $22.45 for rice. Plain, boiled rice. We finished the first bowl they provided, and asked for a second, which was eventually provided.

On the basis of that experience, I’m not going back, and couldn’t recommend it for you to take lots of children.

aidan 11:51 am 21 Aug 09

Those both sound like good venues, but I’ll also add that Sushi Bento (the sushi train one in Garema Place .. is that still there?) was alot of fun for a family outing and there is almost always something scooting past that they’d like. In case they are very picky (like my daughter was) they will also do a bowl of plain rice if you ask.

tortfeaser 11:50 am 21 Aug 09

When you find a place and book it, make sure you post back here. Then we can avoid it like the plague.

barking toad 11:25 am 21 Aug 09

Prepare your own and feed them.

Wouldn’t this fit in with the home birthy hippie feeling?

emd 11:10 am 21 Aug 09

Thanks for the ideas – APK or Pancake Parlour sound like a good fit.
Blue Elephant used to be good, but there’s a baby shop now where their kitchen used to be 😉

Raging Tempest 11:09 am 21 Aug 09

I Second the Turkish Pide House, corner of Barry and Moore. Mine like the variety of foods on offer.

layne 10:34 am 21 Aug 09

There is that tip top restaurant in Garema – the food isn’t great but it’s cheap and it’s pretty much anything goes like Woodstock used to be.

caf 10:31 am 21 Aug 09

What about Happy’s (downstairs in Garema Pl, near Hippo) or Tip-Top (also in Garema Pl, upstairs, a few doors down from Landspeed)? The Labor Club (between the merry-go-round and London Cct) could might also be an idea.

jennybel75 10:30 am 21 Aug 09

Happys in Garema Place might be a go-er. It’s large and friendly and not too meaty.

CapitalK 10:21 am 21 Aug 09

How about Blue Elephant in Braddon – not the most classy but great food, plenty of space – although they do have stairs.

Braddon Club?

Maybe the Turkish on Barry Drive

CBD is hard for kids and large groups

trevar 10:20 am 21 Aug 09

I’ve never taken my kids there, but I’ve held some very lively meetings at the Pancake Parlour, and they tend to be pretty welcoming and tolerant, so I would be willing to take my kids there. APK is likewise flexible.

Were you willing to leave Civic, I could give more recommendations; we have had some great family gatherings at the Hellenic Club; they have a play area for the kids and a great Bistro with a variety of food.

fnaah 10:15 am 21 Aug 09


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